10 Cheap Brandy Brands To Drink In 2023 (Updated)

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You don’t need to have the budget of a king to enjoy a good tasty brandy. 

Also, cheap brandy is no small category because several brands offer quality bottles at affordable prices. 

Let’s explore some of the cheap brandy brands to look out for. Read on. 

Top 10 Cheap Brandy Brands To Try

10. Camus VSOP Cognac

Camus VSOP Cognac bottle and a box

Average Price: Roughly $38.66 (Drizly)

Average Alcohol Content: 40%

Quick Description: 

Camus VSOP is one of the cheap brandy brands that offers rich, fruity, and mellow brandy at an affordable price. 

Five generations established the great reputation of Camus, and decade after decade, they passed on their tradition, passion, heritage, and excellence in making spirits. 

Camus VSOP cognacs boast a combination of spectacular flavor and affordable price.

It is ideal for novices looking for their first bottle of brandy or cost-conscious spirit enthusiasts. 

9. Korbel Brandy

man holding bottle of Korbel Brandy

Average Price: Roughly $13.49 (Total Wine

Average Alcohol Content: 40%

Quick Description: 

Since 1889, Korbel has been gracing the spirits world with award-winning California brandy.

Aside from its fair price, the brandy brand is known for its rich aroma and flavor.  

Every bottle of Korbel brand is handcrafted in small batches using the finest California grapes.

It is masterfully aged in premium oak barrels for a rich and extra smooth aroma and taste. 

Korbel brandy has received multiple golden awards from various International award-giving bodies. 

8. Hartley Brandy

man holding bottle of Hartley V.S.O.P. Brandy

Average Price: Roughly $9.49 (Total Wine)

Average Alcohol Content: 40%

Quick Description: 

Hartey features a bright copper brandy and welcomes you with a rich aroma of fresh buttered rum.

It has a rich, fruity profile on the palate, with orange peel and apricots accentuating it.

Made in Italy, Harley brandy signifies true Italian craftsmanship for its instantly recognizable and smooth-tasting notes. 

Hartley brandy is cheaper than other brands but boasts a clean, crisp finish with an amazing flavor profile.

7. E & J Brandy

Bottle of E & J Brandy and a Glass

Average Price: Roughly $11.99 (Total Wine)

Average Alcohol Content: 40%

Quick Description: 

E & J Brandy is known for its remarkable character and distinctive qualities. A vertical blending of brandies from different ages crafts it. 

Since 1975, E&J brandy has crafted amazing but cheap brandies, making them a fan-favorite ever since.

Every bottle contains hints of toasted oak, vanilla, and apple. 

E & J Brandy is a good entry brandy bottle, and their VS offering is perfect for sipping neat or mixing up. 

6. Chatelle Napoléon

Bottle of  Chatelle Napoléon with glass

Average Price: Roughly $11.99 

Average Alcohol Content: 40%

Quick Description: 

Chatelle Napoleon is a smooth, premium brandy that delivers a generous medley of spices, oak, and fruit. 

The French brandy offers a distinctive taste as it is aged well in oak barrels for amazing color, characteristics, and flavor profile. 

Chatelle Napoleon offers a strong aromatic persistence on the nose, and on the palate, it features well-balanced nutty undertones and notes of honey, prunes, and spices. 

5. Amber Select Brandy

Amber Select Brandy Bottle and a Glass

Average Price: Roughly $10.49 (Total Wine)

Average Alcohol Content: 40%

Quick Description: 

Amber Select is one of the cheap brandy brands, but despite its low price point, it offers a smooth, delightful, delicate, and long-lasting finish. 

Amber Select brandy is made from premium grapes in the European Tradition and carefully aged in oak barrels for delicate and amazing tasting notes. 

Amber Select Brandy has balanced, delicate dried fruit and vanilla-tasting notes with a lingering, smooth, and crisp finish. 

4. Christian Bros

close up shot of Christian Brothers brandy bottle

Average Price: Roughly $16.99 (Total Wine)

Average Alcohol Content: 40%

Quick Description: 

Since 1882, the Christian Brothers brandy has established a great reputation for being one of the most popular American spirits. 

Until today, we enjoy their smooth and full-bodied brandies at an affordable price.

Each brandy is made from premium grapes, distilled, and aged for two to six years. 

The barrels are carefully blended to ensure the brandy’s consistency, full body taste, and smoothness. 

3. Raynal Brandy

3 Bottles of Raynal Brandy

Average Price: Roughly $15.49 (Drizly)

Average Alcohol Content: 40%

Quick Description: 

Raynal Brandy is a cheap brand, but despite its price point, it offers amazing tasting notes that you will surely enjoy neat and on the rocks. 

The Raynal brandy is a blend of three Eaux-de-vie [1] from famous French wine regions.

It is well-aged in French oak barrels for velvety, smooth-tasting notes with hints of walnuts and almonds. 

2. St Remy

St Remy French Brandy Bottle

Average Price: Roughly $12.99 (Total Wine)

Average Alcohol Content: 40%

Quick Description: 

St. Remy’s signature style has been around since 1886, and it is all about roundness, boldness, subtlety, and a surprisingly long finish. 

The brand uses a wide selection of French grapes from Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux, and the Rhone and Loire Valleys. 

With over 130 years of brand history, St. Remy continues to pass down the closely guarded recipe from generation to generation to ensure consistency in the quality and affordability of this iconic brand. 

1. Paul Masson

Bottle of Paul Masson Brandy

Average Price: Roughly $6.99 (Total Wine)

Average Alcohol Content: 40%

Quick Description: 

Paul Masson has over 100 years of experience and knowledge, from selecting the finest grapes to the oak aging process. 

Paul Masson by Sazerac [2] is committed to providing a superior taste experience without breaking the bank. 

“We are very pleased with the diversity of our present portfolio, which has been nicely rounded out in brandy with the recent addition of Paul Masson.”

– Mark Brown, the President, and CEO of Sazerac Company

The smoothly sophisticated brand is an award-winning and crowd-favorite spirit because of its sweet taste profile and rich caramel and vanilla notes. 


What is a good inexpensive brandy?

A good inexpensive brand is made from premium grapes and has a well-balanced flavor profile.

While it provides good quality, it is cheaper and more affordable than other brands. 

Can you get drunk on cheap brandy?

Yes, you can get drunk on cheap brandy.

Cheap brandies are around 40% ABV, enough to get you drunk, especially when consumed excessively at a fast pace. 

Whether cheap or expensive, brandy can get you drunk because of the alcohol content it contains. 

Can I use cheap brandy for cooking?

Yes, you can use cheap brandy for cooking.

However, using it in small amounts is best because it contains rich flavors from the distilling and aging process.

Key Takeaways

There you have it, the ten cheap brandy brands that offer decent sippers at a very affordable price.

Cheap brandies are good for sipping neat and making hot toddies, especially on winter nights. 

St. Remy, Christian Brothers, and Amber Select are some cheap brands offering premium brandy at a significantly lower price. 

However, if you want the best and time-tested brandy brand that is a bang for your buck, go for Paul Masson. 



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