What Is The Most Sober Country? Explained (2023 Updated)

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Harmful alcohol consumption causes 3 million deaths worldwide every year, making it one of the biggest health problems in the world. However, some countries forbid their citizens to manufacture, sell, import and consume alcoholic beverages. 

So, what is the most sober country? Read on to see our team’s interesting findings.

Top 5 Most Sober Countries in the World

5. Egypt


The average pure alcohol consumption in Egypt amounts to 0.14 liters in 2019. It includes residents from 15 years old and older, with 0.24 liters of pure alcohol consumption by males and 0.037 liters by females. 

Egyptians started brewing beer 3,000 years ago, but the country’s religious prohibitions and strict alcohol guidelines make it hard to drink this alcoholic beverage.

According to recent studies, beer consumption in Egypt only reached 1.14 liters, continuously declining from its all-time high record of 3.7 liters in 2007.

The Al-Ahram Beverages and Egyptian International Beverage Company are the top alcohol industry players in this country. 

4. Yemen


In 2019, Yemen’s average pure alcohol consumption amounted to 0.034 liters, with 0.059 liters for male and 0.009 liters for female consumers.

Selling alcohol is illegal in the country, except for hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs in Sana’a and Aden.

From 1976 to 1990, during the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen, alcohol consumption was legal across the south.

After the reunification, the country prohibited alcohol trade and consumption following a constitution based on Sharia law. 

However, non-Muslim tourists are allowed to have a limited alcohol volume, but they should only drink in their private places.

3. Libya


Libya closely followed Yemen’s average pure alcohol consumption for 2019 at 0.027 liters. Men in this country consumed 0.047 liters of pure alcohol while women had 0.007 liters.

The alcohol ban started in Libya in the first days of Colonel Qaddafi’s revolution in 1969.

Alcoholic beverages are quite famous in this country despite being illegal. But the high prices led the Libyans to turn to their homemade booze or the “bokha.”

One of the major alcohol poisonings in the world happened in Libya in 2013, affecting over one thousand citizens in the country [1].

This event prompted some arguments over legalizing alcohol in Libya for some time.

2. Afghanistan


According to the World Health Organization, pure alcohol consumption in Afghanistan is almost non-existent, with a record of 0.013 liters in 2019.

Men consumed at least 0.022 liters, while women almost had an insignificant consumption of 0.003 liters.

Alcohol is forbidden for Afghan nationals, but before the Taliban’s takeover in 2021, foreigners could bring in two liters or two bottles of alcoholic beverages.

There are severe punishments for people who violate the strict alcohol guidelines of the country, such as being jailed for three years and multiple lashes. 

1. Bangladesh, Somalia, Mauritania, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia

Bangladesh, Somalia, Mauritania, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia

These five countries are at the bottom of alcohol consumption charts, recording zero value in 2019. Manufacturing, trading, importing, and drinking alcoholic beverages are completely illegal to the residents of these countries.

Once found guilty, the authorities imposed strict punishments for violators. 

Bangladesh, Somalia, Mauritania, and Kuwait allowed visiting foreigners and non-Muslims to drink alcoholic beverages in their private places.

However, since Saudi Arabia is the heartland of Islamic devotion and prayer, foreigners must be extremely cautious regarding alcoholic drinks [2]. It is better to abstain from drinking when visiting this country. 

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What’s the Most Sober US State?

  • The most sober state is Utah, with 1.36 gallons of per capita ethanol consumption in 2020.
  • The main reason for this low alcohol consumption is that over half of Utah’s residents are Mormon, forbidding them to drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Utah also implements restrictive laws regarding alcohol purchasing and drinking. For example, restaurants only serve alcoholic beverages with food, and bars must close at 2 am.
  • In 2018, Utah was the first and only state to adopt the 0.05 blood alcohol concentration as the legal standard for driving [3].


What is the most alcoholic country?

Czechia is the most alcoholic country, with 14.26 liters of pure alcohol per capita consumption in 2019.

Like other European countries, Czechia views drinking alcoholic beverages, particularly beer, as part of their national heritage.

This alcohol drink is cheaper than water in this country, and most Czech residents drink beer with their traditional meals.

Who drank the most alcohol ever?

There are no official records of who drank the most alcohol ever because of the potential danger it imposed on people.

However, there are some legendary drinking stories of famous personalities, such as Andre, the Giant.

People around him claimed he used to drink 156 beers in one sitting, equivalent to 14.6 gallons.

In Summary

The Prohibition Era only lasted for more than a decade in the United States, forbidding the residents to produce and consume alcoholic beverages.

But in some countries, consuming alcohol remains completely illegal, leading some of us to wonder, “What is the most sober country?” 

It turns out that five countries tie at the bottom of worldwide alcohol consumption charts, with Saudi Arabia imposing the strictest guidelines even for visiting foreigners.



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