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7 Best Tequilas For Ranch Water (2024 Updated)

Best Tequilas for Ranch Water

Last Updated on June 7, 2024 by Lydia Martin

When it comes to tequila mixes, the first thing that comes to mind is Margarita or Bloody Mary. But if you want something refreshing on a hot summer day, ranch water is the easiest cocktail to make.  

Let’s make it even better as we searched for the best tequila for ranch water. There’s no doubt this would be your new favorite summer cocktail. Serve it with a glass of ice and for sure, it’s a super refreshing drink on a hot day.

7 Best Tequilas for Ranch Water

1. 1800 Silver

1800 Silver on desk, best tequila for ranch water

1800 Silver made it to the list as this Blanco tequila has solid agave flavors that can enhance a simple tequila ranch water cocktail. This spirit’s sweet and smooth texture is not so good to have neat, but it adds life to a cocktail. 

A dash of Jalapeño simple syrup will balance the sweetness of the 1800 tequila. It is sold at around $26 per 750ml. But is 1800 tequila good?

2. Cabo Wabo Blanco

Cabo Wabo Blanco on desk

Cabo Wabo Blanco is one of those spirits that tastes a little strong to drink neat. However, this Blanco can spike your ranch water cocktail. The spirit has citrus and agave notes, but alcohol is evident on the nose and palate. 

So if you want something that can heat your cocktail up, this is your best choice. The 750ml Cabo Wabo Blanco is roughly $33.

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3. Corazon Blanco

Corazon Blanco on desk

Corazon Blanco is another good choice for any cocktail recipe. This tequila is not a very popular brand in the market, but the taste is authentic tequila. Add tequila and it can elevate the flavor of your cocktail recipes and turn the alcohol level up.  

It does not have a special flavor, but it does not overpower other ingredients. And it is sold roughly at $27 per 750ml bottle, which is a very affordable price. 

4. Espolon Blanco

Espolon Blanco on desk with cocktail shaker and ranch water cocktail

Espolon Blanco is a tequila made in Mexico rich in agave taste and hints of black pepper and citrus notes. Sipping is not an option as this may be overwhelming because of the bite on the finish. 

However, this Blanco will blend very well with topo chico mineral water. It is also a good fit for sweet-tasting blends such as grapefruit juice. The 750 ml Espolon Blanco is sold roughly at $26.

5. Olmeca Altos Plata

Olmeca Altos Plata on table with tequila cocktail and lime

Olmeca Altos Plata is for those who want no harsh flavors added to their Texas tequila highball cocktails. This Blanco is smooth and has no burn when drank straight or mixed with other liquors. 

You can also pair it with fresh lime and salt and enjoy the savor of roasted agave and citrus. Pair your bubbly cocktail recipe with this Blanco for an affordable price of around $21 per 750 ml. 

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6. Teremana Blanco

Teremana Blanco on desk with cocktail

Teremana Blanco is another flavorful tequila that you can have with fresh lime juice and a pinch of salt. You can also enjoy it paired with food or mixed in your favorite cocktail recipes. It has a smooth finish, making it a good fit for tequila and lime juice mix or cool ranch water. It is sold at around $21 per 750 ml.

7. Montelobos Mezcal

Montelobos Mezcal on table with cocktail shaker and cucumber cocktail

Montelobos Mezcal is the odd one on this list since this is not tequila. However, Montelobos can fill the missing spark when it comes to flavors. Compared to an untamed Blanco, you can sip this mezcal neat. 

But it can also do wonders with simple sparkling mineral water(1) and fresh lime juice. It has a full-bodied agave flavor with a hint of smoky herbal notes. A 750 ml mezcal is priced at around $105.

Why Use 100% Agave Tequilas?  

Using 100% agave tequilas on your favorite cocktails will give your refreshing drink the elevation from being an ordinary version of a margarita from West Texas. A splash of the right tequila will provide the earthy tones of agave. Tequilas also have the right amount of alcohol that can create a bit of jolt into your refreshing cocktail. 

The Best Tequila Ranch Water Recipe

The Best Tequila Ranch Water Recipe

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 3-5 minutes


  • 3 oz Blanco tequila
  • 1 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
  • Topo Chico Mineral Water
  • Jalapeño simple syrup (optional)
  •  ice cubes


Prepare a highball rim of glass. Pour the tequila Blanco then follow with the freshly squeezed lime juice. Pour the Topo Chico next and gently stir. Top it with ice cubes. If you want to turn the heat up a little, you can add a dash of hot Jalapeño simple syrup. Garnish with a fresh lime wedge. 

Serving: 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of tequila is best for ranch water?

Blanco tequilas are best for ranch water because of their clear color, similar to mineral water. However, more important is its raw flavors, especially the roasted agave. But what type of alcohol is best for Twisted Tea?

Is ranch water just tequila soda?

Yes, ranch water is just tequila soda with a little less lime. Many names are used for this mix, but the main components are tequila and lime juice with ice and a glass garnished with a lime wedge.

What is the best tequila to mix with water?

When mixing tequila with water, many people prefer using a high-quality and smooth tequila to enhance the overall taste of the drink.

Blanco (silver) or reposado tequilas are often chosen for their clean and crisp flavors.

Brands like Patrón, Don Julio, or Espolòn Blanco can work well in a tequila and water mix, allowing the tequila’s natural agave notes to shine while maintaining a refreshing quality.

What kind of tequila is in Ranch Rider?

Ranch Rider is a brand that offers ready-to-drink canned cocktails, including a popular product called the “Ranch Water.”

The Ranch Water cocktail typically contains blanco tequila, sparkling water, and natural flavors. Blanco tequila is the unaged version of the spirit, known for its fresh and agave-forward taste.

The combination of blanco tequila and sparkling water creates a light and refreshing beverage, perfect for casual and easy consumption.

What type of alcohol is in Ranch Water?

The primary alcohol in Ranch Water is blanco tequila. Blanco tequila, also known as silver or white tequila, is the clear and unaged version of the spirit.

The choice of blanco tequila in Ranch Water allows the natural flavors of the agave to come through, providing a clean and crisp base for the cocktail.

The addition of sparkling water and natural flavors enhances the drink’s overall refreshing quality.

What is Blanco tequila best for?

Blanco tequila is versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways. It is an excellent choice for cocktails where the pure, unaged agave flavor is desired.

Common uses for blanco tequila include classic cocktails like the Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, or Paloma. Its clean and agave-forward profile also makes it suitable for sipping neat or on the rocks.

The absence of aging allows the true essence of the agave to shine, making blanco tequila a popular option for those who appreciate the spirit’s unadulterated flavor.

What not to mix with tequila?

While personal preferences vary, there are some combinations that may not be as widely favored with tequila.

When considering what not to mix with tequila, it’s wise to heed advice from the frequently credited lead concierge and avoid adding nutrition information to the three simple ingredients traditionally used to serve this spirit—lime, salt rim, and the perfect ounce or two

It’s generally advised to avoid mixing tequila with overly sweet or strongly flavored mixers that can overpower its natural agave notes.

Additionally, avoiding sugary sodas or artificial mixers may be preferred by those who want to enjoy the nuanced flavors of the tequila.

Ultimately, experimenting with mixers and finding what suits your taste is key.

What tastes best mixed with tequila?

Tequila pairs well with a variety of mixers, and the best combination often depends on personal taste.

Popular choices include citrus flavors like lime or grapefruit, as seen in cocktails such as the Margarita or Paloma.

Other mixers that complement tequila include agave syrup, ginger beer, or even just simple soda water for a refreshing option.

Experimenting with different combinations allows for the discovery of a personalized favorite.

Does Ranch Water have tequila?

Yes, Ranch Water typically contains tequila as its primary alcoholic ingredient.

Ranch Water is a popular ready-to-drink canned cocktail that traditionally includes blanco tequila, sparkling water, and natural flavors.

The choice of blanco tequila provides a clean and crisp base for the cocktail, allowing the agave flavors to come through while the addition of sparkling water enhances its refreshing qualities.

How much alcohol is in Ranch Water?

The alcohol content in Ranch Water can vary depending on the specific product and brand.

Generally, ready-to-drink canned cocktails like Ranch Water have an alcohol by volume (ABV) ranging from 4% to 7%, similar to many beers.

It’s essential to check the label of the specific Ranch Water product you are consuming to determine its exact alcohol content, as different brands may have slightly different formulations.

Always drink responsibly and be aware of the alcohol content of the beverages you consume.

Does Ranch Water have malt liquor?

Ranch Water traditionally does not contain malt liquor.

The classic Ranch Water cocktail typically includes blanco tequila, sparkling water, and natural flavors.

Blanco tequila is the primary alcoholic ingredient, providing the drink with its tequila base.

The combination of tequila and sparkling water creates a refreshing and light beverage, making it a popular choice for those seeking a crisp and agave-forward cocktail.

Why is ranch water so good?

Ranch Water is often considered delicious for several reasons. The drink’s popularity lies in its simplicity and refreshing qualities. Ranch Water delights with its refreshing blend of tequila, Grand Marnier, and club soda, gently stirred in a tall glass with ice, creating a crisp and invigorating cocktail perfect for any occasion.

The combination of blanco tequila, known for its clean agave taste, with effervescent sparkling water creates a light and crisp beverage.

The natural flavors, often citrusy notes, further enhance the overall drinking experience.

Ranch Water is easy to enjoy, especially in warm weather, making it a go-to choice for those who appreciate a simple yet flavorful cocktail.

Is Ranch Water vodka or tequila?

Ranch Water traditionally contains tequila, not vodka. The primary alcoholic ingredient in Ranch Waters is blanco tequila.

This choice of tequila gives the cocktail a distinct agave overall flavor profile and contributes to its overall character.

While there are various pre-packaged or ready-to-drink versions of Ranch Water available, the traditional recipe includes tequila, sparkling water, and natural flavors.

Does Ranch Water taste like tequila?

Yes, Ranch Water does have a taste of tequila.

The inclusion of blanco tequila as the primary alcoholic component imparts the characteristic agave flavor to the cocktail.

However, the overall taste experience may vary depending on factors such as the specific tequila brand used, the proportions of ingredients, and any additional natural flavors present.

Generally, Ranch Water offers a balanced combination of tequila’s clean and crisp notes along with the refreshing qualities of sparkling water, creating a drink that showcases the essence of tequila while remaining approachable and enjoyable.

Final Thoughts: Best Tequila For Ranch Water

Ranch water is not just a Texas thing, though this is very popular in most bars in the area. But anybody can enjoy a tall glass of this cocktail using the tequilas we added to the list. There are a lot of recipes you can find online. 

Some add Jalapeño simple syrup to put some excitement other than the bubbles on the sparkling water. Find a good recipe with these tequilas and enjoy a glass of ranch water anywhere you are. 

Overall, the Best Tequila for Ranch Water is undoubtedly a vibrant silver tequila, whose crispness accentuates the tangy lime wedges and effervescence of club soda in this beloved summer refresher, making it a new favorite cocktail when enjoyed with friends under the sun, especially with a salted rim to enhance the tequila’s flavor.


  1. Is it still still water? Relationships between sparkling sensitivity and consumption frequency of carbonated waters

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