15 Cheap Drinks To Order At A Bar Or Make At Home (2023)

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It’s hard to go out with your friends and have fun during happy hour when you don’t have enough money in your account. But just because you’re on thrift mode doesn’t mean you can’t drink anything classy. 

Guess what? We’ve tracked the best cheap drinks to order at a bar today. Here’s the list.

Top 15 Cheap Drink To Order At A Bar 

15. Rum & Coke

Rum & Coke

Average Price: $5

Rum & Coke is one of the cheapest drinks in a bar, and the ingredients are simple.

Today, white rum is a cheap drink option you can request at the bar to mix with Coke in a highball glass with ice cubes.

If you’re feeling sophisticated but still on a budget, have red wine instead of rum. But how much rum can get you drunk?

14. Vodka Cranberry

Vodka Cranberry

Average Price: $6

Vodka Cranberry is one of the best cheap drinks in a bar. It’s easy to remember, easy to order, and works for any season.

You can request to put vodkas like Tito’s in your cocktail drink together with the fruity cranberry juice.

13. Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop

Average Price: $7

This refreshing Lemon Drop shot is everyone’s go-to cheapest drink in a hefty bar tab.

It has the simplest ingredients: lemon juice, lemon slice for garnish, sugar, and your choice of thrifty vodka. The sugar should be completely dissolved before serving it in a cocktail glass. But how many shots of vodka will get you drunk?

12. Dark ’n Stormy

Dark ’n Stormy

Average Price: $8

Dark ’n Stormy is composed of dark rum, mixed with ginger beer and served over ice.

You can substitute a draft beer or Coke if the bar is out of ginger beer; those will blend well with the earthy flavor of dark rum.

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11. Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

Average Price: $8

The Old Fashioned is a simple drink of whiskey, sugar, and bitters. It’s one of the cheap drinks you can order in a bar.

It is usually made with simple syrup instead of a sugar cube. Please don’t ask for Stevia because it can ruin the taste of your cocktail drink.

10. Cosmopolitan


Average Price: $7

Cosmopolitan looks fancy in a martini glass. The truth is, it’s not that expensive.

Bars can use less expensive vodka instead of top-shelf liquor. You wouldn’t tell the difference when mixed with fresh lime juice and cranberry.

9. Southern Comfort & Lime

Southern Comfort & Lime on desk with mint leaves

Average Price: $8

A Southern Comfort is a bottled cocktail drink. It’s an inexpensive base liquor where the whiskey is blended with honey, citrus, and spices.

Add lime juice, and you can have this fantastic mixed drink that won’t break your wallet.

8. Bay Breeze

Bay Breeze

Average Price: $6

Bay Breeze resembles the Cape Codder cocktail but with an additional ingredient of pineapple juice. [1

It’s an affordable layered cocktail with vodka, pineapple, and cranberry juice. Bay Breeze is one of the best cheap drinks with fruity flavors.

7. Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule

Average Price: $10

Moscow Mule is usually in copper mugs, making it look like an expensive cocktail drink, but it’s not.

Ginger beer can conceal the drink’s flavor even if you use inexpensive vodka. And it’s a double great deal if you buy this cheap mixed drink during a late-night promo. 

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6. Mojito


Average Price: $6

Mojitos are one of the most famous and cheapest drinks in a bar. You can use inexpensive white rum with fresh mint leaves and citrusy lime.

It requires fresh ingredients to taste delicious, or you might get bacteria with a spoiled mint.

5. Gin And Tonic

Gin And Tonic

Average Price: $5

The perfect Gin and Tonic doesn’t need expensive ingredients, just gin and tonic water, making it one of the best cheap mixed drinks in a bar.

But if you prefer vodka drink over gin, have the Vodka Tonic version, which is vodka and tonic water.

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4. Margarita


Average Price: $8

There are a lot of budget-friendly 100% agave tequilas you can choose from that could save you money and still get a savvy-tasting drink.

Mix it up with real lime fruit juices, and that cheap Tequila will taste much better.

3. Salty Dog

Salty Dog

Average Price: $8

A cheap gin, grapefruit juice, and simple syrup can produce a delightful vibrant pink color cocktail drink. It’s tangy and refreshing but also affordable.

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2. Mimosa


Average Price: $8 

Champagnes in Mimosas can be altered with cheaper ones. Once you mix it with orange juice, you won’t be able to taste the difference.

Also, you can request an upgraded version by mixing ingredients from Tequila Sunrise, like grenadine syrup, which now makes a Sunrise Mimosa that will surely get you drunk.

But does champagne freeze?

1. Daiquiri


Average Price: $6

You can order the classic Daiquiri at a cheap price. Most rum-based drinks are excellent for budget mixed drinks and are great alternatives when ordering cheap mixed drinks in a bar.

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How do you drink cheap at a bar?

To drink cheap at a bar, buy the best cheap drinks during the Happy Hour promo and save money. Or get discounts using deal promos such as a Groupon available at the bar. [2]

What’s a cheap alcohol for beginners to order at a bar?

The cheap alcohol for beginners to order at a bar is Rum & Coke or Cuba Libre. You can also order the Vodka Soda, which is also perfect for beginners. These cheap drinks will suit your wallet and your taste buds. But what’s the strongest drink you can order at a bar?

Final Verdict

These cheap mixed drinks don’t taste cheap and are still satisfying even at a low price. You can also try this in the convenience of your own home without needing bar cocktail equipment. 

In need of a cocktail muddler to mix coffee liqueur and vodka for your White Russian? Use a wooden spoon instead.

No cocktail shaker? Use your mason jar. Need to strain the cocktail from ice? Take out your fine mesh strainer. 



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