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15 Best Happy Hour Spots In East Village, New York (2024)

Best Happy Hour East Village, New York

Besides its cultural sites, New York City has various great nightlife options.

However, big cities like New York are known for their high prices, which include drinks or cocktails.

So, whenever you can get a steal on spirits, beer, or wine, take advantage of it. But where is the best place to go?

We listed the best happy hour spots in East Village, New York, that you should check out.

Top 15 Happy Hour Spots To Try In East Village, New York

15. Lovers of Today

Lovers of Today

Address: 1/2, 132 1/2 E 7th Street, NY

Happy Hour Deals: 5PM-7PM Mon-Fri

Why We Like It: Lovers of Today bar is a hidden gem in East Village, NY. The location is hard-to-find, but once you’re in, it gives a relaxing vibe, making the place worth it.

14. Cooper’s Craft & Cocktails

Cooper's Craft & Cocktails

Address: 87 2nd Ave, NY 10003

Happy Hour Deals: 4PM-7PM Mon-Fri

Why We Like It: Cooper’s Craft & Cocktails is at 8th Ave, New York, NY, but we prefer the establishment on 2nd Ave. due to its intimate feel.

This bar has a variety of incredibly crafted cocktail recipes during happy hours.

13. Keybar

Address: 432 E 13th St, NY

Happy Hour Deals: 4PM-9PM Daily

Why We Like It: The Keybar is a fun place to drink in the East Village, New York.

It’s a tiny establishment full of energy and people genuinely interested in having a good time.

12. The Wayland

The Wayland

Address: 700 E 9th St, NY

Happy Hour Deals: 4pm-7PM Mon-Fri

Why We Like It: The Wayland is a community center and theater by La Plaza Cultural. This is a must-visit for anyone in the East Village.

We enjoy their craft cocktail offerings (paired with East Coast oysters), where you can get discounts on wine and beer.

11. Bua


Address: 122 St Marks Pl, NY 10009

Happy Hour Deals: Until 7PM Mon-Fri

Why We Like It: East Village locals flock to Bua for cheap drinks all week.

We like the friendly atmosphere and vibrant outdoor patio. During happy hours, we enjoy their listed cocktails, well-drinks, and draft beer.

10. Pineapple Club

Pineapple Club

Address: 509 E 6th St, NY

Happy Hour Deals: 5PM-6:30-PM Mon-Fri

Why We Like It: The Pineapple Club’s tropical-themed interior and vibrant atmosphere are perfect for a night drink.

It’s an ideal venue for refreshments like red wine, craft beers, white wine, and cocktails like a Lychee martini.

9. The Headless Widow

The Headless Widow

Address: 99 1st Ave., NY

Happy Hour Deals: 4PM-7PM Daily

Why We Like It: The Headless Widow bar is an intimate space perfect for drinking warm beverages like the Ginger Man.

“Happy hour is slightly different in the Soviet Union. There are no ice cubes or orange-peel twists in the vodka. Also, it lasts all day.”

– PJ O’Rourke, American Satirist

It has a warm and great environment and a homey atmosphere. Wine, cocktails, craft beer, and other menus are a little on the high end but worth it.

8. Yakiniku West

Yakiniku West

Address: 218 E 9th St, NY

Happy Hour Deals: 5PM-7PM Daily

Why We Like It: At the Yakiniku West bar and restaurant in the East Village, you can enjoy seafood dishes during happy hours alongside alcoholic beverages.

If you’re far from the Upstate Craft Beer Oyster Bar, check out Yakiniku.

7. The Summit Bar

The Summit Bar

Address: 133 Loisaida Ave, New York, NY

Happy Hour Deals: 5PM-7PM Mon-Fri

Why We Like It: The Summit is among the best happy hour spots near La Plaza Cultural, with a classy atmosphere, elegant wood benches, chandeliers, and great drinks.

We highly recommend their Ground to Glass cocktail [1], which mixes tequila and red pepper puree.

6. Jackdaw 


Address: 213 2nd Ave, New York, NY

Happy Hour Deals: 4PM-7PM Sat-Sun, Until 8PM Mon-Fri

Why We Like It: The Jackdaw is a laid-back pub near Stuyvesant Square Park. It serves various food and beverages within the East Village happy hour.

This is an excellent place to hang out with your friends, especially those who love cheap beer and whiskey.

5. Ferns


Address: 166 1st Ave., New York

Happy Hour Deals: 4PM-7PM Fri-Sun

Why We Like It: Located in the heart of Tompkins Square Park, Ferns is a trendy restaurant and bar with creative drinks and bites on their happy hour menu.

We love attending their comedy nights if we want to enjoy the night.

4. Tile Bar

Tile Bar

Address: 115 1st Ave., New York, NY

Happy Hour Deals: 5PM-8PM Mon-Fri

Why We Like It: Tile Bar is one of the city’s best places to enjoy drinks. It’s a simple yet comforting bar – great for a few libations.

The prices are also some of the best in the area. We like to spend time drinking while listening to songs on the radio.

3. Ama Raw Bar East Village

Ama Raw Bar East Village

Address: 190 Avenue B, NY

Happy Hour Deals: 5PM-7PM Daily

Why We Like It: Ama Raw Bar is a full-service seafood restaurant and cocktail bar serving various Asian-inspired dishes.

The combo of beverages and food is delectable. We refer to Ama Raw Bar as a “craft beer, oyster bar” for its refreshing and delicious beer and oyster combo.

2. Bibi Wine Bar

Bibi Wine Bar

Address: 211 E 4th St, New York

Happy Hour Deals: 5PM-8PM Daily

Why We Like It: This Bibi Wine Bar is our go-to place in East Village to enjoy and find great happy hour prices.

Complete your Bibi happy hour with their soppressata and chorizo on the side.

1. Drop-Off Service

Drop-Off Service

Address: 211 Avenue A, NY

Happy Hour Deals: 3PM-8PM Weekdays, 1PM-8PM Weekends

Why We Like It: Aside from the happy people at Drop Off Service in East Village, we like their happy hours full of delicious food and beverages.

It’s brick-walled with a mellow crowd and good pour, and the friendly faces of the guests and staff are something to treasure.

Note: Ten Degrees, Upstate Craft Beer (Oyster Bar), and Dive Bar are worth visiting, too.

FAQs Related to Best Happy Hour East Village New York

Are there any bars in the East Village with outdoor seating for happy hour?

Yes, there are bars in the East Village with outdoor setups for happy hours, including Bua and Pineapple Club.

What are the busiest times for happy hour in the East Village?

The busiest time for East Village happy hour is between 5PM to 7PM. This is the usual time when people in the Big Apple start to flock together at bars or restaurants.

What kind of discounts can I expect during happy hour?

Discounts during happy hour can include reduced prices on drinks such as cocktails, beers, and wines. Some places may also offer special deals on appetizers or small plates.

Are there any specific days when happy hour deals are better?

It depends on the establishment, but typically weekdays tend to have better deals compared to weekends. However, some places might offer unique specials on certain days of the week, so it’s worth exploring.

Do I need to make a reservation for happy hour?

It’s generally not necessary to make a reservation for happy hour, especially if you’re planning to arrive early. However, if you’re going with a large group or to a particularly popular spot, it might be a good idea to call ahead.

Are there any food options available during happy hour?

Many places in the East Village offer food options during happy hour, ranging from bar snacks to more substantial appetizers. Some places may even have special happy hour menus with discounted food items.

Can I take advantage of happy hour specials if I’m not drinking alcohol?

While happy hour specials typically revolve around alcoholic beverages, some places may offer discounts on non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails. It’s worth checking with the establishment to see what options are available.

Are there any hidden gems for happy hour in the East Village that I should know about?

East Village is known for its diverse dining and drinking scene, so there are plenty of hidden gems to discover.

In Summary

There are plenty of places to sip during the East Village happy hour that are affordable and good – mostly accessible daily.

In addition to great food, the best happy hours in East Village also feature great service and an excellent atmosphere.


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