What Is Pink Moscato? Guide to the Blush-Tinted Sweet Sipper

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Pink Moscato wine has gained popularity for its distinct flavor profile. It is a captivating wine known for its sweet and fruity characteristics.

But what is pink Moscato?

To give you a deeper understanding of this delightful wine, we reached out to a wine expert to learn more about it, from its origin to how it differs from other wines. 

All About Pink Moscato Wine

Bottle and a Pitcher of Pink Moscato Wine

Pink Moscato is a delightful, sweet wine with a subtly fizzy finish. Known for its charming pink hue, it’s a favorite among wine enthusiasts seeking a touch of sweetness in their glass. 

It is crafted primarily from the Muscat grape variety, renowned for its aromatic and hints of sweetness. 

“It’s also quite refreshing, which makes it my undisputed go-to dessert wine in spring and summer time.”

-Scott Mattson, Wine Expert

It is celebrated for its fruity notes and delicate flavors of strawberry, fresh berries, cotton candy, grapefruit, sherbet, and succulent peaches. Food pairings like 

What Does Pink Moscato Taste Like?


It offers sweet, fruity notes that immediately capture your attention. You can expect to savor fresh berries, red grapes, passion fruit, raspberry, strawberry, and juicy peaches, which give it a luscious and mouthwatering quality. 


As for the nose, it presents a fragrant bouquet of delicate floral notes and fruity aromas. The aromas of fresh rose petals, sweet jasmine, raspberry, cherry, cotton candy, peach, pomegranate, red berries, and other fresh berries add a romantic and inviting dimension to the overall experience. 


It lives up to its name with a lovely, pale pink hue achieved through red wine or grape skin contact. It’s visually appealing, reminiscent of a delicate sunset or a blush of innocence. The inviting color hints at the wine’s sweet and refreshing nature.


The finish is clean, with lovely notes of mandarin orange, raspberry, fresh berries, pomegranate, and bright strawberry flavors. It is an ideal choice for those who appreciate a sweeter drink with a crisp and bubbly touch.

How Is Pink Moscator Made?

Woman Drinking Pink Moscato Wine

Pink Moscato is typically a delightful blend of Muscat grapes with a touch of Merlot to achieve its charming hue. This addition of Merlot not only imparts an appealing color but also contributes to the wine’s unique flavor profile. 

It tends to exhibit more pronounced strawberry notes and a slightly higher level of acidity, adding a refreshing and zesty twist to its taste and aromas. 

While it may be considered a more relaxed variation, it remains a fun beverage to sip. 

Alcohol Content

Its alcohol content typically falls around 10% by volume or sometimes less (7%-9% ABV). The lower alcohol level contributes to its approachable and gentle nature, making it an excellent option for casual sipping and pairing with various dishes, especially desserts. 

It allows you to enjoy its delightful notes without the intense kick, suitable to sip on various occasions.

How Is Pink Moscato Different From Other Wines?

Pink Moscato Lemonade Cocktail Recipe

Pink Moscatos primarily relies on Muscat grapes, celebrated for their sweet and aromatic qualities. 

This inherent sweetness sets it apart from many dry wines that lack residual sugar. 

“Pink Moscato in a glass is a choice for happiness.”

-Liquor Laboratory

Additionally, it has a pale pink color, unlike the typical reds, whites, and rosés. 

A bottle boasts a lower alcohol content, which contributes to its lighter and more approachable nature, setting it apart from alcoholic drinks with higher alcohol levels.


Which is sweeter, rose or Pink Moscato?

Pink Moscato is generally sweeter. They are known for their pronounced sweetness, with a sugary flavor profile. 

Rosé wines can vary in sweetness levels, from bone-dry to sweet, depending on the winemaking process and grape varieties used [1].

Is Pink Moscato a dry wine?

No, Pink Moscato is not a dry wine. It typically has a noticeable residual sugar content, which imparts a pronounced sweetness to the liquor. It is a popular choice among those who prefer sweeter options on girls’ night. 

Wrapping Up

Pink Moscato, like Barefoot Pink Moscato, is a delightful and unique wine known for its sweet and fruity taste profile and aromas.

Crafted primarily from Muscat grapes [2], it offers a burst of flavors reminiscent of ripe strawberries and juicy peaches, along with fragrant floral notes.

With an alcohol content typically around 10%, it is a lighter option for those who prefer a sweeter, more approachable wine experience.

Its versatility in food pairings, particularly desserts, makes it a delightful choice for various occasions.



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