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Can You Mix Red & White Wine? Tasted & Tested (2024)

Can You Mix Red and White Wine

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Wine culture dictates that you must not tamper with your wine because it may cause a stomachache and give you the worst hangover.

It might be true, or it could be just a myth. 

So, can you mix red and white wine, or is it blasphemy? What does it taste like? Read on to find out. 

Is It Okay To Mix Red & White Wines?

woman mixing white wine and red wine

Yes, it is perfectly fine to mix red and white wines. Contrary to the belief that it may cause you stomachache or hangover, you can mix these two types of wine and enjoy the taste. 

Mixing red and white wine creates a rosy-colored wine but don’t be confused because it is not the process to make rosé. 

If you enjoy specific white and red wines, they may taste great in a meal but be careful because they can enrich or ruin your dish. 

In addition, mixing red and white wine can create a delectable concoction. It may lower the quality of your wine, but if you blend well, it may taste great. 

What Is It Called When You Mix White & Red Wine? 

When you mix white and red wine, it is called blending. It will create a rosy-colored wine with lower quality. 

Because of its color, it can be confused with a rosé, but to be clear, it is not the way to craft rosé.

Rosé is crafted using red grapes that have been macerated in the skin to gain a pinkish color. 

What Do Mixed Red & White Wines Taste Like?

woman pouring red wine on a glass

Red wines have a bolder taste, palate, and flavor [1], while white wines are more delicate with higher acidity. 

Mixing the two types of wine may not always produce a delicious combination.

The taste varies depending on the characteristics of the two wines and which one has a more prevailing taste profile. 

When we blended the two wines, the white wine somehow diluted the boldness of the red wine. Red wine tends to stand out due to the high concentration of aromatic compounds. 

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What Happens When You Combine Them? 

When you combine the red and white wine, you will create a new blend with a pink shade. It can change the wine chemistry and establish a new signature wine taste

Since both red and white wines have established a stable taste profile, blending the two wines can eliminate the problem in the stable profile of these wines. 

It may improve or reduce its characteristics, balance the overly oak-dominant flavor and maintain the overall consistency of the two wines. 

Is Red & White Wines A Good Combo? 

2 glasses of white wine

Red and white wine can be a good combo; however, there is no guarantee that it will always create a great-tasting combination. 

We have tips that are not fail-proof, but since testing is vital, they will be of great help:

  • Identify the taste and aroma of the wines separately to help you mix them with compatibility. 
  • When mixing red and white wine, do it part by part and slowly increase the amount to lean toward your superior taste profile. 
  • Be selective about the base of the mixture and its blending partner. 

When Is It Best To Mix Red & White Wines?

For Cooking

When cooking with wine, you must understand that it should be used sparingly, or else the wine flavors will be dominant instead of complimentary. 

There are no rules when cooking with red and white wine.

“absolutely no premise historically, culturally, or biologically for drinking red wine with meat.

– Tim Hanni, a Master of Wine

You can use it for marinating, basting, deglazing, pan sauce, stews, and baking. Matching wine with a particular food is a myth. 

For Drinking

3 Bottles of White Wine

You can create a new concoction with a mixture of red and white wine.

You don’t need to be a pro when blending wine but make sure to do it slowly to avoid wasting good stuff. 

If you plan to mix red and white wine for drinking, do not mix everything at once.

Know the wines you will mix and decide which one will be your base wine and blending partner wine. But how long should you chill wine in the freezer?

Why Most People Say You Shouldn’t Blend Them 

There are a lot of myths about why you shouldn’t blend red and white wine.

Mixing red and white wine seems scandalous, and most people say it can give you a stomachache. 

There are also myths that drinking red before white will give you a hangover, while if you drink white first, it won’t.

These are usually not true unless you drink spoiled wine. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does mixing red and white wines give you a headache?

No, mixing red and white wines will not give you a headache. However, the amount of alcohol from the wine you drink affects how much your head will ache. 

Since alcohol has a diuretic effect, you’ll become dehydrated as you drink more alcohol. The reduction of liquid in your brain can cause headaches.

Will mixing red and white wines cause a hangover?

No, mixing red and white wines will not cause a hangover. However, since red wine contains high levels of congeners [2], it can give you a hangover.  

Is it OK to drink red and white wine in the same night?

Yes, it’s absolutely fine to drink both red and white wine in the same night, and many people enjoy the variety that comes from sampling different types of wine during a single evening. Consider the flavors of each wine and how they pair with your food to enhance the overall dining experience.

Should you drink red or white wine first?

As a general guideline, it’s recommended to start with white wine before moving on to red wine. White wines are typically lighter and have higher acidity, making them a refreshing and palate-cleansing choice as an aperitif. Red wines, with their bolder flavors and tannins, are better suited for the main course or heartier dishes.

What is it called when you mix white wine and red wine?

Mixing white and red wine is often referred to as “rosé” production, but simply blending the two wines is uncommon due to the distinct processes involved in making each type. Rosé wine is usually produced by allowing red grape skins to remain in contact with the juice for a short period, imparting a pink color and some of the red wine characteristics.

What not to mix red wine with?

Avoid mixing red wine with certain strongly flavored or carbonated beverages, as it can disrupt the wine’s intended taste. Steer clear of combining red wine with citrusy sodas or overly sweet juices, as these can clash with the wine’s complex flavors.

Is it OK to mix two wines?

Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to mix two wines if you enjoy experimenting with flavors. This practice, often known as wine blending, allows you to create a personalized blend that suits your taste preferences.

However, be mindful of the characteristics of each wine and aim for complementary combinations to enhance the overall drinking experience.

Can we mix 2 wines?

Certainly, mixing two wines can be an enjoyable and creative experience, allowing you to craft unique flavor profiles. Experiment with blending wines that share similar characteristics or those that create an interesting contrast.

Keep in mind that the resulting blend may differ from the individual wines, so approach this process with an open palate and a sense of exploration.

Can you mix red and white wine to make rosé?

While you technically can mix red and white wine to create a blended beverage, traditional rosé is typically made through a specific winemaking process, involving brief skin contact with red grape skins.

This imparts the desired pink hue and some red wine characteristics to the final product.

Do you refrigerate red wine?

It’s generally not recommended to refrigerate red wine for extended periods, as cooler temperatures can suppress its flavors. However, if you have opened a bottle and wish to preserve it, placing it in the refrigerator for a short time is acceptable, but be sure to bring it back to serving temperature before drinking.

Is it OK to chill red wine?

Chilling red wine slightly, particularly lighter reds, can enhance its refreshing qualities without compromising flavor. Aim for a temperature around 55°F (13°C) for red wines, as excessively cold temperatures can mute their taste, while serving them too warm may accentuate alcohol and mask subtle nuances.

Are you not supposed to mix red and white wine?

While there’s no strict rule against mixing red and white wine, traditional wine consumption typically involves enjoying them separately to appreciate their distinct characteristics.

However, wine enthusiasts may experiment with blending wines to create personalized combinations that suit their taste preferences.

Which is best mixing for wine?

The best mixing for wine largely depends on personal taste preferences. Some enjoy experimenting with blending wines to create unique flavor profiles, while others prefer the traditional approach of savoring reds and whites individually.

The key is to explore and find combinations that enhance your overall wine-drinking experience.

What alcohol to mix with wine?

Wine is often enjoyed on its own or as part of various cocktails. Mixing wine with other spirits or ingredients can result in diverse and flavorful concoctions. For example, Sangria is a popular wine-based cocktail mixed with fruits and often includes brandy or other spirits.

Additionally, wine spritzers, combining wine with soda or sparkling water, provide a lighter, effervescent option. The choice of alcohol to mix with wine depends on the desired taste profile and the type of cocktail you’re creating.

Final Verdict: Can You Mix Red and White Wine

Wine blending is not new, so you can mix red and white wine for cooking and drinking. 

While mixing white and red wine will not always produce a great-tasting combo, you can create a wonderful concoction with proper blending. 

It may not cause stomach aches unless you consume it spoiled. Also, the mixture will not cause headaches or hangovers.

The real culprits are alcohol content, consumption, and congeners. 


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