Who Makes Kirkland Gin? Answered (2023 Updated)

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While Costco is one of the world’s largest retailers of alcoholic beverages, they do not own distilleries and breweries. 

There is endless speculation on who makes Kirkland gin, so we did intensive research about the manufacturer of this fine spirit. Are you curious? Read on.  

Who’s Behind Kirkland London Dry Gin? 

Kirkland London Dry Gin

While Costco’s lips are sealed regarding who produces their alcohol, there are rumors that Tanqueray and Gordon’s can be making the Kirkland London Dry gin. The two distillers are popular and big enough to cater to the demand of the warehouse.

It is public knowledge that DC Flynt MW Selections distributes the Kirkland Signature London Dry gin. So, another educated guess would be Diageo since the drink has almost similar dryness and juniper notes. 

4 Possible Kirkland London Dry Gin Manufacturers 

4 Possible Kirkland London Dry Gin Manufacturers

1. Tanqueray 

Tanqueray can be one of the possible distillers of Kirkland gin because it is one of the most popular gin distilleries today. The Kirkland Signature London dry needs a high inventory, and the Kirkland brand may have closed a deal with them to rebrand their gin. 

The brand started in 1830, and until today, they continuously satisfy every palate with its classic gin that uses the 192-year-old recipe. They can cater to the inventory of Costco because, based on Statista, the brand reached 5.6 million 9 liter cases sales in 2021 [1]. 

2. Gordon’s

Gordon’s Gin

Gordon’s has established a great reputation for producing high-quality spirits since 1769. The brand offers a great selection of distilled gin that you can use for homemade cocktails. 

Costco can be a way to purchase bottles that have nearly similar quality as top-shelf brands like Gordon’s but at a fraction of the price.  

People rumored that Gordon’s makes Kirkland gin, and that can also be true because the company is capable of producing liquor and meeting the demand of Costco. Also, we compared a bottle of Gordon’s and Kirkland’s, and they have some similarities in spices and finish. 

3. Diageo


Let us not forget that Diageo can be the one behind the Kirkland gin because it is a multinational alcoholic beverage company, after all. Diageo owns different gin brands and other spirits like vodka, whiskey, and wine.

Comparing the dryness of the gin and the juniper notes evident in Kirkland Signature brand, it seems to point to Diageo. 

4. DC Flynt MW Selections

DC Flynt MW Selections distributes the Kirkland Signature London Dry gin, so we might as well put them on the equation. DC Flynt MW (Master of Wine) is known as a Costco distributor, and it is widely known by many because of DC Flynt’s CEO admission. 

DC Flynt exports liquor and puts it in stores like Costco warehouses and locations like Mexico, California, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. 


Why Costco Remains Mum About Its Manufacturer 

Costco remains mum about its manufacturer mainly because they want to prevent other companies from sourcing the same items. 

People have different perspectives on gin tasting notes- some find Kirkland Signature London Dry gin good, but others don’t. With this, it would be better to keep it undisclosed to maintain a good reputation of both brands. 

Another possible reason would be the sales because, as we all know, Costco maintains a low price point for customer satisfaction. Disclosing the manufacturer may hurt the sales of the distilleries because they might opt to get Kirkland’s signature instead. 

What Is Kirkland Gin Comparable To?


Kirkland Gin is a highly rated and well-received gin that can be comparable to Tanqueray and Gordon’s. The prestigious distilleries are known for their dry, light body, crisp and effortless tasting notes that you can compare to Kirkland’s gin. 

Like the two big distillers, Kirkland’s gin can be a great choice for cocktails like tonic and Negronis. 


Is Kirkland Signature London Dry Gin discontinued?

No, Kirkland Signature Dry gin is not discontinued. While there was a shortage in supply last 2021, it is back in stock, and you can check your local liquor stores near you.

Aside from Costco’s warehouse and website, you can try to score a bottle from Wine-searcher and Drizly online. 

Is Kirkland London Dry Gin gluten-free?

Yes, Kirkland London Dry gin is gluten-free. People can safely consume it whether they have gluten intolerance or are in a keto or low carb lifestyle. However, make sure to consume it pure and do not add any flavorings. 

Final Thoughts

The actual distillers mentioned above are part of our educated guess and based on our review of the tasting notes of Kirkland’s London Dry gin. 

Whether it is made by Tanqueray, Gordon’s, Diageo, or DC Flynt, one thing is for sure; they did a good job in making the spirit. 



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    Tanqueray gin had been the spirit of choice in my family for decades. To my surprise, the bottle I bought out of town while on vacation in December tasted bad. When I got home, I went to my hometown liquor store and found they were selling what I had purchased out of town. The label on the bottle has changed and the new label no longer says ‘Distilled Four Times’. How could they change the recipe they have used successfully for 198 years? It tastes terrible!!


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