What to Mix With Red Wine: 8 Options (2023 Updated)

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Adding red wine to any cocktail might seem unusual for some. But you’ll surely be surprised to know how well red wines complement other beverages. 

But what to mix with red wine to make fantastic and tasty drinks anyone will surely enjoy? 

From Cappelletti Aperitivo to Plymouth Sloe Gin to Coca-Cola, here are the top red wine mixers you shouldn’t miss.  

Top 8 Red Wine Mixers You Shouldn’t Miss 

8. Cappelletti Aperitivo

Cappelletti Vino Aperitivo Bottle

The versatility of red wine goes well with Cappelletti apperitivo, Peychaud’s bitters, and Lambrusco– creating the tasty Figurati cocktail. 

Prep Time: 2 mins.

Total Time: 2 mins.


  • 1oz chilled Cappelletti Aperitivo
  • 2-dash Peychaud’s bitters
  • 4oz chilled lambrusco
  • (1) lemon twist

Instructions: In your champagne flute, add Peychaud’s, Lambrusco, and Cappelletti, then stir to mix. Squeeze the lemon on top and put it on the rim of the glass.  

Serving: 1

7. Cold Brew Coffee

glasses of cold brew coffee

Red wine with a cold brew coffee? The caffeine from coffee and the fruity booze from wine makes for a great Cold Brew Sangria

Prep Time: 5 mins.

Total Time: 5 mins.


  • 2oz soda water
  • 0.3-0.6oz cane syrup
  • 1.35oz cold brew coffee
  • 2.70oz red wine

Instructions: Half-fill your glass with ice and pour wine, coffee, and syrup. Top it off with soda water and stir. You can garnish it with berries or fruits if desired. 

Serving: 1

6. Orange Soda

Glass of Orange Soda and Orange Fruits on Top of Table

Orange soda, mixed with your favorite red wine, creates the classic Tinto de Verano drink– from Spain, the origin of this cocktail [1] recipe. 

Prep Time: 5 mins.

Total Time: 5 mins. 


  • 2oz red wine
  • 1oz sweet vermouth
  • 1oz orange soda
  • 1oz lemon soda
  • Slices of orange

Instructions: In your large wine glass filled with ice, pour wine, sweet vermouth, orange soda, and lemon soda. Put oranges on top (let it float) and serve.  

Serving: 1

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5. Raspberry Brandy

Raspberry Brandy with glass on top of table

Raspberry brandy and red wine let you experience fruity flavors with some booze. Try the refreshing Red Wine and Brandy Sangria for an ultimate cocktail time. 

Prep Time: 10 mins.

Total Time: 8 hrs 10 mins.


  • 1-2 oranges and lemons 
  • 750ml red wine
  • 2oz raspberry brandy 
  • 2oz orange curacao
  • 1L club soda
  • 3tbsp lemon juice, freshly squeezed
  • 2oz orange juice
  • 4oz simple syrup

Instructions: Combine orange curacao, brandy, wine, simple syrup, and juices in your large pitcher. Stir gently, add the fruit slices, and refrigerate for 8 hours. Before serving, top it off with club soda and garnish with additional fruit slices. 

Serving: 24

4. Plymouth Sloe Gin

hand holding Bottle of Plymouth Sloe Gin

Try the Plymouth Sloe Gin Fizz drink with your favorite red wine. Enjoy a refreshing drink with a rich body and a thicker feel. 

Prep Time: 3 mins.

Total Time: 3 mins.


  • 1.5oz Plymouth Sloe Gin
  • Club soda
  • Cherry and lemon wedge
  • 0.5oz simple syrup
  • 0.5oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 0.5oz red wine

Instructions: In your shaker filled with ice, add sloe gin, red wine, simple syrup, and lemon juice. Shake well until chilled and strain it into your highball glass over ice. Pour club soda on top and garnish it with a cherry and lemon wedge. 

Serving: 1

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3. Lemon Juice

2 glasses of Lemon Juice

Try the New York Sour and enjoy a wine-spiked cocktail with an addition of lemon juice for a citrusy feel. 

“If we sip the wine, we find dreams coming upon us out of the imminent night.”

— D.H. Lawrence, English Writer

Prep Time: 2 mins.

Total Time: 2 mins.


  • 0.5oz fruity red wine
  • 1oz simple syrup
  • 1oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2oz bourbon whiskey (or rye)

Instructions: In your shaker with ice, add whiskey, simple syrup, and lemon juice. Shake well for about 30 seconds. Then, filter the mix into your wine glass over ice and top it off with red wine. 

Serving: 1

2. George Dickel Old No. 8 Tennessee Whiskey

George Dickel Old No. 8 Tennessee Whiskey

Make the Tennessee Whiskey Mulled Wine recipe, enhanced by George Dickel Old No. 8 Whiskey and red wine. It’s a great warming beverage that you can enjoy during cold weather.

Prep Time: 3 mins.

Total Time: 3 mins.


  • (4) star anise
  • (12) cloves 
  • (6) cinnamon sticks
  • (1) peeled and sliced orange
  • 8oz maple syrup
  • 8oz George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey
  • 750ml red wine

Instructions: Add all the spices, red wine, and slices of orange to your saucepan. Simmer, add maple syrup, and continue to warm in low-medium heat. Add the whiskey and turn off the heat. Strain into your serving glass and garnish it with cinnamon sticks and star anise. 

Serving: 24

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1. Coca-Cola

Coca Cola in Can and a Glass with Ice

Kalimotxo, a Spanish cocktail made with red wine and coke, is a quick and easy way to beat your craving for sangria.

Prep Time:  2 mins.

Total Time:  2 mins. 


  • 3oz Coca-Cola
  • 3oz red wine
  • (1) lemon wedge

Instructions: In your cocktail glass, put ice and red wine. Stir gently and top it with cola. If preferred, squeeze the lemon juice and garnish it with an extra lemon wedge. 

Serving: 1


Can you mix red wine with water?

You can mix red wine with water, but it might dilute the wine’s quality. With water, you’re not drinking the wine as the distiller intends you to experience. 

What should not take with red wine?

You shouldn’t take red wine with chocolate, soy sauce, sushi, asparagus, and brussels sprouts, as the flavors of these foods contradict the wine’s flavors. This means you might find the taste off or overwhelming. 

What alcohol can you mix with red wine?

The alcohol you can mix with red wine is vodka. Wine and vodka [2] mix well, which can create perfect wine-vodka mixed drinks, like “Call Me a Cab” and “Red, White, and Night” cocktails. 

Wrapping Up 

Who says red wine is just best on its own? These recipes prove that red wine is versatile and matches well with various beverages to create interesting and delicious cocktails. 

If you want a sophisticated drink, mix red wine with Cappelletti or make a simple drink by combining it with Coca-Cola.

Whatever flavor you want to enjoy, these recipes will surely suit your tastebuds. 



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