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Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila has taken an interest in the tequila-making industry. Perhaps the success of George Clooney, Dwayne Johnson, Nick Jonas, and the rest inspired her? The question is, is it a good tequila? Or is it just famous because it’s Kendall Jenner’s? 

Find out as we gathered all the information we could find in this honest 818 Tequila review.

What Is 818 Tequila?

818 Tequila

818 Tequila is an addition to the many celebrity tequilas. It is pure agave with Norma Oficial Mexicana number 1607 (previously NOM 1137).

This tequila’s journey starts with skilled farmers local to the exemplary Tequila region who work hard to identify quality agaves in the Los Valles region. 

With 25 tasting awards at nine international spirits competitions, 818 Tequila boasts of some of the smoothest tequilas in the world.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

How It’s Made 

Making Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila begins with the piña fruit. It has to be ripe, seven years of waiting before being harvested. Then, they cook these for around 40 hours straight in brick ovens.

Jenner told Insider in an interview that they are using a traditional method called Tahona Extraction. They ferment, distill and age these spirits except the 818 Blanco variant. 

Main Ingredients

Agave Plant

Kendall Jenner’s tequila is made from 100% Blue Weber fruit. These are from the Central Valleys of Jalisco, Mexico. The specific variant of the fruit is the Tequilana Weber, which is slow-roasted. It is mixed with deep well water. They mix the additional flavoring during the fermentation and aging process.

Flavor Notes

The three versions are all flavorful sweet tequila because the gradually cooked agave ripened at its peak. However, the blend of vanilla, citrus, and other vegetal flavors is what makes the taste of this spirit special. The aroma that touches the nose is the scent of vanilla, but each variant has distinct tasting notes that set them all apart from each other. 

How To Drink It 


818 Blanco is unaged, but the alcohol tasted smooth and is still good for sipping. This Blanco variant is also a good mix for a margarita cocktail. 

On the other hand, Reposado is more refined than 818 Blanco, making it fit for shots and on the rocks. It is also great as a cocktail base. The Añejo variant is the smoothest among the three, making it perfect for drinking neat. 

Who Owns 818 Tequila?

Kendall Jenner owns 818 tequila. Kendall was slammed with the “cultural appropriation” issue when she released this drink. From Facebook to the stylized bird with an open mouth, Twitter, many are reacting to the tequila brand she launched.

Not everyone is a big fan, but the model proved the product’s legitimacy, which is now claiming a seat as a top-shelf celebrity brand.

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Common 818 Tequila Prices

Common 818 Tequila Prices

Bottle Type Size Alcohol By Volume Average Price
818 Tequila Blanco 750 ml 40% $39.99
818 Tequila Reposado 750 ml 40% $44.99
818 Tequila Añejo 750 ml 40% $64.99

818 Tequila Types

818 Tequila Types


818 Tequila Blanco is their version of the Silver spirit. Jenner’s 818 tequila Blanco variety is not aged. However, despite being bottled after distillation, it has a smooth finish. The taste buds will discover the flavors of citrus fruit blended with vanilla and some almonds. But we find it overwhelmingly sweet for a Blanco, with vanilla overpowering the agave flavor.


818 Reposado

They used the same process for this variant, but they aged this tequila bottle for approximately three months to a year. What makes it different is that this tequila is blended with the Extra Añejo variant to develop a different flavor profile and a darker shade of hue. The reposado blend has notes of citrus and vanilla with hints of floral and asparagus mix. 


Jenner’s Añejo is probably the best tequila they have. Like the reposado, this too is blended with Extra Añejo. However, they aged these in oak barrels. The difference is that the sweetness of the piña fruit is more defined. The flavors are well-rested, and the oak tasted more precise but not too strong. Compared to the two other variants, 818 Blanco and Reposado, it has the smoothest finish.


Is 818 Tequila a top-shelf?

818 Tequila is a top-shelf spirit, particularly 818 Añejo. The sweet agave taste and vanilla flavor blend made this perfect for sipping. This spirit can also be drunk neat or partnered with fresh lime juice. But, many appreciate its capability to elevate the savor of a classic margarita. 

How many calories do you get per shot of 818 Tequila?

You will get 97 calories per shot of tequila. Each gram of alcohol contains seven calories. With 13.85 grams of alcohol in a shot, the product ends with 97 calories. 

Is 818 Tequila keto-friendly?

Yes, 818 is keto-friendly (1) since it contains zero carbs. It may have a full taste of sweet piña fruit, but it is still a good fit for those on a diet.

Final Thoughts 

Kendall Jenner managed to provide the tequila-loving public with another spectacular product. It is as Mexican as any other tequila owned by a celebrity. Its aroma and savor are pure agave, though we find the added flavoring overwhelming. 

The good part is that this additive makes a margarita cocktail extra special. So, are the other mixes a Blanco is poured into. 



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