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15 Best Shots to Order at a Bar in 2024 (Most Popular)

best shots to order at a bar

Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Lydia Martin

I frequently go to a bar if I want to destress or socialize with people.

If you’re down for some wild night out with friends, shots can deliver the perfect blend of flavor, excitement, and explosion of fun.

Keep reading and take notes on the best shots to order at a bar on your next visit.

Top 15 Popular Shots To Order At A Bar

1. Bazooka Joe

Bazooka Joe on desk with bowl of lemon

This layered shot combines Bailey’s Irish cream, crème de banana liqueur, and blue curacao.

These drinking shots taste like bazooka bubble gum you grew up chewing but with a hint of a banana. Despite the bluish color of this drink, it still resembles the sweet pink gum you loved.

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”
-Ernest Hemingway, Novelist

2. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Peanut Butter and Jelly on table with raspberries

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Shot is tasty, like the classic PB&J. Combine black raspberry liqueur, peanut butter whiskey or Irish cream, and optional raspberries. 

It takes seconds to prepare but tastes incredible. It will give you the nostalgic feeling of your beloved childhood treat. 

3. Pineapple Upside Down

Pineapple Upside Down on desk with fruits

This Pineapple Upside Down cake is a vodka-based shot that I frequently order at the bar.

Add the grenadine to a shot glass in making a Pineapple upside-down cake vodka shots. Mix vodka with the pineapple juice and ice. Gradually layer the pineapple juice and vodka over the grenadine to create the two-tone outcome.

4. Root Beer Barrel

Root Beer Barrel on table

Another liquor shots to order is the Root Beer Barrel, a signature shot that has two ingredients only: Root beer schnapps and beer. Mix the ingredients and pour them into shot glasses. Down in one gulp. As easy as that. 

Some people add Bailey’s Irish cream or Jameson Irish whiskey, whipped cream, and turn it into a root beer float shot. 

5. Tennessee Log Jumper

Tennessee Log Jumper on desk

The Tennessee Log Jumper is a good shot that isn’t as complicated as its name.

You can have this sweet shot with four ingredients: 99 bananas liqueur, Island Blue Pucker liqueur, Red Bull, and pineapple sap to balance the strong flavor of the liquors. 

This great shot, presented on highball glass, is named after the caffeine and sugary rush it carries.

6. Tootsie Roll Shot

Tootsie Roll Shot on table

My favorite childhood chocolate, Tootsie Roll, is one of those loved shooters. The tootsie roll shot is undeniably delicious because of caramel flavors, orange juice, coffee, and chocolate liqueur.

The recipes vary quite a bit depending on your preferences. 

7. Water Moccasin

Water Moccasin on desk with cheese sticks

Water Moccasin is a fun shot drink named after a snake, and yes, it got a bite.

In making this shooter, you need whiskey or Irish cream, peach schnapps, lime juice or lemon juice, simple syrup, and triple sec. 

This drink has a sweet-and-sour mix balance, and you’ll find it relatively easy to make. Combining peach schnapps gives out a fruitier flavor in the taste buds. Best with pretzels!

8. Cherry Cheesecake


Cherry Cheesecake on table

These indulging Cherry Cheesecake shots are mysteriously similar to the dessert cherry cheesecake itself.

Often presented on manhattan cocktail glass, this drink is made from vanilla, cherry vodka, grenadine, cranberry juice, or pineapple juice. 

I usually ask the bartender to add a butterscotch liqueur, butterscotch schnapps, and more cranberry juice because I have a sweet tooth.

Find some easy shots for bartenders in this list

9. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris on desk with beef jerky

One of the famous shots is the Chuck Norris shot. Combining vodka or rum with a liquid ice energy drink and hot sauce (only if you like) makes it refreshing but with a nice kick.

You can top off more alcohol bases like Absinthe and hot sauce to make it more exciting. It’s perfect to drink with a hybrid cocktail glass.

10. Jägerbomb

Jägerbomb on table


Jägerbomb shot consists of two distinct flavor ingredients- Jägermeister shot and Red Bull energy drink.

The ‘Bomb’ is made by dropping a shot glass of Jägermeister in a larger glass half-filled with Red Bull. 

But be careful to drop the shot glass not too high because it could break the half-filled glass. But is Jagermeister whiskey?

11. Kamikaze

Kamikaze on desk with lime


The most iconic vodka shot is the Kamikaze shooter. The Kamikaze drink is made of vodka, triple sec, and lime or orange liqueur for the orange flavor.

Some people add some peach schnapps for other variations. Some people like to use sweetened lime juice, lemon juice, or lemon drop to balance the tanginess. 

Make sure to shake it with ice and strain to remove any ice. Take a sip of the lime wedge after a double shot. You can also try Paloma Mix as a replacement.

12. Liquid Cocaine

Liquid Cocaine on table with green olive


Liquid cocaine shots have an addictive taste buds impression. But don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t have cocaine.

Some people said this shot’s supremacy is similar to cocaine based on the effects.

The shot consists of Jägermeister, peppermint schnapps, cinnamon schnapps, and overproof rum. [1]

This bitter yet delicious shot is a crowd-pleaser that will make you yearn for more.

13. Mad Dog

Mad Dog on desk with chips


This Mad Dog shot can be mad by name, but you will be thrilled when you try it. With raspberry syrup, vodka, and Tabasco, this drink can be a shot of startling twists. 

The sweetness of the raspberry syrup balances the sting of vodka.

The Tobasco heat notes prevent the raspberry from being too sugary. If you don’t like Tabasco, you can leave it as an option.

ReadWhite Gummy Bear Shot Guide

14. Melon Ball

Melon Ball on table


A melon ball is a no-hassle vodka shooter. And it can be one of the tastiest shots because of its fruity flavor.

The shot is made of a tropical melon fruit flavor, vodka, Melon liqueur, and orange or pineapple fruit juice. But how can you take a shot without tasting it?

15. Mind Eraser

Mind Eraser on desk


The mind-eraser shot is a coffee-flavored cocktail. This shot has three simple ingredients: coffee liqueur or Kahlúavodka, club soda, or lemon-lime soda. 

“Have fun drinking shots, but drink responsibly”

-Liquor Laboratory

It’s not a literal mind eraser when you drink it. On the contrary, it has a unique intensifying bite that you will remember.


How do you drink a tequila shot?

To drink a tequila shot, you should remember these three things: lick, shoot, and sip. Lick the salt on your hand. Shoot the tequila in your mouth. And sip the lime wedge like a pro. [2]

What’s the best alcohol shot for beginners?

The best alcohol shot for beginners is the one containing any high-quality liquor like tequila, vodka, and rum. Popular shots for beginners are white gummy bear, buttery nipple, jolly rancher, slippery nipple, lemon drop, Green tea, red-headed slut, and Irish car bomb.

In Summary

The popular shot drinks we listed will persuade you to go and visit your favorite bar. But the fun doesn’t stop there. You can also have one in your home either by using a cocktail set or ready-to-drink cocktails. You don’t even need a special occasion. 

You can mix and match the flavor of your choice. And believe us, you won’t regret it if you try one.


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