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Barrell Dovetail Bourbon Bottle Review (2023 Edition)

Barrell Dovetail Bourbon Review

Last Updated on November 5, 2023 by Lydia Martin

The blending and finishing of bourbon whiskey are interesting yet not wholly rare approaches these days, and while some do it well, others could be more successful. 

In this honest-to-goodness Barrell Dovetail bourbon review, let’s see if this bourbon experiment gets it right or will turn people away. 

In-Depth Review on Barrell Dovetail Bourbon 

Bottle of Barrell Dovetail Bourbon on a Table

Barrell Dovetail bourbon from Barrell Craft Spirits is a carefully selected and blended bourbon whiskey.

Unlike other non-distiller producers, the company adds a unique aspect to its bourbon mix.  

Aside from seeking premium quality bourbon, the brand sources whiskeys with the proper blending to provide a unique yet delicious Barrell Dovetail whiskey. 

The blending of whiskeys finished in cabernet, port, and rum casks result in a rich, buttery, and deep whiskey.

It is consistently released in un-numbered batches with different alcohol proofs. 

Quick Facts 

DistilleryUndisclosed distilleries from Tennessee & Indiana
Classification & RegionBourbon, USA
Alcohol ProofVaries around 61% – 63%
Mash BillUndisclosed Ratio (Corn, rye, and malted barley)
Age StatementNo Age Statement (NAS)
ColorRich golden amber
Rating4 Stars 
Average PriceRoughly $92 per 750 ml (Drizly)

What’s Barrell Dovetail Bourbon?

Barrell Dovetail whiskey is a blend of whiskeys obtained from unnamed distilleries, and it took almost a year to perfect the excellent flavor profile of the Barrell whiskey. 

It is finished in Dunn Vineyards Cabernet barrels, blackstrap molasses rum casks, and Late Bottled Vintage Port pipes to highlight the favorite flavors of a good whiskey. 

“We decided that every product would have three points of differentiation…I wanted to provide people with a wide range of products.”

– Joe Beatrice, Founder of Barrell Craft Spirits

Every release is blended to taste by the BCS blending team and bottled at true barrel proof, resulting in proof variations. 

This whiskey is a woody bourbon, delectable and unique, and its interlocking components are seamlessly and visibly merged like a dovetail joint of a masterpiece cabinet. 

The Barrell Dovetail whiskey has won multiple awards in prestigious spirits competitions for its excellent flavor profile. 

Tasting Notes 

Pouring Bottle of Barrell Dovetail Bourbon on a Glass


As we popped the bottle, it boasted sweet and robust aromas of molasses, candied raisins, anise, brown sugar, caramel, oak, and tropical fruit. 

The aroma was pleasant yet intriguing as it stayed in a glass, and the rum-like notes and touch of heat were evident, given its high alcohol proof. 

It had an excellent combination of sweet and savory aroma, quickly followed by a wide array of fruity notes from its aging in terroir-driven Dunn cabernet barrels, LBV port pipes, and rum casks.  


Barrell Dovetail whiskey features darker and spicier tasting notes with a well-complemented savory and herbaceous flavor profile. 

It has an excellent combination of dark fruit and cane sugar, with a touch of charred oak and mouth-coating rummy molasses. It is robust but not harsh, with a nice layer of flavors. 


The peppery spice and long touch of heat are very noticeable as it lingers on the palate.

The toasted marshmallow, molasses, and dark cherries follow with a warming and inviting aftertaste. 

The rum sweetness is present with red wine fruit, baking spice, and slight oak. 

Our Thoughts on Barrell Dovetail Bourbon

First Sip

On our first sip, we noticed it was more rum-forward, and the molasses, oak, brown sugar, and caramel led the way until it finished. 

The bourbon finished in three types of casks (late bottled vintage port pipes, blackstrap molasses cask, and cabernet cask) gives out complex yet delicious flavors. 

It may initially carry the sweetness of rum, but the heat bite and other tasting notes will remind you of a well-blended whiskey. 

Second Chance

We tried Barrell Dovetail whiskey with a few drops of water, and the unexpected explosion of tropical and light floral welcomed us. 

We chewed the whiskey, and it gave out nice grassy molasses, rum, dried raisins, roasted oak, garlic, and brown sugar, with a little dark berry and clove at the end. 

Why We Like It 

Barrell Dovetail Bourbon Bottle Label
  • It has enough whiskey foundation, and the influence of other casks makes it more palatable. 
  • It is easy to find and has good value for money. 
  • It tastes excellent when with water and shines best in cocktails. 

Barrell Dovetail Bourbon Drawbacks 

  • If you are not a big fan of rum, you can find its aroma and tasting notes overwhelming. 
  • The heat and harshness can be mind-blowing, mainly if you are not used to cask strength. 

Value & Uniqueness

If you are a Barrell fan interested in exploring finished whiskeys, the Dovetail Barrell whiskey is a game changer [1].

The brand shows they are masters of their craft by delivering a unique tasting and barrel proof. 

The whiskey finished in Cabernet barrels, LBV Port Pipes, and rum cask results in layers of rich tasting notes on the sweet side. 

The brand found a great combination and nails the blend, so a bottle is worth the price. 

The Rating on Barrell Dovetail Bourbon 

Hand Holding Barrell Dovetail Bourbon

After careful deliberation and tasting, we give Dovetail Barrell whiskey four stars. It offers premium quality and impressive aroma, taste, and finish. 

It drinks nicely with a splash of water, but it can be a solid base liquor for cocktails if you have money to burn. 

Do We Recommend It?

Yes, we highly recommend Barrell Dovetail whiskey. It hits the sweet spot of flavors with excellent strength and depth, not to mention its caramel and buttery finish. 

With the various underlying whiskeys and finishing barrels of BCS, their Dovetail comprises a unique and delectable batch. 

If you are looking for a barrel-proof bourbon with a unique take, Dovetail has a lot of complexity, given its three different finishes. 

If you are on the lookout for other finished whiskeys, you can check out the following:

  • Seagrass 
  • Angel’s Envy bourbon
  • Old Elk bourbon


Is Barrell Dovetail bourbon a limited release?

No, Barrell Dovetail bourbon is not a limited release. However, the BCS Gray Label Dovetail is a limited release from the brand, which uses older and rare barrels than the standard Dovetail [2]. 

How long is Barrell Dovetail bourbon aged?

There was no released age statement on how long Dovetail bourbon is aged. However, there are claims that it is aged at around ten years. 

Is Barrell good bourbon?

Yes, Barrell Dovetail is a good bourbon. It offers complexity and a rich flavor profile that can be easily enjoyed. 

Where is Barrell Dovetail bourbon made?

Dovetail bourbon is made from a blend of Indiana and Tennessee bourbons finished in cabernet, rum, and port casks. 

Final Verdict

Barrell Craft Spirits succeed with Dovetail in giving out a unique-tasting whiskey close to the standard bourbon flavor spectrum and will not turn people away. 

It can be rum-forward for some, but it will be fantastic bourbon for the right audience looking out for a casks strength and unique bourbon whiskey. 


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