Who Makes Casamigos Tequila? Answered (2023 Updated)

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Casamigos is one of the most well-loved tequilas today because of its ultra-premium taste.

The Casamigos (House of Friends) started as an idea between Hollywood actor George Clooney and his friends who longed for a tequila they could drink all day without getting a hangover. 

The tequila brand was founded in 2013, but since tequila should be made in Mexico, who makes Casamigos Tequila? Read on to find out. 

Who’s Behind The Casamigos Tequila? 

George Clooney

Casamigos is an ultra-premium and affordable tequila on the market today. George Clooney and his friends did intensive research to create a tequila they could drink without a hangover.

After several samples, Casamigos tequilas started invading the tequila world. 

Tequilas should be made in Mexico, and there are only 5 Mexican states where you can legally produce the spirit [1].

Productos Finos De Agave Distillery previously made the Casamigos brand from 2013 to 2017.

When the company was sold to Diageo, Diageo México Operaciones, SA De CV started making the Casamigos tequila. 

People Behind Casamigos Tequila 



Since Diageo bought the Casamigos to George Clooney and his friends, the distillery was changed.

Tequila production is highly regulated in Mexico, so every bottle produced should be labeled with NOM [1] to identify who produced the spirit. 

Currently, the Casamigos bottles released are labeled with NOM 1609, which means Casamigos is made by Diageo México Operaciones, SA De CV. 

Productos Finos De Agave Distillery

Productos Finos De Agave Distillery previously produced Casamigos before it started the journey with Diageo. The released bottles of Casamigos are labeled with NOM 1416, which means Productos Finos De Agave Distillery produces it. 

Aside from Casamigos, the distillery also produces tequilas for El Cartel, Clase Azul and Avion. 

George Clooney & His Friends

George Clooney with a friend

We can say that George Clooney and his friends are the people behind the Casamigos tequila.

George Clooney and Rande Gerber came up with the idea of creating a tequila that will not blow your ears, is smooth, with the right flavor, and does not give you a hangover. 

It took two years of back-and-forth with the distiller and tasting almost 700 samples to develop the Casamigos tequila, so the credits also go to the duo. 

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Does George Clooney Still Own Casamigos Tequila? 

Casamigos Tequila

George Clooney no longer owns the Casamigos brand, but he still very much part of it, based on Clooney’s email to CNBC (regarding the sale of the brand).

Diageo acquired the tequila brand in 2017 for $1 billion, initially paying $700 million.

They will potentially be paid $300 million over ten years, depending on the performance of Casamigos. 


Does Don Julio make Casamigos Tequila?

No, Don Julio does not make Casamigos Tequila. However, they share the same distillery, Diageo México Operaciones, SA De CV but with a different NOM (Don Julio – 1449; Casamigos NOM- 1609)

How is Casamigos Tequila made?

Casamigos uses hand-selected 100% blue weber agave, which is slow roasted in brick ovens for 72 hours.

It is fermented for 80 hours before distillation, rest, and maturation. Casamigos Blanco is rested for two months, while Reposado is aged for seven months and Añejo for 14 months. But what can you mix with Casamigos tequila?

Final Verdict 

Casamigos tequila is currently made by Diageo México Operaciones, SA De CV (NOM 1609). Before it was sold to Diageo, Casamigos tequila was produced by Productos Finos De Agave Distillery (NOM 1416). 

People should credit George Clooney and his friends for developing the Casamigos tequila as they were hands-on from the beginning of Casamigos until today.

Casamigos is currently available in the US and different parts of the world. 



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