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What’s The Best Tequila Under $50? Our 10 Picks (2024)

What's The Best Tequila Under 50

Last Updated on February 26, 2024 by Lydia Martin

We often tell you not to scrimp if you’re adamant about finding good quality tequila. Generally, the price of this spirit goes up the longer it is matured, so it’s not uncommon to find pricey, well-aged añejo and extra añejo tequilas. 

However, that’s not the end-all-be-all to agave spirits. It is possible to find good quality bottles without burning a hole through your wallet — you just have to know what to look for. 

So, what are the best tequilas under $50? We’ll list everything for you below. 

10 Must-Try: What’s The Best Tequila Under $50  

10. Corralejo Tequila Reposado

Corralejo Tequila Reposado bottle on a black background

Average Price: Around $32 

Alcohol Content: 40% 

Why We Like It:

Blue weber agave purists will enjoy Corralejo Tequila Reposado. This reposado is aged for four months in three different barrels: French, Encino, and American, after being distilled twice. It has an exceptionally smooth and clean flavor and mouthfeel. 

This is one of the best tequilas under $50 for sipping, but you can use this in your favorite tequila cocktails. 

9. Espolòn Tequila Añejo

close up shot of Espolòn Tequila Añejo bottle label on a wooden table

Average Price: Around $36 

Alcohol Content: 40% 

Why We Like It:

The Espolon Tequila Anejo has a year-long production process: the blue weber agaves are first slow-roasted for 18 to 20 hours before the juice is dumped into new American oak barrels to mature for ten months. It then finishes inside ex-bourbon barrels. Funnily enough, the tequila producers play rock music during the length of the spirit’s production process. 

This anejo has intense aromas from the bourbon barrels and a smooth, velvety finish. We like adding this in a Tequila Old Fashioned, as its natural bourbon flavors make it a great fit. [1

8. Cazadores Reposado Tequila

top view shot of Cazadores Reposado Tequila bottle with glass on a table

Average Price: Around $27 

Alcohol Content: 40% 

Why We Like It:

The Cazadores Reposado Tequila is produced and distilled at the Cazadores Distillery in Arandas, Jalisco. We can’t tell you much about its production process because rumor has it that its founder, Don Jose Maria, was said to have locked the secret family recipe inside a box, only to be shared with those directly involved in production. 

We can tell you that this reposado has a blue agave plant aroma and baked pear and cinnamon notes. It’s a great tequila for cocktails, yet complex enough to be sipped neat. 

7. 1800 Blanco Tequila

1800 Blanco Tequila bottle with glass on a blue background

Average Price: Around $36 for 1L 

Alcohol Content: 40% 

Why We Like It:

The 1800 Blanco Tequila is made from pure blue weber agaves. This crystal clear spirit has a dried fruit palate, balanced with roasted black peppers, sweet baking spices, and other earthy tones. It’s a great choice for sipping, but we find that most Blanco tequilas, including 1800, are best in shots. 

6. Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila

Average Price: Around $25 for 1L 

Alcohol Content: 40% 

Why We Like It:

The Jose Cuervo Especial Silver is a mixto, meaning it’s made from at least 51 percent blue agaves and the remaining 49 percent from other sugars. Personally, we are cool with this, but hardcore tequila purists might get turned off at this fact. 

You can’t go wrong with this label if you’re looking for one of the best tequilas under $50. This spirit is nice and citrusy on the palate, rounded out with a bit of black pepper and some vanilla. 

5. Jose Cuervo Especial Gold

Jose Cuervo Especial Gold bottle and a glass of cocktail with pineapple and mint leaves

Average Price: Around $20 

Alcohol Content: 40% 

Why We Like It:

The Jose Cuervo Especial Gold is a joven, a blend of aged and unaged tequila. [2] It’s one of our go-to’s for cocktails, as its fresh agave, floral notes, and spicy palate will give it great depth. There is also a hint of honey and oak notes that will prove enjoyable when sipped neat. 

4. Teremana Blanco Tequila

Teremana Blanco Tequila bottle and a glass with ice cube

Average Price: Around $33

Alcohol Content: 40% 

Why We Like It:

You probably know Teremana Tequila as The Rock’s brand. While most celebrity-backed brands are, more often than not, cash grabs, we were instantly floored with the quality of this tequila, and it’s got a sweet price tag to boot. 

The Teremana Blanco Tequila was crafted in a small Mexican town and made from 100 percent blue agaves. This tequila Blanco is crisp and clean, with plenty of agave and vanilla notes. 

3. El Jimador Silver Tequila

El Jimador Silver Tequila bottle on a white background

Average Price: Around $22 

Alcohol Content: 40% 

Why We Like It:

El Jimador Silver pays homage to the agave farmers (jimadors) who meticulously hand-pick the blue agave plants for the tequila world. This is a clean, authentic tequila with gorgeous citrus and blue agave notes. 

This is the perfect tequila for mixed drinks, but we also find it holds its own exceptionally well when sipped neat. 

2. Sauza Gold Tequila

Sunrise cocktail using Sauza Gold Tequila

Average Price: Around $16 

Alcohol Content: 40% 

Why We Like It:

The Sauza Gold Tequila should be your go-to bottle if you don’t have a lot of money but still want an impressive bottle. 

It has complex flavors of cooked agave and caramel, which translates extremely well to sipping neat. However, if we were to be a bit nitpicky, we would say that there is a slight alcohol bitterness at its finish. 

1. Hornitos Plata Tequila

pouring bottle of Hornitos Plata Tequila on a cocktail jigger

Average Price: Around $25 

Alcohol Content: 40% 

Why We Like It:

Jim Beam makes Hornitos Plata Tequila, and just like the former, it’s a reliable spirit that won’t break the bank. It is made with 100 percent blue weber agaves, double-distilled, and chill-filtered to ensure that the tequila is pure, clean, and smooth. 

The tequila has complex aromas and a pleasant agave, citrus, and black pepper palate, akin to a fine scotch. 

FAQs Related to What’s The Best Tequila Under $50

What’s the smoothest brand of tequila under $50? 

Hornitos Plata Tequila is a smooth tequila brand for just under $50. It has a clean and smooth mouthfeel, with flavor notes that are complex enough to be enjoyed neat. 

Which tequila under $50 doesn’t give you a hangover? 

Tequilas made with 100 percent blue weber agaves have the least chance of giving you hangovers. Most pure tequilas won’t give you a hangover because they don’t have any congeners or sugars. 

What type of tequila is good for sipping?

Anejo, extra anejo, and reposado tequilas are best for sipping. Since they have been aged, they will have picked up extra flavors from the oak aging that make them better for sipping. 

Can I find high-quality tequila under $50? 

Yes! There are many exceptional tequilas available at budget-friendly prices, offering a balance of quality and value for tequila lovers.

What factors should I consider when choosing the best tequila under $50? 

Consider factors such as the tequila’s aging process (blanco, reposado, añejo), flavor profile (earthy, fruity, spicy), and personal taste preferences.

Are there any specific brands of tequila known for their quality under $50?

Yes, several reputable tequila brands offer exceptional products at affordable prices, including Espolòn, El Jimador, and Olmeca Altos.

How do I know if a tequila under $50 is suitable for my taste preferences?

Read reviews from other consumers or tequila experts to gauge the quality and flavor profile of tequilas under $50. You can also sample different brands to find the one that best suits your palate.

Can I use tequila under $50 in cocktails? 

Absolutely! Tequila under $50 can be used in a variety of cocktails, such as Margaritas, Palomas, or Tequila Sunrises, adding delicious flavor and complexity to your favorite mixed drinks.

On A Final Note

Buying good quality tequila bottles shouldn’t be a reason for you to go bankrupt! 

The brands listed above are our tried-and-tested best tequilas under $50 that will ensure you enjoy yourself while keeping your savings intact.

Sauza Gold, El Jimador, and Teremana Tequila Blanco are all great choices, but the title for our favorite budget tequila has to go to Hornitos Plata Tequila. It has a smooth and silky mouthfeel, coupled with complex notes. 


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