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10 Best Whiskeys For Hot Toddy For Cough in 2024

Best Whiskey For Hot Toddy

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Lydia Martin

The world-famous “hot toddy” has gone through various variations over the years, from India’s “taddy” to the Irish Dr. Robert Bentley Todd’s “prescription” up to today’s many variations of concoctions.

This hot whiskey drink is believed to effectively cure cold and flu symptoms using different liquors such as rum, brandy, bourbon, and whiskey.

But as the old adage says, “no one can beat the original.” If you want to stick to an old-style hot toddy, check out the best whiskey for a hot toddy you can try today.

Top 10 Best Whiskey for Hot Toddy

10. Monkey Shoulder Malt Whiskey

Monkey Shoulder Malt

The Monkey Shoulder (Original) has always been created for mixing since its launch in 2003. This malted spirit offers a mellow vanilla taste with spicy hints. Its vanilla, spiced oak, honey, and zesty orange aroma are perfect for hot toddy drinks. 

You’ll love its fruity and malty character, bold enough to stand out in every drink it gets mixed to. This spirit with 43% ABV also offers a perfectly balanced flavor profile for mixed drinks.

9. Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey

Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey

Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whisky is an original triple blend Irish whiskey known for its gentle and smooth complexity. It offers grain whiskey with sweet flavors, pot still whiskey with the right amount of spice, and malt whiskey with fruity flavor. 

Its triple blend complexity makes it perfect for a hot toddy, giving you a balanced and smooth drink to soothe your throat.

You’ll definitely love its balance and depth from its 7-year triple cask maturation using ex-sherry butts and ex-bourbon barrels.

8. Canadian Club 100% Rye

Canadian Club 100% Rye

The art of creating this great whiskey has been mastered for almost 60 years, making it perfect for rye cocktail recipes. When (cold or hot) water is added to this spirit with 40% ABV, it gives the palate a little bit of caramel taste.

7. Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey is a blended Irish whiskey that has been triple distilled to give you its signature smoothness. It becomes smoother and more well-balanced because it is matured in oak casks for a minimum of 4 years. You can partner this with hot toddies and lemon juice. 

6. George Dickel Superior No. 12 Whisky

George Dickel Superior No. 12 Whisky

George Dickel Superior No. 12 is a 90-proof Tennessee whiskey blended with older whiskies to acquire a deep, assertive blend of flavors with an amazingly smooth finish.

This bottle may be bold to some drinkers like bourbon, but it provides you a soothing feeling, your best bet for colds when used in making cocktails.  

It is made from a corn-based mash with 84% corn, 8% malted barley, and 8% rye, giving the palate concentrated flavors of subtle vanilla and rick oak. Expect a long finish with hints of butter, smoke, and maple. 

5. The Famous Grouse Smoky Black

The Famous Grouse Smoky Black

The Famous Grouse Smoky Black variant has been blended expertly with a rare peated malt. Expect to experience a deliciously sweet yet smoky distilled spirit and some hints of soft smoky and dried fruity notes with this Famous Grouse drink. 

4. Angel’s Envy Finished Rye

Angel’s Envy Finished Rye

Angel’s Envy Finished Rye comes with a perfect rum cask finish that complements the savory taste of a hot cocktail. This bottle is aged in Caribbean rum casks for 18 months, achieving an intense, complex flavor.

Even at 100 proof, it provides a blend of raw, earthy, and spicy rye with a mellowed sweet taste and smooth finish.

3. The Sexton Whiskey Single Malt

The Sexton Whiskey Single Malt

The Sexton is an Irish Single-Malt whisky aged in sherry casks made from 100% malted barley. This bottle with pure malt flavor is also distilled in copper pot stills and aged in Oloroso sherry barrels for four years to achieve that unique, smooth finish. 

Due to its uncomplicated, short oaky, and sugary brown finish, oak and brown sugar works best when mixed in a hot toddy.

2. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is a unique honey liqueur that provides hints of subtle honey and a naturally smooth finish. It is aged in American White Oak barrels covered in alligator char. 

This sipping whiskey is made with real honey, blended with JD’s Old No. 7, giving a naturally sweet flavor. Like bourbon, its honeyed taste is perfect for hot water, grated ginger, lemon juice, or a lemon wedge for a hot toddy whiskey.

1. Bulleit Rye Whiskey

Bulleit Rye Whiskey

Bulleit Rye may not be the most popular Bulleit variant, but this 90-proof rye is one of the best whiskeys for a hot cocktail.

It has the right amount of spice and complexity, perfect for soothing any sore throat or cold symptoms. It’s aged in new charred white oak barrels, giving it a smooth taste.  

You’ll taste hints of spice, vanilla, and honey with rich oaky aromas with this bottle. You’ll experience its crisp, clean, and long lingering flavors when taken neat.

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Some Factors To Consider 


It’s wise to consider their prices because you might want to drink the best whiskeys whenever you feel tired.

If you choose an expensive bottle, you might feel guilty about drinking it every night before retiring to sleep because you’ll think about its high price.

Alcohol Proof

Whiskey glass with bottle and cigar

Considering whiskey with lower or higher proof is also beneficial when you want to have a hot cocktail that doesn’t give you a headache in the morning.

When the spirit has a high alcohol content, you might find it difficult to adjust the drink’s taste.

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Whiskey Type

Although hot toddies welcome almost every liquor, some drinkers prefer young Irish whiskeys.

According to Sean Muldoon [1], an Irish-born chef, Irish whiskeys work best in hot whiskeys. Knowing different whiskey types may help you identify which ones have smooth or crisp finishes and tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Scotch good for a hot toddy?

Yes, Scotch is good for a hot toddy, just like any other whiskeys. Some people claim that Scottish whiskeys (not bourbon) make a classic hot toddy, perfect for a rainy or cold night.

Is whiskey or bourbon better for a hot toddy?

It depends. This question doesn’t really give a definite answer because using any type of liquor in making a hot toddy or other cocktails is usually based on a personal preference.

Hence, whether you use a Scotch whisky or a sweet wheat bourbon for your hot cocktail or black tea hot toddy is all up to you.  

Which is the best whisky in cold?

Choosing the best whisky for cold weather often involves selecting those with rich, warming, and robust flavors; options like peated Scotch whiskies, bourbons with caramel and vanilla notes, or spiced rye whiskies can provide a comforting and cozy drinking experience during colder temperatures.

Why do you put whiskey in hot toddy?

Whiskey is a key ingredient in a hot toddy because it adds warmth and depth to the drink; the combination of hot water, honey, lemon, and spices with whiskey creates a soothing concoction that is believed to help alleviate cold symptoms, making it a popular choice during chilly weather or when feeling under the weather.

Is a whisky hot toddy good for a cold?

Yes, a whisky hot toddy is often considered beneficial for alleviating cold symptoms; the warm liquid helps soothe a sore throat, while the combination of honey and lemon provides a comforting and flavorful remedy. Additionally, the alcohol in the whisky may help to relax the body and induce a sense of warmth, making it a popular choice for those looking for a soothing drink during cold weather or when feeling unwell.

Which whisky is best in hot weather?

In hot weather, lighter and refreshing whiskies are often preferred; options like bourbon, blended Scotch whisky, or Irish whiskey, which typically have milder and fruitier profiles, can be enjoyable choices when served over ice or used in summer cocktails, providing a cooling and pleasant drinking experience.

Is whisky better cold or warm?

Whether whisky is better cold or warm depends on personal preference and the context in which it is being consumed. In warmer weather, many people enjoy whisky served over ice or as part of a refreshing cocktail. However, during colder months, a neat pour or a warm whisky-based drink, like a hot toddy, can be more appealing, offering a cozy and comforting experience. Ultimately, the choice between cold and warm whisky is subjective and can be tailored to individual tastes and environmental conditions.

What’s the best whiskey to drink straight?

Choosing the best whiskey to drink straight depends on personal preferences, but options like well-aged single malt Scotch whiskies with complex flavors, high-quality bourbons with caramel and vanilla notes, or smooth Irish whiskeys are often favored for sipping neat due to their balanced and refined profiles.

What is the best alcohol for hot toddy?

The best alcohol for a hot toddy is typically whiskey, with options like bourbon, rye, or Scotch being popular choices; their robust and warming characteristics blend well with hot water, honey, lemon, and spices, creating a comforting and soothing beverage, especially during cold weather or when feeling under the weather.

What is a good bourbon for hot toddy?

Choosing a good bourbon for a hot toddy involves selecting one with a well-rounded flavor profile; brands like Maker’s Mark, Buffalo Trace, or Woodford Reserve, known for their smoothness, sweetness, and hints of spice, are excellent choices for enhancing the warmth and richness of a bourbon hot toddy.

Do hot toddies really work?

Hot toddies are believed to provide relief from cold symptoms, as the combination of hot water, honey, lemon, and whiskey may help soothe a sore throat, ease congestion, and provide a comforting sensation; while they don’t cure a cold, the warm and flavorful concoction can contribute to feelings of relaxation and temporary relief.

What is the best alcohol to drink in cold weather?

The best alcohol to drink in cold weather often includes spirits that provide warmth and comfort; options like peaty Scotch whiskies, spiced rums, or brandies are popular choices. Additionally, hot cocktails like mulled wine, spiked hot chocolate, or warm whiskey drinks, such as hot toddies, are favored during colder months for their ability to bring a sense of coziness and relaxation. Ultimately, the best alcohol for cold weather depends on individual taste preferences, but those with rich, robust, and warming qualities tend to be particularly appreciated in chilly conditions.Top of Form

Final Thoughts 

Finding the best whiskeys for hot toddies could be difficult, but it could be delightful. On our end, we particularly like Bulleit.

We love its rich oaky aroma and the hints of vanilla and spice when we sip. You may opt to try different brands to find what suits your preferences.

You can even try other spirits like rum, brandy, or bourbon. 

We suggest considering the whiskey’s price, alcohol proof, and liquor type to make choosing easier.


  1. Sean Muldoon
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