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10 Best Bourbon Infused Coffee Brands Ranked (2024 Updated)

Best Bourbon Infused Coffee

Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Who said coffee is just for mornings? Caffeinated drink can be crafted with liquors, especially bourbons, and make an impressive and exciting infusion.

Bourbon-infused coffee is a natural companion with a strong and tasty connection as bourbon-tasting notes greatly impart the coffee beans.

To make sure you’ll get the best bourbon-infused coffee, we are beyond excited to give you our most recommended options. Here’s the list.

Top 10 Best Bourbon Infused Coffee (Must-Have!) 

10. Jim Beam Bourbon Flavored Coffee

Jim Beam Bourbon Flavored Coffee with mug and coffee beans on top of table

Jim Beam Original Bourbon Flavored Coffee’s flagship is a medium roast coffee.

This bourbon-infused coffee is an infusion of the classic Jim Beam extract with 100% Arabica beans.

It has a great full-bodied flavor highlighting vanilla and creamy caramel layers, making a flavorful cup of coffee.

9. Fire Department Bourbon Spirit Infused Coffee

Fire Department Bourbon Spirit Infused Coffee and a  mug

This bourbon-infused coffee has full of classic bourbon vanilla notes.

Fire Department’s bourbon-infused coffee dark roast beans pairs perfectly with the vanilla notes of bourbon.

When brewed, it creates a unique bourbon and coffee flavor with an indulgent bold yet sweet taste and a satisfying finish until the last sip.

8. Sydney Roasting Co Kentucky Bourbon Flavored Coffee

Sydney Roasting Co Kentucky Bourbon Flavored Coffee with cup and coffee beans

Sydney Roasting Co’s Kentucky Bourbon is a ground-flavored coffee with lots of bourbon flavors. It has sweet caramel notes, rich vanilla, and fresh oak infused into this roast.

7. Cooper’s Coffee Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Beans

Cooper’s Coffee Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Beans

This Cooper’s Coffee is a bourbon barrel-aged coffee bean that highlights cocoa and dark fruit notes.

It uses grade 1 coffee beans or those with no primary imperfections. [1

Cooper’s Coffee creates a medium-dark roast in a small batch barrel to give them full control of the beans’ flavor.

6. Split Oak Bourbon Barrel Coffee

Split Oak Bourbon Barrel Coffee with coffee beans on top of  wooden table

Split Oak Bourbon Barrel is a limited-edition coffee bean aged in barrels. This bourbon-infused coffee is organic and uses specialty-grade African single-origin coffee beans.

“It’s not coffee left to age in old whiskey barrels…Our beans are soaked in real whiskey, dried, and roasted…”

– J.B. Schneider, Burke Brands Chief Marketing Officer

It has more caffeine with a subtle sweetness and notes of dark chocolate, bourbon, and oak from the barrel.

5. Eight O’Clock Vermont Maple Bourbon

hand holding Eight O’Clock Vermont Maple Bourbon

Eight O’Clock Vermont Maple bourbon ground coffee has a distinct blend of 100% Arabica beans and Vermont Maple Bourbon.

This medium roast bourbon ground coffee offers a rich and elegant aroma with a sweet, strong flavor of caramel and Vermont’s official state flavor—maple. [2]

4. Cask’d Hand-crafted Bourbon Coffee – Coffee Infused

Cask’d Hand-crafted Bourbon Coffee - Coffee Infused on top of a wooden table

The Cask’d bourbon coffee is handcrafted with 100% premium Brazilian Arabica beans mixed with authentic Kentucky bourbon matured in American oak barrels.

Every sip of this brewed Cask’d bourbon coffee has a layer of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. But you can also taste the sharp, distinct flavor of bourbon.

3. Black Powder Bourbon Infused Coffee

Black Powder Bourbon Infused Coffee Pack with mug on top of wooden table

This Black Powder Coffee blends coffee beans coffee from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica and is infused with Kentucky straight bourbon. 

Black Powder bourbon-infused coffee is roasted using hand-selected coffee beans in small batches. It delivers a good combination of bourbon and coffee flavor and aroma.

2. Don Pablo Bourbon Infused Coffee

Don Pablo’s Bourbon Infused Coffee on a countertop

Don Pablo slow-roasts its bourbon-infused coffee beans in a small batch style until they’re golden blond. The infusion is made of soaked raw coffee beans in their Kentucky bourbon.

Don Pablo bourbon-infused coffee can create indulging flavor notes of butterscotch, caramel, and honey when brewed.

1. Buffalo Trace Coffee

box of Buffalo Trace Bourbon Infused Coffee

Buffalo Trace bourbon-infused coffee uses 100% Arabica beans with its signature Kentucky straight bourbon to make single-serving-size pod coffee.

This bourbon-infused coffee has a delicious medium roast coffee with the bold taste of bourbon but has a sweet caramel, vanilla, and subtle cream notes.

FAQs Related to Best Bourbon Infused Coffee

What is bourbon-infused coffee?

Bourbon-infused coffee is coffee that has been flavored or infused with bourbon, resulting in a unique blend of rich coffee flavor and subtle bourbon notes.

How is bourbon-infused coffee made?

Bourbon-infused coffee is typically made by soaking coffee beans in bourbon or by adding bourbon flavoring during the roasting process.

What bourbon flavors work best with coffee?

Bourbon flavors that work well with coffee often include caramel, vanilla, oak, and hints of spice, enhancing the coffee’s aroma and taste.

Can I make bourbon-infused coffee at home?

Yes, you can make bourbon-infused coffee at home by adding a splash of bourbon to your brewed coffee or by experimenting with bourbon-flavored syrups or extracts.

How strong is the bourbon flavor in bourbon-infused coffee?

The strength of the bourbon flavor in bourbon-infused coffee can vary depending on the infusion method and the quality of the bourbon used, but it is typically subtle and enhances the coffee’s overall profile.

Can bourbon-infused coffee be enjoyed hot and cold?

Yes, bourbon-infused coffee can be enjoyed both hot and cold, allowing for versatility in serving options and enjoyment year-round.

Are there any specific brewing methods recommended for bourbon-infused coffee?

Brewing methods such as French press, pour-over, or espresso are commonly used for bourbon-infused coffee, as they allow for the full expression of flavors and aromas.

Are there any health considerations when consuming bourbon-infused coffee?

While bourbon-infused coffee is generally safe to consume in moderation, it’s important to be mindful of alcohol content, especially if consuming multiple servings throughout the day.

Final Verdict 

It’s not too late to start drinking your bourbon and coffee differently. Try small-batch roasters such as Cooper’s Coffee, Black Powder, and Don Pablo.

But if you’re into 100% Arabica bourbon-infused coffee, look for Jim Beam, Eight O’Clock, Cask’d, and Buffalo Trace.


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