9 Best Chasers For Vodka: Full Guide (2022 Updated)

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Vodka is a spirit most commonly created by extensive distillation and filtration of potatoes, grains, or corns that almost strip off all the spirit’s flavors. Even aficionados describe that drinking vodka in its purest form is difficult because of its strong burning finish. Fortunately, there are varieties of flavored beverages to chase the alcohol smoothly. 

In this article, we listed the best chasers for vodka that you can try.

9 Best Chasers for Vodka

1. Jalapeño Stuffed Olives

Jalapeño Stuffed Olives on desk

Olives started as a good chaser for gin in the early 20th century but eventually became more demanding as a vodka mixer in the 1970s. Adding a splash of olive brine will leave a more savory taste with a little hint of spice into the drink. On the other hand, the olive garnish can lay artistically on the glass or as additional salty snacks.

2. Wine

Wine on desk

Although vodka goes with just about anything, chasing the clear spirit with more alcohol only results in sour-tasting mixed drinks and foul aftertaste. We recommend having more ingredients in the mix, like fruity cocktails or punch. The result is a popular summer and refreshing drink most enjoyable for parties outside and even garden weddings.

Just be careful with this kind of mixed drink as it can leave a bad hangover the next morning.

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3. Water

Water on desk

Water is the most underrated but probably one of the best vodka mixers available within reach. It helps dilute the alcohol component, slowing down the effects of alcohol while rehydrating the body.

It also includes different types of water, which usually contains salt that gives a different taste to the vodka. Carbonated water has different names like sparkling water, club soda, and soda water which are good chasers of alcoholic beverages [1].

4. Tonic

Tonic on table

Tonic water is famous for its quinine content, a bitter medicinal cure for malaria in the 17th century. The modern products contain high sugar levels that give a sweet and bubbly flavor while keeping a hint of bitterness and a little sour taste of its original use. 

It is also a perfect vodka chaser during meals as it helps clear the palate with its dry texture. But, how long do you think will it take for vodka to kick in?

6. Lemonade/Soda

Lemonade with mint leaves on desk

The fruity lemonade is a mix of water, lemon-lime juice, and simple syrup that mutes the alcohol taste of vodka. It is one of the favorite beverages to chase vodka with its sweet and citrusy lemon-lime flavor.

Mountain Dew, Sprite, and 7Up are carbonated soda drinks with the distinctive character of lemon fruit juice, creating a bonus fizzy taste to the vodka. Flavored energy drinks, like Red Bull, are good vodka mixers that will keep you energized throughout the night.

7. Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer on table

Ginger beer is a non-alcoholic drink with a slightly sweeter and spicier flavor than ginger ale. The famous Moscow Mule is a mixture of ginger beer, vodka with a splash of lemon juice, dry vermouth, and crème de cacao. It is a fizzy and refreshing cocktail drink best enjoyed during summer.

A quality ginger beer that does not contain too much sweetener doubles as a perfect mixer and a good chaser. 

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8. Iced Tea

Iced Tea with slice of lemon on desk

Drinking vodka with iced tea and a squeeze of lime has become a trend because of how refreshing the cocktail is. Have your favorite bottle of vodka and flavored iced tea to create a sweet and tropical mix that always works together. People on a diet can have unsweetened iced tea for good measure as it contains low sugar and calories.

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9. 100% Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice on table

Olive Juice

Olive juice is another healthy chaser for vodka that rehydrates the body as we consume alcohol [2]. The salty flavor of olives alters the neutral taste of vodka, resulting in a savory drink with a sour bite.

Orange Juice

Orange juice has been a popular vodka mixer since World War 2, naming the combination as a screwdriver. You can squeeze the fruit directly for a burst of Vitamin C as you slowly get drunk with vodka.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice comes from a tropical fruit that mixes well with vodka, creating a refreshing summer drink. 

Grapefruit Juice

The punchy and citrusy flavor of a grapefruit juice counters the smooth bite of ethanol-driven vodkas.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice as a chaser softens the sharp edges of the liquor while covering up the impurities of cheap vodka with its sweetness. Mixing the two drinks will create the cranberry juice cocktail, which is the easiest to make as it works well with any vodka.

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What should you avoid mixing with vodka?

You should avoid mixing vodka with a high alcohol content liquor. It does not only result in a nasty hangover the next morning, but it can also cause a serious problem to the body. So, which type of vodka won’t give you a hangover?

Does vodka need chasers?

Yes, vodka needs chasers, especially if it contains many impurities. Fruity cocktails, punches, and water help mask the strong taste of ethanol. Soda water is the healthiest choice to mix with vodka, creating the vodka soda cocktail.

With or Without Chaser?

If you are on to a refreshing liquor that barely tastes like rubbing alcohol, you should have a stock of chasers at your home bar. Plain or carbonated water can help rehydrate the body while providing vodka with a fizzy and lively flavor. You can also go beyond this comfort zone and experiment with different fruit juices, iced tea, and flavored drinks.

Crystal Light and Half and Half Spindrift, two of our personal favorites, offer a wide range of flavored beverages that helps mute the strong burn of ethanol while diluting its chemical components.



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