What is a Beer Garden? Explained (2023 Updated)

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Originating in Germany, “Beer Gardens” are outdoor spaces where food and alcohol are served simultaneously. 

Other outdoor spaces are surrounded by any form of greenery while bringing people together during events, especially happy hours. 

But apart from knowing what is a beer garden, do you want to know more about this unique space? Like how it started, the beer selection, and tips when visiting the place? If yes, keep reading. 

Beer Garden: What Is It, Really? 

people eating and drinking on a beer garden

A beer garden is an outdoor area with a great beer selection, and the ambiance is beautiful, usually covered with greenery. 

Most beer gardens feature large wooden tables ideal for community seating. But, for those beer gardens with minimal space, the usual outdoor seating is to expect.

Beer gardens aren’t limited to local breweries, as they also hold private events.

Usually, there are happy hours, with alcohol, food, and some live music. 

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Its Rich History

The concept of “Beer Gardens” is a German theme, specifically from the Bavarian culture that started in the 19th century. 

At that time, Bavarian King Maximilian prohibits local brewers from making beer during summer months as they see as a fire hazard.  

So, breweries expanded their cellars to store more drinks and have enough supply until the cooler months come. 

Every brewery resorts to planting trees around their beer cellars to keep the temp cool. Until brewers notice the potential of the gardens, adding communal seating.

Since then, drinkers have been ordering beer-drinking it within the brewery’s beer garden, sparking the beer garden culture until today. 

Over time, some beer gardens started selling food. This type is the so-called “modern beer gardens.” 

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Is It The Same As Biergarten? 

people drinking beer

Biergarten is the same as the beer garden we knew today. Actually, Biergarten is the traditional beer garden, and these terms as interchangeably used. 

“Running a beer garden is a fun operation.”

— Chris Latchford, Owner of Kaiser Tiger

When someone says Biergarten, they may refer to the traditional German beer gardens.

2 Types Of A Beer Garden

1. Indoor Beer Garden

At present, any establishment, be it an indoor space, may claim to be a beer garden as long as they sell beer and food and implement a theme similar to the German’s traditional beer gardens. 

Since it’s indoor, some beer fans call it “beer hall.” Also, if the space is minimal, you can see two top tables, which accommodate patrons ordering or purchasing beer-drinking within the facility. 

2. Outdoor Beer Garden

This is the usual concept of the famous beer gardens—situated outdoors, with an open-air space. 

Some of the best beer gardens serve their own food (own menu) while offering a selection of commercial beers. 

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What’s Served In A Beer Garden? 

filling glass with beer

Beer Garden Food

Many beer gardens today are serving food like German Sausages, German Pot Roasted Pork, Salty Pretzels, Fried Onions, Black Bread, or any local specialties. 

This is the advantage of beer gardens compared to many pubs or bars, where they serve mainly alcohol than food. Besides, some drinkers are bringing meals on site. 

Beer Garden Beverages

Any beer garden serves beer, obviously, specifically craft beers. Large beer gardens create a massive selection of drinks for guests to choose from. 

If you happen to visit Germany, go to the beer garden of Munich brewers and see what the best beer garden is.   

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Tips To Remember When Visiting Beer Gardens 

two mugs of beer
  • Drink moderately. This doesn’t apply to visiting beer gardens but in all places. 
  • When you request a beer, try to order a large stein at least once in your life. Also, refrain from ordering frequently as they may see it as inappropriate behavior.
  • Avoid ordering any commercial beer. For example, if you plan to visit the Raleigh beer garden, make sure to get their crafted beers or their native drinks. 
  • Opt for salty and oily dishes when ordering cuisines, as these will elevate your drink.
  • Most important, remember the German phrase, “Ein Mass Bier bitter,” which means “a beer, please,” so you won’t feel out of place.


How do I turn my yard into a beer garden?

To turn your yard into a beer garden, start by planting greenery around: trees, flowers, etc.

Put lights around and set up tables. Make sure you have beers in stock, so if you don’t feel like joining your friends to “bar crawl,” [1] you can do it at home. 

Where can you find beer gardens in the US?

You can find beer gardens in the US within the capital city, the Garden District in Washington, Prost! In Oregon, Kaiser Tiger in Chicago, Beerhaus in Las Vegas, and many more [2]. 

In A Nutshell 

We all know pubs compete with bars and clubs without realizing beer gardens exist, giving a unique feel as we drink beer. 

Although beer gardens are modernized these days, there’s still the traditional concept that won’t fade, even for years to come. 

Who won’t enjoy a beer (with food) at a green place with friends, family, or acquaintances? That’s the essence of “Beer Gardens” that we can still enjoy today. 



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