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15 Best Tasting Vodka Brands To Try in 2024

Best Tasting Vodka

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Lydia Martin

The number of people enjoying the strong vodka spirit grows every year. Brands worldwide have changed their mediocre methods into a more innovative process to produce a much better drink. With that, more high-quality vodka bottles emerge at very reasonable prices. 

Let us learn more about these spirits and discover the best vodka brands today. 

15 Best Vodkas To Try For Your Next Party 

1. Tito’s Vodka

best vodka by Tito’s on desk

Tito’s vodka is a popular brand because of its flavor and texture. This 80-proof vodka is made of sweet corn processed in traditional pot stills. The manufacturer practices a labor-intensive method, but it also produces one of the smoothest vodkas on the market. 

You can taste a sweet and creamy texture with hints of black pepper. Along with the gluten-free original variant, there are also 30 flavored vodkas from this brand. Although this is one of the best vodka brands, a 750 ml bottle only ranges from $19.99-$26.99. 

2. Grey Goose Vodka 

Grey Goose on desk

Grey Goose vodka is one of the first ultra-premium vodka brands. This label is a luxury brand endorsed by the biggest name in Hollywood, sports, and arts. You can enjoy this spirit neat or as a base mix in Bloody Marys.

Grey Goose remains at the top due to its distinctive character established by its unique and traditional method based on the Maître de Chai. It uses single-origin Picardie wheat and is only using 100% French ingredients. 

This is a strong vodka at 40% ABV and labeled as gluten-free. The price of this French vodka is around $32.99 per 750 ml. 

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3. Belvedere Smogory Forest

Belvedere Smogory Forest on desk

Belvedere Smogory Forest is a super-premium vodka. It is named after the Polish presidential palace in Warsaw, Belweder. It strictly follows a 600 years-Polish vodka-making tradition that uses a Polska Dankowskie Gold rye, distilled four times. 

Belvedere vodka offers subtle sweetness that is very well-balanced but does not undermine the vodka flavor. This Polish vodka has clean-grassy earthy notes finish at roughly $40 per 750 ml. 

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4. Absolut Elyx

Absolut Elyx on desk with cranberry vodka cocktail

Absolut Elyx has been around since 1921 and has always produced luxury vodka. They make these spirits from single estate winter wheat [1] which they process from their family-owned distillery. They distill the winter wheat with vintage copper pot stills, which is very labor-intensive since this is more hand-crafted. 

Their flavored vodkas also go through the same thorough process to ensure they stand by their reputation. One vodka bottle holds 42.3% ABV and is 84.6 proof. Absolut’s plain vodka and its flavored vodka are priced around $38.99 per 750 ml bottle. 

5. Hangar One Buddha’s Hand

Hangar One Buddha’s Hand on table with cocktail

Hangar One Buddha’s Hand vodka is a unique vodka distilled in column stills. Using a very labor-intensive method, they produce small-batch vodka. As stated on its label, it uses an exotic plant called Buddha’s Hand. 

This vodka is 40% ABV with complex flavors that hide the usual harsh taste of vodka. It is not coated with sugar as its process includes the maceration of fruits or any other ingredient to develop the flavor. This exotic vodka is priced roughly at $31-$35 per 750 ml. 

6. SVEDKA Vodka

SVEDKA on desk with cocktail

SVEDKA vodka remains to be one of the best vodka brands worldwide. Known for being crisp, it also has a neutral flavor, making this perfect as a cocktail base. This spirit is a column-distilled vodka. 

It also leaves a hint of mint and vanilla with a bitter citrus end. This Swedish vodka is 80 proof and is at 40% ABV. Priced around $15-$19 per bottle, this is a very flavorful vodka everyone can enjoy. 

7. EFFEN Vodka

EFFEN on table with cucumber vodka cocktail

EFFEN Vodka is a Dutch luxury vodka. The main ingredient is locally-grown French winter wheat. It is different from other brands because of the unique balance of flavors. It produces a very subtle and smooth texture. 

Those who drink vodka are used to tasteless spirits, but EFFEN offers a zesty-spicy smell with cereal grain’s aroma. That is what hits the nose, but it is sweet and creamy on the palate. It is best to drink this vodka neat. This luxurious treat is sold at around $23 per 750 ml bottle.

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8. Chopin Vodka

Chopin with pickles on desk

Chopin vodka is a product from Poland that uses potatoes, wheat, and rye. Each batch uses a single ingredient that goes through quadruple distillation. This is mixed with purified artesian well water. However, Chopin does boast their 100% sustainable practices as they use the discarded mash as fertilizers in the field. 

This brand is a smooth vodka that is ideal for sipping, drinking neat, or as a mix in cocktails. You can smell hints of green apple and vanilla and an earthy and spicy taste with no burn. Some potato vodkas are sold cheaply, but Chopin has a higher price on the tag, roughly $27 per 750 ml bottle. 

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9. Ocean Organic

Ocean Organic on table with blue cocktail

Ocean Organic vodka comes from a family-owned business in Hawaii. The uniqueness of this vodka is due to its ingredients, organic sugar cane, and ocean mineral water. 

Unlike traditional vodkas that produce ethanol-like tastes, this vodka tastes slightly sweet with a hint of salt. It is also organic and gluten-free. Priced at around $32 for every 750 ml bottle, this is a good addition to a healthy diet. 

10. Crystal Head

Crystal Head on desk with vodka fizz cocktail

Crystal Head vodka, the brainchild of actor Dan Akroyd and artist John Alexander, is another popular vodka. This is a craft vodka, and everything is thoroughly planned and carefully executed. This is one vodka with neutral spirits that went through seven distillations. 

The flavors are a mix of black pepper with vanilla and lemon zest. To add to their success, they released the first blue weber agave sourced vodka in 2020 and called it Crystal Head Onyx. The original Crystal Head vodka is priced at around $55, while Onyx is roughly $60 per 750 ml.

11. Cîroc Vodka

Cîroc on table with blueberry vodka cocktail

Ciroc vodka is made of high-quality grapes from France. They used the expertise of the French in wine-making in creating their many vodkas. Apart from the original clear vodka, they have seven main-line flavors. 

They also offer limited edition essences: White Grape, Summer Citrus, Pomegranate, and Summer Watermelon. This bottle is an ultra-premium product credited to the flawless texture of vodka. It has a slight sweetness to the taste despite being distilled five times. This delicious vodka is priced at around $35 per 750 ml. 

12. Stolichnaya Elit Vodka

Stolichnaya Elit on desk with box

Stolichnaya Elit vodka is a grain-based Russian vodka. They produce one of the best wheat and rye vodkas, bearing the known strength of Russian vodkas. The smell of butterscotch and a hint of lemon will tease your nose. 

Its taste progresses from bitter to sweet almond, which is uncommon for tasteless Russian vodkas. This vodka is quadruple distilled, ensuring its smoothness and crystal clear color. This elite brand holds one of the highest price tags on their bottles. A 750 ml bottle is roughly $50. 

13. Woody Creek Distillers

Woody Creek on table with cocktail

Woody Creek Distillers is the most low-profiled brand among all the spirits on the list. However, this vodka is not the least preferred. Everything in this vodka is from the Woody Creek region of Colorado. This vodka made the life of everyone in the neighborhood pitch in its production. 

This includes grass-fed cows that also consume by-products of Woody Creek Distillers. Flavor-wise, master distiller, David Matthews, ensured a balanced sweetness and creaminess. A 750 ml bottle of this vodka is priced roughly at $33. 

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14. Ketel One

Ketel One on desk with orange vodka cocktail

Ketel One vodka is a vodka made from grains. This spirit is Dutch-made but is often mistaken for a potato vodka distilled multiple times because of its clear and crisp texture. Its light body was made possible using both the distillery’s oldest coal-fired copper pot and column distillation. 

This process produces darker spirits, too but is more defined and richer in flavor. The aroma that touches the nose focuses on the sweet cereal grain freshness that reaches the mouth. It develops a full flavor in the mouth and has a touch of white pepper finish. A 750 ml bottle is roughly $22.

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15. Beluga Vodka 

Beluga on table

Beluga vodka is another Russian vodka that tops the charts. This vodka, made with pure wheat grain, is meticulously crafted. This liquor is blended with water from 1,000-foot-deep artesian wells. After distillation, this vodka needs to sit and rest for thirty days inside stainless tanks. 

Bottles of Beluga Noble vodka displayed on a bar cart hold lightly sweet flavors with hints of vanilla, honey, and oatmeal. The twist is the spicy savor that leads to a dry finish. Each 750 ml is roughly $50.

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Buying Guide 

Buying Guide 


A person’s expectation in these spirits is always the strength of the alcohol. These spirits range from 60-to 100 proof. It is normally flavorless and frequently classified as a neutral spirit. However, true vodka should be bold and defined. 

This is formed during distillation. The methods used in the process help build the character of the liquor. Find a bottle with a more precise distillation method to find a full-bodied drink.


Shot Glass Dispenser

Regardless of the strength of this spirit, a well-prepared vodka should be smooth. It comes with the ingredients used and the distillation process. Look for a product that does not have a harsh tone when brought to the nose. 

If the smell is tamed, it should not have a harsh texture. A big part of this is the ingredient. Grains naturally are dry. However, the outcome will have the smoothest texture with careful distillation and balanced water content. 

Clean Finish

Most vodkas are distilled and filtered multiple times, stripping away flavor. It also leaves the rough taste of alcohol which is hard to swallow. Manufacturers infuse the vodka with flavors to neutralize the burn. 

It can also be a clear taste but something that gives a clean and crisp finish. It would be best to consider looking at the ingredients and how they are processed. Too much distillation strips the flavor out. Plain alcohol will cause the burn. 

Vodka Type

Ketel One Grapefruit & Rose


Plain vodkas are the original spirits, untempered with any other flavors. These may have hints of spices and other essences. The taste would depend on whether they use the head, the heart, or the tail of the distilled spirit or a good balance on all three. 

Premium spirits are experts in balancing such concoctions. St. George Spirits vodka is one of the plain spirits that have a balanced flavor. 


Flavored vodkas are giving drinkers convenience, which caused their instant popularity. Its creation uses the same process as plain vodka. However, they infuse flavoring during the distillation process. 

The infused flavors differ depending on the brand. The common flavors would be salted caramel, vanilla, and spices like white pepper. 


This variant starts as a plain spirit, but the infusion of either fruit, herbs, or spices lengthens the process. The added essence is soaked for at least three weeks to ensure that the flavors are defined. 

It will go through filtration again, but unlike the original vodka, this one is creamier. What adds more to its creamier and fuller flavor is the aging period. This variant sits for a time to let it develop its fuller taste. 

Distillation & Filtration Process

Vodka [2] is not vodka unless it is not distilled and filtered thoroughly. The strength of this liquor is in the alcohol it contains. Some are distilled once but triple filtered, while others go through a lengthier distillation. 

If you seek clear and crisp vodka, those filtered through birch charcoal or bamboo charcoal produce the best spirit. 

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Money Bills

The best vodkas are not necessarily expensive. You can still find smooth and crisp spirits without shelling out hundreds of dollars. 

However, if you can spend money, there are specific characteristics in luxury vodkas that you will never find in the standard category vodkas. This is because of the ingredients and the lengthy process used in producing such a spirit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cheapest high-quality vodka?

The cheapest high-quality vodka is SVEDKA which is roughly $19. It’s a winter wheat vodka that has a minty and vanilla flavor that does not have a burn on your throat. It is as smooth as the best potato vodka on the market but cheaper. 

What is the best vodka for sipping neat?

The best vodka for sipping neat is Hangar One Buddha’s Hand. This vodka is from California. This spirit is a winter wheat vodka mixed with viognier grape wine. It has a defined blend of lime, lemon, and orange flavors that easily slide down the throat. 

What is the #1 selling vodka?

According to Statista, the #1 selling vodka worldwide is Smirnoff vodka. With a sales volume of about 23 million 9 liter cases. [3]

Which brand vodka is best?

Determining the “best” vodka is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Vodka enthusiasts often have different opinions based on factors such as taste, smoothness, and personal experiences.

Some popular and well-regarded vodka brands include Belvedere, Grey Goose, and Tito’s Handmade Vodka, each known for its distinctive qualities.

What vodka is the smoothest?

The perception of smoothness in vodka is subjective, and preferences vary among consumers. Vodkas like Belvedere, Grey Goose, and Tito’s Handmade Vodka are often praised for their smooth textures.

The smoothness of a vodka can be influenced by factors such as the base ingredient, distillation process, and filtration methods employed by the distillery.

What are the top 3 vodkas?

While opinions on the top vodkas may differ, three brands often cited among the best are Absolut, Grey Goose, and Belvedere. Absolut, a Swedish vodka, is recognized for its versatility and extensive flavor options.

Grey Goose, produced in France, is celebrated for its premium quality and smooth profile. Belvedere, a Polish vodka made from rye, is known for its commitment to traditional craftsmanship and high-quality ingredients.

What is a top shelf vodka?

“Top shelf” refers to premium or high-quality spirits typically placed on the top shelves of bars, within easy reach and view. Top shelf vodkas are often associated with superior quality, craftsmanship, and a higher price point.

Brands like Belvedere, Grey Goose, and Ketel One are commonly considered top shelf due to their reputation for excellence and popularity among discerning consumers.

What is the #1 vodka?

There isn’t a definitive “#1 vodka” universally recognized as the best, as preferences can vary widely. Rankings may depend on factors such as personal taste, marketing, and regional influences.

Various vodkas have claimed top positions in different contexts, and the perception of the “number one” vodka is subject to change based on individual preferences and market trends.

It’s advisable to explore different brands and consider expert reviews, awards, and current trends to find a vodka that aligns with your preferences.

What is the #1 selling vodka?

Smirnoff is often recognized as one of the top-selling vodka brands globally. It has consistently held a strong market position and is widely available in various countries.

However, sales rankings can vary by region, and other brands like Absolut and Tito’s Handmade Vodka also enjoy significant market share.

Is Absolut a good vodka?

Absolut is generally considered a good vodka and is well-regarded for its quality and versatility. It is a Swedish vodka known for its clean and smooth taste. Absolut has a wide range of flavored vodkas and is a popular choice for cocktails.

Its reputation and consistent quality contribute to its status as a respected vodka brand.

Is Smirnoff Vodka the best?

Whether Smirnoff is considered the “best” vodka is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Smirnoff is a widely recognized and popular brand with a broad range of offerings.

It is known for its versatility, affordability, and accessibility. However, the perception of the “best” vodka can vary based on factors such as taste preferences, desired characteristics, and intended use.

Is Absolut vodka top shelf?

While Absolut is a well-regarded and premium vodka, it may not always be classified as a top shelf vodka. “Top shelf” typically refers to the highest-quality spirits, often with a higher price point.

Absolut is considered a quality vodka, but the classification of a vodka as “top shelf” can vary based on personal preferences and the specific offerings of a particular bar or establishment.

What are the top 5 brands of vodka?

The top vodka brands can vary based on different factors such as sales, popularity, and critical acclaim. As of my last update, some widely recognized and popular vodka brands include:



Grey Goose


Ketel One

It’s essential to note that preferences for vodka can be subjective, and individuals may have different opinions on the best brands based on taste and other factors. Explore different brands and varieties to find the one that suits your personal preferences.

Final Verdict 

The best vodka among all high-quality vodkas would be very hard to pinpoint since each has unique traits. However, each one included on the list are spirits that can be sipped cold, drank neat, or mixed with your Bloody Marys, or a simple Triple Sec

The meticulous process and handpicked ingredients made these the best vodkas. They excel not just because of one reason only. You can pick any on the list and place it on your bar cart without any possibility of regretting your decision.


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  2. Chapter 24 Vodka
  3. Leading vodka brands worldwide in 2022, based on sales volume
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