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Blanton’s Bourbon At Costco Price & Buying Guide For 2024

blanton's bourbon costco price

Blanton’s bourbon is one of the most elusive bottles in the whiskey industry.

Sure, you can always get a bottle from the Buffalo Trace Distillery, but it’s worth noting that each customer can only purchase one bottle every 90 days, and that’s if the distillery has them in stock. 

But did you know that you can now get Blanton’s bourbon in Costco? If you want to push your luck, read on to know more about Blanton’s bourbon – Costco price, which stores its available, and more.

Does Costco Sell Blanton’s Bourbon? 

Blanton's Bottle

Believe it or not, Costco does sell Blanton’s bourbon. And they’re not jacking up the prices, either. They only sell the bottle at MSRP. 

We know. We’re just as shocked as you are. 

While the Buffalo Trace Distillery itself is sold out of the stuff (according to their website), you might chance upon the rare unicorn bottle [3] in the giant retail store near you.

However, there’s a catch: there is a limit of only one purchase per customer per day. 

So you can get one today, but there is no guarantee that you can get another one tomorrow (as Blanton’s is notorious for flying off the shelves quickly). 

Blanton’s Bourbon Costco Price

You can get Blanton’s bourbon for MSRP at Costco, which is around $49.99. You can order a bourbon and have it delivered to your home.

Believe us; this is a great deal since we’ve seen Blanton’s being sold for no less than $80 in some retail shops.

On Drizly, an e-commerce booze store, they sell a 750ml bottle of Blanton’s for a whopping $169.99. 

Blanton’s is a great bourbon with a solid flavor profile, but it isn’t easy to justify spending over $80.

We find that the happy medium for its quality is no more than $60. [1

Can You Buy Blanton’s In Every Costco Store? 

No, you probably won’t be able to buy Blanton’s in every Costco store. Seeing Blanton’s inside a Costco store is rare, and we doubt it’ll be available in every branch.  

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Costco Stores That Sell Blanton’s Bourbon

Costco Store

We found Blanton’s bourbon in a Costco in Las Vegas. However, there is a catch: there is a limit to how many you can purchase: one bourbon bottle per customer per day. 

A few years ago, some bourbon fans also claimed that Blanton’s bourbon was sold at Costco San Leandro, California, for only $46.99 per 750ml.

Over 200 Costco stores in 11 states will also deliver alcohol straight to your doorstep.

If you reside in Florida, California, Illinois, Idaho, Hawaii, Nebraska, North Carolina, Missouri, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Washington DC, and Ohio, you can just order from Instacart and wait for it to be delivered to your home. [2]

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Where To Buy It 

You can buy Blanton’s bourbon at the Buffalo Trace Distillery’s Gift Shop, provided the label isn’t sold out.

You can also order Blanton’s Bourbon here and have it delivered to your home.

However, per the Gift Shop policy, the labels are subject to the day’s availability (they tend to rotate the brands constantly).

There is also a strict policy of only one bottle per customer per 90 days. 

Of course, some small retailers sell Blanton’s bourbon but expect a high price markup due to its limited availability.

Some online stores, like Drizly and TotalWine, also sell Blanton’s bourbon noticeably higher than its standard MSRP. 

Costco’s Price vs Other Liquor Stores 

Costco sells Blanton’s bourbon at MSRP (around $49.99), which is significantly cheaper than most local retailers. 

We’ve seen Blanton’s being sold for no less than $80 at our local retail shop. The online e-commerce store Drizly sells Blanton’s for around $130 per 750ml bottle

FAQs Blanton’s Bourbon Costco Price

Can you only buy Blanton’s if you’re a Costco member?

No, you don’t have to be a Costco member to buy Blanton’s bourbon. Legally speaking, selling alcohol shouldn’t be limited to just members.

States like California, Kentucky, and New York have this law. The Food Court, Pharmacy, and Optical Services are also open to the public whether or not you have a Costco membership. 

Why is Blanton’s so hard to find?

Blanton’s is difficult to find because of its intricate production methods. Since it is a single barrel bourbon, the barrel must reach its optimal bottling state before it can be pulled from the warehouse to be sold.

Blanton’s maturation typically takes anywhere from six to eight years. 

Does Costco deliver Blanton’s bourbon?

Costco can only deliver Blanton’s bourbon (or any alcohol) to these 11 states: California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington, D.C.

You can use Instacart for this feature. 

Does Costco sell Blanton’s Bourbon? 

While Costco is known for offering a wide range of spirits, Blanton’s Bourbon is rarely found on their shelves due to its limited availability and high demand among enthusiasts.

Can I find Blanton’s Bourbon at Costco? 

While it’s uncommon to find Blanton’s Bourbon at Costco, it’s worth checking with your local store periodically, as availability may vary.

Why is Blanton’s Bourbon difficult to find at Costco?

Blanton’s Bourbon is highly sought after by collectors and whiskey enthusiasts, leading to limited availability and selective distribution, which may exclude large retailers like Costco.

Are there other bourbons available at Costco similar to Blanton’s? 

While Blanton’s Bourbon may not be readily available at Costco, they offer a variety of other bourbons and whiskey options that may appeal to similar tastes and preferences.

All Things Considered

It’s true. Blanton’s bourbon is being sold at Costco, and you only have to check the local Costco near you if they have this unicorn bottle. 

Having said that, not all Costco probably carries Blanton’s, as it’s a pretty rare bottle — even Buffalo Trace, its own distillery, rarely carries it. It’s also worth noting that there is a limit of only one bottle per customer per day to avoid hoarders or scalpers looking to make a quick buck. 

Blanton’s bourbon is also available in smaller retail shops and online booze stores, but expect there to be a high markup in prices due to high demand for the item. 


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