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12 Best Chocolate Wines To Indulge In (2024 Updated)

Best Chocolate Wine

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Chocolate wine, a compelling fusion of luscious cocoa and finely crafted wine has captivated taste buds for decades. 

This delectable creation gained popularity in the late 20th century, ushering in a new era of dessert wines that appealed to those with a penchant for sweetness and sophistication.

With the help of expert sommeliers, we were guided on a tasting journey of the best chocolate wine you can indulge in for special occasions or to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Top 12 Chocolate Wines To Discover

1. Boekenhoutskloof The Chocolate Block Red Blend

Best Chocolate Wines: Close Up Image of Boekenhoutskloof The Chocolate Block Red Blend Bottle

Average Price: Roughly $32.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 14.58% ABV

Nose: Intense blackberry, bramble, lavender, potting soil, and cured meat

Palate: Blueberries, ripe plums, black currants, cherries, cacao-powdery tannins

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Why I Like It: When I took my first sip, the palate unfolded with a luscious compote of blueberries, ripe plums, black currants, and cherries. 

This chocolate wine perfectly balances robustness and sweet notes, displaying a structured yet elegant character. 

The dessert wine’s silky finish and rich chocolate flavors left me thoroughly impressed and satisfied.

2. Chocolate Cellar Red

Bottle and a Glass of Chocolate Cellar Red with Chocolate on a Wooden Table

Average Price: Roughly $10.99 (We Speak Wine)

Alcohol Content: 12.5% ABV

Nose: Dark chocolate, coffee bean, black cherry, vanilla nuances.

Palate: Dark fruit flavors, chocolate, velvety mouthfeel, hints of vanilla

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why I Like It: The chocolate red wine has a seductive blend of chocolate, coffee, and black cherry on the nose, setting the stage for an extraordinary tasting journey. 

It’s an easy wine [1], and I’m enveloped in a symphony of dark fruit flavors and luxurious chocolate as the wine’s soft and velvety texture caresses my palate. 

3. ChocoVine Dutch Dark Chocolate

Close Up Image of ChocoVine Dutch Dark Chocolate

Average Price: Roughly $9.49 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 14% ABV

Nose: Chocolate flavor with hints of red wine 

Palate: Silky smooth dark chocolate, decadent red wine, full-bodied richness, long and powerful finish

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why I Like It: As a self-proclaimed chocoholic, discovering ChocoVine chocolate wine was a delightful revelation. 

“I think ChocoVine is an example of the cream-based, chocolate wine that became more mainstream..” -Andrew Browne, Proprietor

The harmonious blend of premium Dutch chocolate and French Cabernet Sauvignon creates a sweet, silky, and utterly delicious drink that’s impossible to resist by chocolate lovers. 

4. Choco Noir

3 Bottles of Choco Noir Chocolate Cream Wine

Average Price: Roughly $13.99 (Rancholiquoronline)

Alcohol Content: 13.9% ABV

Nose: Chocolate, cream, sweet dessert notes 

Palate: Rich chocolate, caramel, hints of fruit, velvety texture

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why I Like It: Choco Noir Chocolate Cream Wine is a delightful indulgence for anyone with a sweet tooth like mine.

As I take a sip, the rich flavor of chocolate and caramel dances on my palate, occasionally accompanied by subtle hints of fruit or spice from the chocolate wine. 

The smooth and velvety texture of the Choco Noir adds to the overall sensation, making it a true treat for special occasions. 

5. PleasantValley-Chocolate Lab

Bottle of PleasantValley-Chocolate Lab on a Wooden Table

Average Price: Roughly $10.99 (WeSpeakWine)

Alcohol Content: 10% ABV

Nose: Subtle cocoa, hints of sweetness, and oaky notes

Palate: Rich dark chocolate notes, light body, delightful sweetness, creamy texture

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why I Like It: The Pleasant Valley Chocolate Lab is a light-bodied chocolate wine that offers a pleasant taste profile and sweet experience. 

Aside from the wine’s acidity, I noticed subtle cocoa notes with sweetness and nutty notes. It’s the perfect choice for a dessert wine that’s easy to sip and offers a gentle, sweet allure.

6. Trentadue Chocolate Amore

Trentadue Chocolate Amore

Average Price: Roughly $22.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 18.5% ABV

Nose: Subtle chocolate undertones, hints of dark fruit, dutch chocolate notes, 

Palate: Balanced wine and chocolate essence, cocoa powder, fruit extracts, full-bodied palate

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why I Like It: Trentadue Chocolate Amore, a red wine infused with chocolate, is a delightful treat that combines the rich essence of natural chocolate with the sophistication of wine. 

As I explore its aroma, I notice subtle chocolate undertones and hints of dark fruit, creating an intriguing sensory experience. 

The chocolate wine is manageable and sweet. It strikes a perfect balance on the palate, and you can enjoy it with red velvet cake and chocolate pairing, but feel free to use a wine pairing guide. 

7. Cocoa di Vine

Cocoa di Vine

Average Price: Roughly $11.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 14% ABV

Nose: Luscious chocolate, hints of creamy sweetness, caramel 

Palate: Velvety-smooth chocolate, a delightful fusion of wine and sweets

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why I Like It: Cocoa di Vine is the ultimate delight for chocolate and wine enthusiasts, combining two of my favorite indulgences into one extraordinary experience. 

There are cream or fruit extracts that soften the tannin and acidity [2] of chocolate wine. Taking a sip of this wine, I’m enveloped by the wine’s and chocolate’s velvety smoothness. 

8. Red Decadence Chocolate Wine

Three Bottles of Red Decadence Chocolate Wine

Average Price: Roughly $16.49 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 13.5% ABV

Nose: Black cherry, blueberry, plum, rich dark chocolate 

Palate: Liquid chocolate truffle, sweet, cherry, high dark chocolate

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why I Like It: Red Decadence Chocolate Wine is a delightful fusion of flavors that tantalize the senses. 

As I explore its aromas, I’m greeted by the enticing scents of cherry, blueberry, plum, and rich dark chocolate, promising a decadent experience. 

Red Decadence lives up to its name with each sip, offering a liquid chocolate truffle in one bottle. It’s a delightful treat that combines the best of both worlds – the lusciousness of cocoa and the allure of red wine.

9. Zonte’s Footstep Chocolate Factory Shiraz

Bottle and a Glass of Zonte's Footstep Chocolate Factory Shiraz

Average Price: Roughly $48 (Wine Collection)

Alcohol Content: 14.5% ABV

Nose: Fresh macerated blackberries, fresh blueberries, licorice, nutmeg, cocoa, cedar, summer berries

Palate: Milk chocolate, blackberries, plums, Christmas spice, supple tannins

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why I Like It: Zonte’s Footstep Chocolate Factory Shiraz is a chocolate wine that immediately captures the senses with its deep purple hue and garnet-purple highlights.

When I take a sip, rich blackberry and cherry flavors are beautifully complemented by the wine’s soft “milk chocolate” sweetness and roundness.

10. Landon Winery Reserve Chocolate Finale Dessert Red

Landon Winery Reserve Chocolate Finale Dessert Red

Average Price: Roughly $20.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 15.9% ABV

Nose: Robust aromas of chocolate, dried cherries, almonds, hazelnut

Palate: Rich, sweet flavor, calming smoothness.

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: The Landon Winery Reserve Chocolate Finale Dessert Red is a decadent indulgence that captivates with its rich, sweet flavor and calming smoothness.

Landon Winery Reserve Chocolate Finale Dessert Red offers a sensory experience that’s genuinely enchanting and satisfying. 

It’s a chocolate dessert wine that lures me in with its harmonious blend of flavors and aromas. 

11. Winehaven Chocolate Zom-Bee

Winehaven Chocolate Zom-Bee

Average Price: Roughly $25 (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 15% ABV

Nose: Dark chocolate, cocoa, honey, blackberry, cherry, plum, boysenberry

Palate: Dark chocolate explosion, cocoa, honey, sweet marionberry, blackberry jam, rich midpalate, chocolate ganache finish

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why I Like It: The Winehaven Chocolate Zoo-Bee is a monstrous red wine that genuinely stands out with its remarkable depth and complexity. 

The chocolate flavor takes it to another level, perfectly complementing the generous berry aromas and flavors that define this chocolate wine.

It’s as if I’ve just enjoyed a delectable dessert, all wrapped up in the experience of sipping this chocolate wine.

12. The Chocolate Tube Primitivo

The Chocolate Tube Primitivo

Average Price: Roughly $15.41 (Mans Rimi)

Alcohol Content: % ABV

Nose: Generous fruity aroma, ripe fruits, cherries, cocoa hints

Palate: Robust, big-bodied wine, ripe fruits, lingering cocoa aftertaste 

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why I Like It: The Chocolate Tube Primitivo is a chocolate wine that doesn’t hold back on delivering an exceptional taste experience. Its deep red color sets the stage for the following delightful aromas and flavors. 

“A glass of chocolate wine is a hug for your taste buds.” -Liquor Laboratory 

As I take a moment to savor its aroma, I’m greeted by a generous fruity bouquet with hints of ripe fruits, cherries, and a subtle invitation of cocoa in the background.

FAQs Related to Best Chocolate Wine

What is chocolate wine?

Chocolate wine is a type of dessert wine that combines the flavors of chocolate with those of traditional wine. It’s made by infusing wine with chocolate flavors or by blending wine with chocolate liqueur or cocoa.

What are some popular brands of chocolate wine?

Some popular brands of chocolate wine include ChocoVine, Chocolate Shop Wine, Chocolate Rouge, and Cocoa di Vine. These brands offer a range of chocolate-infused wines in various styles and sweetness levels.

How is chocolate wine made?

Chocolate wine can be made using different methods. Some producers infuse wine with cocoa or chocolate flavorings during fermentation or aging, while others blend wine with chocolate liqueur or cocoa extract to create a rich and decadent beverage.

What flavors can I expect from chocolate wine?

Chocolate wine typically offers rich and indulgent flavors of chocolate, cocoa, and sometimes hints of vanilla or caramel. Depending on the style and sweetness level, it may vary from smooth and velvety to sweet and dessert-like.

Is chocolate wine suitable for pairing with food?

Chocolate wine is often enjoyed as a dessert wine or served with chocolate-based desserts such as chocolate cake, brownies, or truffles. It pairs well with rich and indulgent flavors, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Can chocolate wine be served chilled or at room temperature?

Chocolate wine can be served either chilled or at room temperature, depending on personal preference and the style of wine. Chilling it slightly can enhance its refreshing qualities, while serving it at room temperature may allow its flavors to develop more fully.

Summary: Best Chocolate Wines

Some of the most popular chocolate wines mentioned above offer cater to the cravings of both chocolate and wine enthusiasts.

However, Boekenhoutskloof’s Chocolate Block Red Blend is a particular standout in this category. This wine’s ability to balance robustness and elegance was genuinely remarkable.

The way the chocolate wine seamlessly combines a rich chocolate flavor profile with the nuanced flavors of a well-structured red wine is remarkable and worth trying. 


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