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What States Sell Hard Mountain Dew? Revealed (2024 Updated)

What States Sell Hard Mountain Dew

When it comes to a refreshing non-alcoholic malt beverage, Mountain Dew’s flavor offerings has always been my favorite. But what makes me happy the most is the release of Hard MD, with new (four) flavors.

Unfortunately, I find some variations in certain states but not in others. So, I thoroughly researched to know what states sell Hard Mountain Dew.

Keep reading to discover which states these drinks are available and the reasons behind their limited distribution.

States Where Hard MTN Dew Is Sold

Hard Mountain Dew in Three Different Flavors

Hard Mountain Dew is available in select states nationwide. Initially, the Pepsi Co. and Boston Beer Company distributed Hard MD in three states, including:

  • Iowa
  • Florida
  • Tennessee

As of now, the brand expanded its distribution (partnered with the Blue Cloud Distribution), adding more states, including:

  • Indiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas
  • Montana
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Virginia
  • Ohio
  • Illinois
  • Arizona
  • Kentucky
  • Connecticut

If you’re from Nevada, local federal laws prevent selling a Hard MTN Dew drink. They only allow the sale of new variants in Las Vegas.

Just a bit of history, 80 years ago, it was originally created as a mixer for alcoholic spirits.

And now, the brand is circling back to its origins by becoming the pioneering major beverage brand to launch an alcoholic rendition of its iconic beverage. But does Hard Mountain Dew have caffeine?

States Where MTN Dew Hard Was First Sold

As mentioned above, Hard MTN Dew was available in only three states: Florida, Tennessee, and Iowa [1].

“From mixer to maverick, Mountain Dew embraces its spirited journey, introducing an alcoholic twist that echoes its roots with a modern fizz.” – Liquor Laboratory

Pepsi Co and Boston Beer limit the distribution (probably) to gauge the market and consider the alcohol laws in each state.

What State Buys The Most Mountain Dew Hard?

Hard Mountain Dew in Can

The state that buys the most Hard MTN Dew is Ohio during its release. In October 2022, Ohio recorded the most sales, as many residents are waiting for this release.

The new flavor adds to the interest of consumers. It has only three flavors (Black Cherry, Watermelon, and Original). But now, here’s Baja Blast [2], the newest addition.

Why Is It Only In Some States?

Hard MTN Dew is only available in some states because they’re still working on securing permits to distribute alcoholic drinks in each state in the US.

Besides, the alcoholic version of the drink contains 5% ABV, which not everyone can drink. So, it is only marketed to adults (of legal age). But was Mountain Dew made for whiskey?

Why Is Mountain Dew Hard To Find?

Mountain Dew’s alcoholic drinks can be hard to find because of the limited distribution. The controlled rollout is partially due to the brand’s cautious approach to ensuring the product’s success while considering each state’s law.

You can easily grab these drinks if you’re from Iowa, Florida, and Tennessee. And now, you can also buy the Mountain Dew’s alcoholic version in more states mentioned above.

Other than that, you can’t find the new variants in your state. But what kind of alcohol is in Hard Mountain Dew?

Can You Order Hard Mountain Dew Online?

Hard Mountain Dew Baja Blast in Can

Unfortunately, we can’t order Hard Mountain Dew online from their official website due to the US’s three-tier system.

“HARD MTN DEW delivers on the bold, citrus flavors of the soft drink fans know and love, now with an added bite of 5% ABV.” – Lesya Lysyj, CMO of The Boston Beer Company

But you can ask your local stores or outlets (where it is available) if they cater to online orders and delivery services.

Can You Order All Flavors In Some States?

Yes, you can order all flavors in some states. But it depends on the availability of flavors. While some states offer the complete range of Hard MD flavors, others might have a more limited selection.

For the record, there are three flavors to taste on the initial release: Black Cherry, Watermelon, and Original MD – available in single cans and variety packs. Then, the brand added a new flavor to expand the selection.

FAQs Related to What States Sell Hard Mountain Dew?

Can you get Hard Mountain Dew shipped?

You can get Hard Mountain Dew shipped to your home, depending on the regulations in your local state. Check if local stores or outlets allow online orders and delivery services. But what’s the best alcohol to mix with Mountain Dew?

Is Hard Mountain Dew selling well?

Yes, Hard Mountain Dew sells well, as the limited availability strategy has generated significant buzz and demand, making it a sought-after product in the states where it’s available.

Is Hard Mountain Dew Expanding?

Yes, Mountain Dew Hard is expanding to wider states, now available in over ten states across the US. While the initial rollout was cautious, there are plans to expand its availability to more states in the future.

Is hard Mountain Dew available nationwide?

No, hard Mountain Dew is not available in every state at the moment. It is gradually being rolled out to different markets, so availability may expand over time.

Which states were the first to offer hard Mountain Dew?

Initial releases of hard Mountain Dew were launched in a few states as part of a test market phase. These states included Florida, Iowa, and Tennessee, among others.

Are there plans to expand the availability of hard Mountain Dew to other states?

Yes, Mountain Dew’s parent company, PepsiCo, has expressed intentions to expand the distribution of hard Mountain Dew to more states in the future. However, rollout plans may vary depending on various factors.

Are there any legal restrictions affecting the sale of hard Mountain Dew in certain states?

Yes, the sale of alcoholic beverages is subject to state laws and regulations, which can vary significantly from one state to another. Some states may have restrictions or requirements that affect the sale and distribution of hard Mountain Dew.

Final Words

In the US, where accessibility to various products can differ significantly based on location, we must know the states where our favorite drinks are available.

As for the MTN Dew Hard, you can find each new flavor like Watermelon in FL, TN, and IO. But as the brand expanded its reach. You can also buy any drink flavor in IA, TN, FL, OK, AR, MO, MN, VA, OH, IL, AZ, KY, CT, and Las Vegas while enjoying the taste of hot summer.


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