15 Winter Bourbon Cocktails & Mixed Drinks (2022 Updated)

Last Updated on September 20, 2022 by Lydia Martin

The winter season calls for soothing drinks and cocktails to deal with cold days and chilly nights.

You can take your love for bourbon in the cold weather with these winter bourbon cocktails we’ve listed below. 

Top 15 Bourbon Cocktails Perfect For Winter 

15. Buttered Pecan Old Fashioned

Buttered Pecan Old Fashioned

Buttered Pecan Old Fashioned is an ice cream-inspired mixture that is the perfect replacement for those who want ice cream in cold weather.

This easy winter bourbon cocktail needs a good bourbon, buttered pecan, simple syrup, and dashes of aromatic bitters.

It is served in a rocks glass, topped with a peel of orange and extra pecans for extra sweet and buttery flavor.

14. Nor’easter


Nor’easter winter cocktail recipes use apple brandy and single barrel bourbon that collaborates with Ancho Reyes liqueur.

Egg white is added to thicken the base before mixing other ingredients into a cocktail shaker. 

Together with other go-to ingredients, lime, lemon juice, and maple syrup, it would make an excellent smoky and sweet cocktail.

13. Grownup Thin Mint

Grownup Thin Mint

Grownup Thin Mint cocktail will satisfy your chocolate cravings in the cold weather. The Mint and chocolate recipe combination brings a sweet and uplifting flavor profile. 

But adding high-proof bourbon, chocolate liqueur, and a Brancamenta will bolden the mint-chocolate flavor you’ll love. Topped with whipped cream and crumbled min cookies will give the extra texture.

12. Ancient Old Fashioned

Ancient Old Fashioned

As old as its name, Ancient Old Fashioned is one of the oldest cocktails in the world that uses the fat washing method. This cocktail suffuses spirit with fatty liquid, making a sesame-infused bourbon. 

It would help if you froze the infused bourbon, then skim the fats that rose on the top.

Combining mole bitter, Benedictine, and cognac will complete this old but gold cocktail.

11. Walnut & Maple Old Fashioned

Walnut & Maple Old Fashioned

Winter cocktail doesn’t have to be drunken fast. This Walnut & Maple Old Fashioned is ideal for slow sippers. It highlights the upfront flavor of bourbon with walnut bitters, but it gets its sweetness from maple syrup. 

It’s served in a cocktail glass with a few ice cubes and freshly cracked walnut.

10. Smoke, Spice, & Everything Nice

Smoke, Spice, & Everything Nice

This aromatic cocktail could warm you up with the boldness of bourbon, mezcal, and rye used in this cocktail.

The fruity strawberry syrup and the smoky aromatic bitters perfectly balance the drink, making it a crowd pleaser. It’s topped with an orange peel or a slice of fresh fruit.

9. Tropical Toddy

Tropical Toddy

The Tropical Hot Toddy is an excellent tropical option for cold weather. Its name, Toddy, came from a Jamaican allspice liqueur, Hamilton Pimento Dram.

You can blend it in a mug with your favorite bourbon, lemon juice, honey syrup, and hot water, and garnish it with a cinnamon stick.

8. Brooklyn


Brooklyn is a neighbor of the well-known Bourbon Manhattan cocktail, and it’s both delightful.

It usually uses spicy rye and sweet vermouth, but bourbon is also a perfect fit with the maraschino liqueur that builds the layers of sweetness and cherry flavor. [1]

It’s also made of Amer Picon, but if you don’t have one, you can substitute Ramazzotti or Angostura and orange bitters. It is served in a usual martini glass with a cherry.

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7. Sazerac


Sazerac is made of rye whiskey or bourbon combined with muddled sugar in water and bitters; you can substitute honey instead of sugar.

In a mixing glass, add ice with rye and cognac and mix it. Originally it uses absinthe, but Herbsaint substitutes it after absinthe was outlawed.

6. Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

Classic Old Fashioned cocktail is a timeless drink and is one of many’s favorite bourbon cocktail recipes. But a Winter Old Fashioned version leveled up and gave a classic balance of bourbon with a simple syrup infused with rosemary and cinnamon. 

It is blended with bitters and hints of citrus and served with an orange peel, cinnamon sticks, and rosemary in a rocks glass with one large ice cube.

5. Cocktail Advent Calendar 

Cocktail Advent Calendar

Cocktail Advent Calendar is a calendar of different types of cocktails perfect for cold holidays, especially Christmas.

It includes bourbon whiskey cocktails such as Cranberry Blackberry Smash and the Baked Apple Toddy, another version of Hot Toddy that uses apple cider.

4. Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail

A traditional Rusty Nail uses scotch as a liquor base. It’s a simple mixture of scotch and Drambuie, but you can swap out scotch with your bourbon of choice. 

This winter bourbon cocktail is ideal for slow sipping on the rocks. Its iconic smoky and bold flavor is perfect for a chilly night.

3. Fall Sour

Fall Sour

Fall Sour resembles Whiskey Sour and Bourbon Sour bourbon-cocktail recipes. The Fall Sour has seasonal flavors and a mixture of oaky bourbon whiskey, lemon or lime juice, simple syrup, and maple syrup. 

Fall Sour isn’t just the perfect balance drink in fall but could also work for any season.

2. Cure Punch

Cure Punch

Cure’s Winter Punch is a punch perfect for sharing in the cold holiday party weather. It has muddled lemon peels with sugar combined with lemon juice, club soda, and sugars. Mix it in a big bowl or pitcher with your quality bourbon choice.

1. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is a pre-Prohibition drink traditionally made with sweet vermouth, gin, and fernet. The bourbon cocktail recipe has been replicated multiple times. Now, it can be used with bourbon and whiskey as the main liquor ingredient. 


What is a good bourbon whiskey to drink in the cold?

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon and Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon are some of the bourbon whiskey drinks to drink in the cold weather. [2] It could warm you up with its high-proof alcohol that gives a spiced finish for a winter bourbon night. 

What are good drinks to mix with bourbon?

You can mix bourbon with citrus fruit like orange juice, lemon and lime juice, pineapple juice, and grapefruit juice. It’s also good with ginger ale, ginger beer or fresh ginger, sparkling wine, and Angostura bitters.

How do you drink bourbon whiskey in the winter?

Bourbon whiskey is suited for slow sipping in winter and served neat on the rocks. But a winter cocktail made with bourbon whiskey can also be enjoyed as slow sippers and are delightfully sippable.

In A Nutshell

During the winter, it is sometimes difficult to figure out what bourbon cocktail is right for you and the weather. The winter bourbon cocktail recipes we listed will help you out. 

May it be a hot cocktail or a classic cocktail, bourbon drinks are excellent in a chilly season. You can try this at home with some cocktail shaker or by simply stirring the ingredients. 



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