How Many Shots of Malibu to Get Drunk (2023 Updated)

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Drinking a strong alcoholic beverage always makes you conscious of your consumption. However, drinking a mild drink like Malibu Flavored Rum can make you relax and enjoy drinking more. Honestly, even mild drinks could get you drunk. But after how many shots?

Our team of experts gathered all pertinent details about Malibu rum to find out how many shots of Malibu will get you drunk. 

How Many Malibu Shots Will Get You Drunk? 


Three shots of Malibu can get you drunk, especially if you are not used to drinking alcoholic beverages. You would doubt this because Malibu only has 21% of alcohol which is pretty low compared to other drinks like brandy, rum, tequila, or vodka. 

However, some factors affect how fast you can be drunk. Consuming this rum fast will intoxicate you faster. Regardless of how high or how low the alcohol percentage of liquor can be, an empty stomach with an unconditioned body is another factor that can affect your tolerance. 

Number of Shots Per Malibu Flavor 

Number of Shots Per Malibu Flavor 

Malibu Coconut, Strawberry & Original Caribbean Rum (42 Proof)

Malibu Coconut, Strawberry & Original Caribbean Rum are three of the flavored Malibu rum variants that contain low alcohol levels. 

At 42 proof (21% ABV),  eight shots are the boundary. If you consume the liquor fast, intoxication can be faster too. However, drinking it in moderation, eight shots an hour, can be safe.

Malibu Passion Fruit, Lime, Pineapple & Mango Rum (70 Proof)

Malibu Pineapple

Malibu Passion Fruit, Lime, Pineapple & Mango Rum variants are the stronger Malibu bottles. Consuming 3-4 shots can get you drunk. At 35% ABV, this contains the same level of alcohol as a mild vodka brand has. After two shots, individuals who do not drink so much will show early signs of intoxication.

Malibu Red, Black & Island Spiced Rum (60 Proof)

Malibu Red, Black & Island Spiced Rum has a mid-range alcohol level. At 60 proof, consuming beyond five shots will show signs of drunkenness. Especially for those new to drinking, 30% ABV can be dangerously high, which can still cause adverse effects. 

Alcohol reactions depend on the level of alcohol, but contributing factors also bring about its severe effects. These are the speed of consumption, state of health, gender, age, and a lot more. 

Factors To Consider 

Factors To Consider 

Alcohol By Volume

Alcohol by volume or ABV is a huge factor in getting drunk. The level of intoxication is brought by the alcohol you feed your body. 

Moving while you drink can also increase the speed of your alcohol intoxication [1]. A beginner will always have a bigger chance of getting drunk than a constant drinker.

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It would be best to always consider age before handing down a drink, whether mild liquor or a strong one. A child cannot tolerate alcohol, leading its frail body to vomit or faint. In the worst case, it can put the system in shock or cause death.


Men can process alcohol faster compared to women. Women produce a lesser amount of alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes which help process alcohol in the body.

Also, men’s bodies are usually larger than women’s; thus, drunkenness is faster with women. But what’s the perfect shot to order at a bar?

Body Weight

Weighing Scale

Body mass has a huge impact on the drunken state of a person. The bigger the weight, the slower their alcohol intoxication will be. Alcohol circulates the body through the veins. 

The bigger the body, the longer it takes to intoxicate the system, which is why most women get drunk easily. 

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Food Intake

Eating before consuming alcoholic beverages also slows down intoxication. The body functions better while it has nutrients. Therefore, alcohol metabolism is on point. 

The food you consume contributes to the speed of your drunken state. Sugar and added sweeteners on a mixed drink can increase the absorption of alcohol into your body too. 

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Will half a bottle of Malibu get you drunk?

Yes, half a bottle of Malibu will get you drunk if you have not tried drinking yet and your alcohol tolerance is low. Malibu contains low alcohol. It only has 21% ABV, but successive shots for a beginner will cause intoxication.

Will mixing Malibu with vodka make you get drunk faster?

Yes, mixing Malibu with vodka can make you get drunk faster because of the added alcohol from vodka. Since vodka has an alcohol percentage range of 35-55%, it will also increase the potency of the mix you consume. 

Key Takeaways 

Malibu flavored rums are unquestionably flavorful and mild. Therefore, dealing with uncontrollable excitement and extreme talkativeness is not a problem unless you gobble up an entire bottle within an hour. Two shots would be enough for a beginner to be on the safe side. 

One thing to remember is that this beverage still contains alcohol. Your tolerance relies on many factors and the number of shots you take. It would be best to always keep it in moderation when out drinking. 



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