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Who Makes Kirkland Gin? Answered (2024 Best Edition)

who makes kirkland gin

Last Updated on April 3, 2024 by Lydia Martin

While Costco is one of the world’s largest retailers of alcoholic beverages, they do not own distilleries and breweries. 

There is endless speculation on who makes Kirkland gin, so we did intensive research about the manufacturer of this fine spirit. Are you curious? Read on.  

Who’s Behind Kirkland London Dry Gin? 

Kirkland London Dry Gin

While Costco’s lips are sealed regarding who produces their alcohol, there are rumors that Tanqueray and Gordon’s can be making the Kirkland London Dry gin. The two distillers are popular and big enough to cater to the demand of the warehouse.

It is public knowledge that DC Flynt MW Selections distributes the Kirkland Signature London Dry gin. So, another educated guess would be Diageo since the drink has almost similar dryness and juniper notes. 

4 Possible Kirkland London Dry Gin Manufacturers 

4 Possible Kirkland London Dry Gin Manufacturers

1. Tanqueray 

Tanqueray can be one of the possible distillers of Kirkland gin because it is one of the most popular gin distilleries today. The Kirkland Signature London dry needs a high inventory, and the Kirkland brand may have closed a deal with them to rebrand their gin. 

The brand started in 1830, and until today, they continuously satisfy every palate with its classic gin that uses the 192-year-old recipe. They can cater to the inventory of Costco because, based on Statista, the brand reached 5.6 million 9 liter cases sales in 2021 [1]. 

2. Gordon’s

Gordon’s Gin

Gordon’s has established a great reputation for producing high-quality spirits since 1769. The brand offers a great selection of distilled gin that you can use for homemade cocktails. 

Costco can be a way to purchase bottles that have nearly similar quality as top-shelf brands like Gordon’s but at a fraction of the price.  

People rumored that Gordon’s makes Kirkland gin, and that can also be true because the company is capable of producing liquor and meeting the demand of Costco. Also, we compared a bottle of Gordon’s and Kirkland’s, and they have some similarities in spices and finish. 

3. Diageo


Let us not forget that Diageo can be the one behind the Kirkland gin because it is a multinational alcoholic beverage company, after all. Diageo owns different gin brands and other spirits like vodka, whiskey, and wine.

Comparing the dryness of the gin and the juniper notes evident in Kirkland Signature brand, it seems to point to Diageo. 

4. DC Flynt MW Selections

DC Flynt MW Selections distributes the Kirkland Signature London Dry gin, so we might as well put them on the equation. DC Flynt MW (Master of Wine) is known as a Costco distributor, and it is widely known by many because of DC Flynt’s CEO admission. 

DC Flynt exports liquor and puts it in stores like Costco warehouses and locations like Mexico, California, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. 


Why Costco Remains Mum About Its Manufacturer 

Costco remains mum about its manufacturer mainly because they want to prevent other companies from sourcing the same items. 

People have different perspectives on gin tasting notes- some find Kirkland Signature London Dry gin good, but others don’t. With this, it would be better to keep it undisclosed to maintain a good reputation of both brands. 

Another possible reason would be the sales because, as we all know, Costco maintains a low price point for customer satisfaction. Disclosing the manufacturer may hurt the sales of the distilleries because they might opt to get Kirkland’s signature instead. 

What Is Kirkland Gin Comparable To?


Kirkland Gin is a highly rated and well-received gin that can be comparable to Tanqueray and Gordon’s. The prestigious distilleries are known for their dry, light body, crisp and effortless tasting notes that you can compare to Kirkland’s gin. 

Like the two big distillers, Kirkland’s gin can be a great choice for cocktails like tonic and Negronis. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Costco gin comparable to?

Costco’s Kirkland Signature London Dry Gin has often been likened to popular mainstream gin brands like Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray. While it may not possess the same level of complexity or artisanal flair as some premium gins, it offers a classic London Dry style that resonates with many gin enthusiasts. Like its counterparts, Kirkland gin is characterized by its juniper-forward flavor profile, balanced botanicals, and a crisp, clean finish.

What sets Kirkland gin apart is its exceptional value proposition. Despite its affordability, it delivers a quality drinking experience that rivals more expensive options on the market. Whether enjoyed in a classic Gin and Tonic, a refreshing Martini, or a creative cocktail creation, Kirkland gin holds its own, making it a staple in many home bars.

The juniper-forward profile of Kirkland gin makes it versatile and adaptable to various mixology applications. Its classic taste makes it an ideal base for traditional gin cocktails, while its smoothness and approachability ensure it pairs well with a wide range of mixers and garnishes. Whether you’re a seasoned gin aficionado or new to the world of spirits, Kirkland gin offers a reliable and accessible option for all your drinking occasions.

What gin is Kirkland brand?

Kirkland gin falls under the Kirkland Signature label, which is exclusively produced and sold by Costco Wholesale Corporation. While the specific distillery and production details may vary depending on the batch and region, Kirkland gin typically embodies the qualities of a classic London Dry-style gin. This style of gin is characterized by its juniper-forward flavor profile, balanced botanicals, and a crisp, dry finish.

Despite its association with a private label, Kirkland gin upholds high standards of quality and craftsmanship. It undergoes a meticulous production process, from the selection of botanicals to the distillation and bottling stages, ensuring consistency and excellence in every batch. The result is a gin that offers exceptional value for its price point, delivering a premium drinking experience without the premium price tag.

Available exclusively at Costco locations, Kirkland gin has garnered a loyal following among consumers who appreciate its quality, affordability, and versatility. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails, Kirkland gin stands as a testament to Costco’s commitment to providing its members with high-quality products at unbeatable prices.

What company makes Kirkland?

Kirkland products, including Kirkland gin, are produced and sold exclusively by Costco Wholesale Corporation, a leading retail chain with a global presence. Operating under the Kirkland Signature brand, Costco’s private-label program offers a diverse range of products across various categories, including food and beverages, household goods, and electronics.

While Costco does not manufacture its products directly, it works closely with reputable suppliers and manufacturers to produce Kirkland-branded products that meet its rigorous quality standards. This collaborative approach allows Costco to offer its members high-quality products at competitive prices, making the Kirkland Signature label synonymous with value and quality assurance.

With its commitment to excellence and affordability, Costco continues to uphold its reputation as a trusted provider of consumer goods through the Kirkland Signature brand. Whether it’s Kirkland gin or any other Kirkland product, Costco’s dedication to delivering value and quality remains unwavering, ensuring customer satisfaction with every purchase.

Is Kirkland vodka really GREY goose?

The speculation surrounding the true identity of Kirkland Signature vodka, particularly its potential connection to Grey Goose, has been a subject of intrigue among consumers and spirits enthusiasts. While Costco has not officially confirmed the source of its vodka, many have drawn comparisons between Kirkland Signature vodka and Grey Goose due to similarities in taste and smoothness.

Some speculate that Kirkland Signature vodka may indeed be produced by the same distillery as Grey Goose, albeit under Costco’s private-label branding. This practice is not uncommon in the retail industry, where private-label products are often sourced from reputable manufacturers to offer consumers high-quality products at competitive prices.

Regardless of its origins, Kirkland Signature vodka has garnered a loyal following for its exceptional value and quality. Whether enjoyed in classic cocktails, mixed drinks, or sipped neat, Kirkland Signature vodka delivers a clean, crisp taste that rivals more expensive options on the market. Its affordability and versatility make it a popular choice among consumers seeking a premium drinking experience without breaking the bank.

Does Kirkland make a gin?

Yes, Kirkland does produce a gin under its Kirkland Signature label, offering consumers another option within its portfolio of spirits. Kirkland gin is typically crafted in the classic London Dry style, known for its juniper-forward flavor profile and crisp, dry finish. While specific details about the distillery and production process may vary, Kirkland gin upholds the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship synonymous with the Kirkland Signature brand.

Like other Kirkland Signature products, Kirkland gin offers exceptional value without compromising on taste or quality. Its versatile flavor profile makes it suitable for a wide range of cocktail applications, from classic gin and tonics to creative mixology creations. Whether enjoyed in a refreshing summer cocktail or as a sophisticated martini, Kirkland gin promises a premium drinking experience that resonates with discerning gin enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

What is the most highly rated gin?

Determining the most highly rated gin is a subjective endeavor, as individual preferences, tasting experiences, and expert opinions can vary widely. However, several gin brands have consistently received acclaim and recognition within the spirits industry for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Hendrick’s Gin is widely regarded as one of the most highly rated gins, celebrated for its unique flavor profile and distinctive bottle design. Infused with a blend of botanicals, including cucumber and rose petals, Hendrick’s Gin offers a refreshing and aromatic drinking experience that sets it apart from other gins on the market.

Tanqueray No. Ten is another highly rated gin known for its premium quality and citrus-forward flavor profile. Distilled with fresh citrus fruits and botanicals, Tanqueray No. Ten delivers a smooth and balanced taste that appeals to gin connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Other notable mentions include The Botanist Islay Dry Gin, which features a complex botanical blend sourced from the Scottish island of Islay, and Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin, a German gin renowned for its diverse array of botanicals and exceptional depth of flavor.
Ultimately, the most highly rated gin is a matter of personal preference and individual taste. Exploring different gin brands and expressions can be a rewarding journey, allowing enthusiasts to discover new flavors and expand their appreciation for this beloved spirit.

Where is Kirkland liquor made?

The specific location where Kirkland liquor is made can vary depending on the product and the arrangement between Costco and its suppliers. Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand operates under a private-label model, meaning that the products are manufactured by third-party producers under contract with Costco.

As such, Kirkland liquor, including gin, vodka, and other spirits, may be produced in various regions around the world, depending on the sourcing agreements and production capabilities of Costco’s suppliers.

While the exact production facilities may not always be disclosed publicly, Kirkland Signature products are held to Costco’s high standards of quality and value.

What does Kirkland gin taste like?

Kirkland gin typically exhibits the characteristics of a classic London Dry-style gin, known for its juniper-forward flavor profile and crisp, dry finish. While specific tasting notes may vary depending on the batch and production process, Kirkland gin is generally characterized by its balanced blend of botanicals, which may include juniper berries, citrus peels, and various spices.

In terms of flavor, Kirkland gin often presents a prominent juniper note, which is the hallmark of traditional London Dry gins. This is complemented by citrus undertones, lending a refreshing brightness to the spirit. Other botanicals may contribute to a subtle complexity, with hints of herbal, floral, or spicy notes adding depth to the overall flavor profile.

Overall, Kirkland gin is typically well-rounded and versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of cocktail applications. Whether enjoyed in a classic gin and tonic, a refreshing gimlet, or a sophisticated martini, Kirkland gin offers a reliable and affordable option for gin enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

What are the better brands of gin?

The realm of gin offers a diverse array of brands and expressions, each with its own unique characteristics and flavor profiles. While personal taste preferences play a significant role in determining the “better” brands of gin, there are several well-regarded options that consistently receive acclaim from critics and consumers alike.

Hendrick’s Gin is often lauded for its distinctive flavor profile, which includes notes of cucumber and rose petals, resulting in a refreshing and aromatic drinking experience. Tanqueray No. Ten is another popular choice, known for its citrus-forward character and smooth, balanced taste.

Other highly regarded gin brands include Bombay Sapphire, which features a complex blend of botanicals and a smooth, mellow finish, and The Botanist Islay Dry Gin, which showcases a unique array of botanicals sourced from the Scottish island of Islay.

Additionally, artisanal and craft distilleries around the world produce a wide range of high-quality gins, each with its own interpretation of the spirit. These smaller-batch gins often emphasize unique botanical blends and innovative distillation techniques, offering gin enthusiasts the opportunity to explore new and exciting flavor profiles.

Ultimately, the “better” brands of gin are subjective and may vary depending on individual taste preferences and drinking experiences. Exploring different gin brands and expressions can be a rewarding journey, allowing enthusiasts to discover new favorites and expand their appreciation for this beloved spirit.

Which country is Kirkland in?

Kirkland is not a country but rather a private-label brand owned and sold exclusively by Costco Wholesale Corporation, an American multinational corporation. Costco is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, United States, and operates a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs across various countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Japan, and several others.

Why is Kirkland called Kirkland?

The name “Kirkland” is derived from the original headquarters location of Costco Wholesale Corporation in Kirkland, Washington. In 1987, Costco moved its corporate headquarters from Kirkland to nearby Issaquah, Washington.

However, the Kirkland Signature brand, which was introduced in 1995, retained its name as a nod to the company’s roots and heritage.

Where do Kirkland products come from?

Kirkland products, including spirits like gin and vodka, as well as a wide range of other goods across various categories, are produced and sourced from reputable manufacturers and suppliers under contract with Costco Wholesale Corporation. While the exact origins of Kirkland products may vary depending on the specific item and production arrangement, Costco maintains high standards of quality and value across its private-label offerings.

Kirkland products are manufactured both domestically and internationally, with production facilities located in various regions around the world. Costco works closely with its suppliers to ensure that Kirkland products meet stringent quality control standards and offer exceptional value to its members.

Overall, Kirkland products are a testament to Costco’s commitment to providing high-quality goods at competitive prices, offering consumers a wide selection of affordable and trusted products across a range of categories.

So, Who Makes Kirkland Gin? 

The actual distillers mentioned above are part of our educated guess and based on our review of the tasting notes of Kirkland’s London Dry gin. 

Whether it is made by Tanqueray, Gordon’s, Diageo, or DC Flynt, one thing is for sure; they did a good job in making the spirit. 


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