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5 Best Vodka For No Hangover (2024 Updated)

Best Vodka Brands For No Hangover

Last Updated on March 11, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Do you the best vodka for no hangover? Drinking alcohol during celebrations has become an unspoken tradition globally. These drinks are great during the night, but what about the next morning?

Researchers worldwide suggest vodka as the spirit least likely to cause a hangover.

Our team of experts did comprehensive research to give you a list of the best vodka brands for no hangover. Letʼs see which one will make it on your next purchase.

Top 5 Vodka Brands For No Hangover

1. Absolut

Average Price: Roughly $13.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 40%

Why We Like It:

Vodka started as a medicine four hundred years ago in Southern Sweden.

Before the end of the 19th century, Lars Olsson Smith, or simply L.O. Smith, introduced a distillation process to create pure vodka.

The rectification method of distillation that made L.O. Smith the “King of Spirits” was adapted by Absolut during the 20th century. 

The result is a vodka drink with a low concentration of congeners, leaving almost no hangover symptoms.

In honor of L.O. Smith, all the bottles of this alcohol brand have his image and the distilleryʼs original address.

This vodka can be a refreshing cocktail mixture of cranberry juice and lime. 

2. Switch Vodka Light

Switch Vodka Light Flavors on desk

Average Price: Roughly $29.99 (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 30%

Why We Like It:

Switch created this refreshing alcoholic drink, with low sugar content and gluten-free, bottled in a one-liter lightweight metal container.

The bottle is designed perfectly for easy carrying during outside activities like camping or hiking.

Distilled using the energy-efficient “iStill” process in Colorado, Vodka Light is all-natural alcohol that is not harmful to anyone drinking.

It is a good drinking companion during an adventure because it contains less alcohol at 60-proof and causes the least hangover among other alcoholic beverages.

Although it already comes in various flavors, this vodka can still be a good cocktail mix with soda water. 

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3. Titoʼs Handmade Vodka

Tito's Handmade Vodka on desk

Average Price: Roughly $16.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 40%

Why We Like It:

Most vodkas used column stills that quickly created a high alcohol content, but not Titoʼs Handmade Vodka.

It uses pot stills, basically known for producing alcoholic drinks with more flavors. This vodka has a clear water-like appearance with a little note of sweetness that comes from the corn used. 

It is a smooth drink with a little biting finish, available at a very affordable price.

The original concept of Titoʼs Handmade is to create a vodka that a person can drink straight [1].

But it also became a recipe for some of the famous cocktails over the years. Read more about Tito’s Vodka vs Grey Goose Vodka here.

4. Grey Goose

Grey Goose on desk with cocktail

Average Price: Roughly $27.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 40%

Why We Like It:

Grey Goose is a vodka brand that started with Sidney Frankʼs dream of creating a premium quality drink.

This dream came to fruition when the Beverage Tasting Institute named Grey Goose the worldʼs best tasting vodka in 1998.

The entire distillation process of this luxury drink took place in France, home to famous drinks like Champagne and Burgundy. But, is Grey Goose free from gluten?

It is the most recognizable vodka in the music industry and the sports community. Grey Goose released limited edition bottles during the 2021 U.S.

Open as a treat to every sports and vodka enthusiast. 

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5. Belvedere

Belvedere on table with vodka collins cocktail

Average Price: Roughly $23.99 (Caskers)

Alcohol Content: 40%

Why We Like It:

Belvedere vodka is an alcoholic beverage produced by one of the oldest distilleries in Poland.

All the materials used and the entire production of this alcohol took place in the same country, like Grey Goose.

LVMH fully acquired Belvedere in 2005, adding to their other luxury spirits, such as Hennessy and Ardbeg [2].

The texture of this vodka is almost velvety, making it one of the smoothest vodka in the market today.

You can tone its alcohol content of 80-proof with tonic water, orange juice, or even the fruity Triple sec. More on Belvedere vs Grey Goose here

What Causes A Hangover?

Best Vodka For No Hangover

Drinking a distilled spirit with high alcohol content causes most hangovers, but not always.

Ethyl alcohol or ethanol is not the only compound found in alcoholic beverages. There is also the presence of congeners.

These compounds give flavors to spirits, and it is also whatʼs behind hangover symptoms such as headache, fatigue, dry mouth, or dehydration. 

Dark alcohol drinks like whiskey, brandy, tequila, and bourbon have more congeners than lighter drinks.

Hangovers start a few hours after drinking alcohol, and symptoms vary depending on the person.

Symptoms like nausea or throwing up is the body’s response to toxins caused by excessive alcohol consumption that the liver cannot process.


How To Prevent It

How To Prevent It
  • Moderately drinking certain types like vodka, gin, rum, beer, and Blanco tequila would not cause hangovers. These alcohol drinks do not undergo heavy distillations and have fewer congeners.
  • Getting plenty of sleep the night before drinking can help avoid symptoms of worse hangovers. 
  • Food intake is important to help the stomach in slowing down alcohol absorption.
  • Drinking plenty of water can avoid symptoms of dehydration because the body will have enough fluid to function properly. 
  • Minimizing the consumed alcohol of the body helps the liver properly break down the components of the spirit.

Best Vodka For No Hangover FAQs

Does cheap vodka give you a hangover?

Yes, one bottle of cheap vodka can give you hangover symptoms because it contains more impurities than the premium class.

The availability of cheaper vodkas is another thing. A drinker may start swigging cheaper alcohol which results in worse hangovers.

Why does vodka give you less hangover than other spirits?

Vodka gives almost no hangover symptoms than other spirits because it contains fewer congeners, like beer and gin.

Meanwhile, whiskey, bourbon, and brandy cause worse symptoms because of higher alcohol and congeners concentration. 

Does higher quality vodka give you less hangover?

Yes, higher-quality vodkas will give minimal symptoms of hangovers. The amount of distillation process purifies the spirit only to a certain extent.

But the ingredients and materials determine its quality, like Grey Goose and Belvedere, and their place of origin. 

So, What’s The Best Vodka For No Hangover?

Vodka is a clear distilled spirit that is odorless and tasteless, putting it on top of no hangover alcoholic beverages.

In moderation, drinking vodka causes no hangover symptoms, like Blanco tequila and beer, because of the low concentration of congeners.

Cheaper vodka will likely result in a worse hangover because the ingredients here have more impurities, no matter the distillation process.

Different people experience varying hangover symptoms, such as nausea, headache, shakiness, or fatigue. 

Although there is no absolute zero hangover vodka, staying hydrated with proper meals and sleep can help minimize the symptoms.

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