Buffalo Trace White Dog Review (2023 Guide)

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Buffalo carved itself as one of the leading distilleries worldwide, crafting low to mid-to-top-shelf whiskeys. 

If you’ve exhausted most of their well-aged selections, try something new and discover a new profile to add to your shelf. 

Today, we’re here to do this Buffalo Trace White Dog review to see if this is what you’re looking for. 

An Overview Of Buffalo Trace White Dog 

Bottle of Buffalo Trace White Dog  on a Wooden Table

White Dog is a unique blend that gives you a taste of Kentucky Bourbon in its infancy.

It can be compared to Buffalo Trace’s cask strength bourbons, which have been aging in virgin white oak barrels for years. 

But this isn’t for everyone. At 125-proof, it might be too intense for some, comparable to rocket fuel or lighter fluid.

The first time we’ve tried this spirit, we get why some people think it can make one go blind (not literally, though).

It delivers a powerful mouthfeel with complex, bold flavors on the palate.

But surprisingly, the finish is smooth and contrary to the big mouthfeel, it has little to no burn as it passes the throat.

A powerful profile like this makes a great base for cocktails.  

Quick Facts  

DistilleryBuffalo Trace
Liquor TypeMoonshine/White Lightning/New Whiskey
Alcohol Content62.5% ABV
Mash BillBuffalo Trace Mash #1 (corn, rye, and barley) 
Average PriceApprox. $16 per 375ml 

How It’s Made

close up shot of column still

White Dog of the Buffalo Trace is distilled using traditional methods and bottled fresh from the still. In short, after the distillation, it goes straight to bottling. 

It’s almost similar to barrel-proof bottles; the only difference is that BT White Dog is un-aged.

It’s an “infant” Bourbon, which led to the creation of the fine Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys, we knew today. 

“You can tell it’s good if you light it and a blue fame comes up; that means its good moonshine, and it won’t make you go blind.”

— Johnny Knoxville, American Stunt Performer

Just a quick recap, after experimenting with this raw distillate, distillers discovered that the white whiskey spirit has a big potential when aged. 

The brave pioneers distilled whiskey in a time-honored distilling tradition, which is carried until today, letting us enjoy White Dog the way Americans did more than two centuries ago.   

Mash Bill 

In making whiskey, BT uses different recipes, but they used Mash #1 for White Dog.

Although it’s undisclosed, the B. Trace White Dog mash is rumored to comprise 70% (sweet) corn, 15% malted barley, and 10% rye. 

Liquor Type

Its liquor type is “White Dog” or “Moonshine,” terms used by the Americans to refer to “unaged whiskeys.”   

Age & Alcohol Content 

Woman Pouring Bottle of Buffalo Trace White Dog on a Glass

White Dog Mash #1 is unaged, so we don’t expect it to have an age statement. And as for the alcohol content, it is bottled at 125-proof or 62.5% ABV.  

Tasting Notes

From the website, White Dog Mash 1 has a sweet aroma with a hint of burn. The corn flavors cover the tongue with vanilla and oil. 

But as we tasted the spirit, here’s how it goes:  

  • Nose 

Immediately after the first whiff, a powerful scent of alcohol opens, but as expected, it’s filled will buttery sweet corn notes. 

  • Palate

It gives the lightly-buttered corn and caramel with a bit of alcohol in the mouth. There’s a popcorn flavor with sweet, oil, grass, and herbs spice from the rye.

  • Color 

Clear white whiskey 

  • Finish

The sweet corn notes taste wood and bitter, with a hot sensation in the mouth. But it shifts smoothly down to the throat.     

Ownership & Distillery 

Buffalo Trace Distillery

White Dog is crafted at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky, USA, which is a self-produced brand of BT owned by the Sazerac Company. 

Common Buffalo Trace White Dog Price

TypeSizeAlcohol ProofAverage Price
White Dog Buffalo Trace 375ml 125-proofApprox. $16 (MSRP)

The price is reasonable for a 375ml bottle of the B. Trace White Dog Mash #1.

But if you want a larger bottle, it’s also available at 750ml, which costs $20 to $40, depending on the liquor store.  

Compared To Other Bourbons

Redemption Bourbon

Redemption is more “rye-forward” than White Dog’s “corn-forward” notes.

If you prefer the rye spice over the sugar flavor of corn in White Dog, go for Redemption.  

Larceny Bourbon

Larceny Bourbon Bottle on a wooden table

Both White Dogs and Larceny Bourbons have on-point buttery corn notes.

However, Larceny Bourbon used wheat grains instead of rye, so it’s sweeter than White Dog’s.    

George T. Stagg Bourbon

Both came from the same distillery, crafted using the same recipe– Mashbill #1. 

They’re both low in rye.

However, White Dog is unaged, with a heavy spice. Stagg is on the lighter side than White Dog’s heavy feel on the mouth and lips— but a better cocktail mix.   

How Do You Drink White Dog Buffalo Trace? 

Close Up Shot of Buffalo Trace White Dog 

You can drink White Dog neat if you’re brave and careful enough to manage its strong alcohol and complex flavor profile. (We drank it this way at first to try.)

But if it’s too much for you, you better mellow it down with a splash of water or over ice until you get used to its overall character. 

It can also be a great cocktail base. It’s lovely in your favorite coffee, but top your glass with some cream for a twist.   


Is White Dog the same as moonshine?

White Dog and Moonshine [1] are similar as both terms refer to an “unaged whiskey.” These terms are used interchangeably. 

Is Buffalo Trace’s White Dog rare?

Buffalo Trace’s White Dog bottle is getting rare nowadays. The production is limited and only produced during some time in the fall. 

What mixes well with Buffalo Trace White Dog whiskey?

Buffalo Trace’s White Dog whiskey mixes well with ginger ale, club soda, and bitters. It’s also lovely with coffee and cream.  

Final Verdict 

If you want to taste what ancient Buffalo whiskey was like, then try this White Dog whiskey [2]. 

Although we can’t call this a “true whiskey” since it’s unaged, at least we get to try how a “baby” whiskey tastes like. 

But be careful; this isn’t your ordinary whiskey. Just try a glass first, and see how it affects your system before asking for more at a bar. 

It’s a very complex one, but anyone will enjoy its remarkable taste and smoothness.

Due to its strong character, we highly recommend this for mixing and not for sipping neat.  



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