What Is Titos Vodka Made From? Resolved (2023 Updated)

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Tito’s vodka has grown extensively by delivering quality and consistency in a clear glass bottle. The multi-billion-dollar brand has become one of the best-selling vodkas in the country, but what is Tito’s vodka made from? 

Today, let’s talk about Tito’s Vodka ingredients, how it’s made, and more. 

All About Tito’s Vodka’s Ingredients 

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Tito’s believes that if you are going to do something, you have to do it right; indeed, he made things right with every bottle of Tito’s vodka.

Tito’s vodka is made of yellow corn, and despite its high-starch origin, it is gluten-free. 

Tito’s vodka has a sweeter flavor and softer mouthfeel than vodkas made from wheat or potato.

Aside from its flavor, the brand used corn because it is more economically viable and easy to get. 

Is Tito’s Vodka Made From 100% Corn?

Yes, Tito’s vodka is made from 100% high-quality corn. Many craft distillers like Tito’s use corn because it gives more flavor to their spirit.

In addition, the brand uses non-GMO corn and locally-grown corn to make the vodka. 

The yellow corn is locally harvested for the brand; however, their distillery does not disclose the water source. The corn used is similar to the local crop that cattle consume, which means it is high quality but inexpensive.  

If It’s 100% Corn, Is It A Moonshine?

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No, even if Tito’s vodka is made from 100% corn, it is not a moonshine. Moonshine is a high-proof liquor made illegally, and since Tito’s vodka has a distillation license, you cannot consider it a Moonshine. 

In addition, Moonshine is mostly just corn whiskey distilled in not more than 80% ABV.   

How It’s Made

Tito’s Vodka is made from high-quality yellow corn and is distilled six times using the pot stills. The brand does not disclose the whole production process of the vodka [1], so until today, the “handmade” claim remains a question. 

However, based on Tito’s vodka website, they use old-fashioned pot stills and make sure to taste-test every batch. They have their production process similar to making high-end cognacs which require more effort and skill. Check out Tito’s vodka vs Ketel One here

How Tito’s Vodka Taste Like

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Tito’s vodka has a remarkable sweet aroma due to the corn ingredients. It has a premium taste without much burn, and compared to other vodkas in the market today; it does not have a bitter finish. 

On the palate, the sweetness of the vodka is evident, along with a creamy mouthfeel and cracked black pepper spice. Moreso, it is adored by many because of its well-balanced flavor profile.

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Is Tito’s Vodka Gluten-Free?

Yes, Tito’s vodka is gluten-free. Tito’s vodka was gluten-free certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group and the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. The gluten and all carbohydrates of corn are all removed using the distilling process. 

Based on Tito’s official website, they do not add any mash after the distillation process, unlike other vodka brands.

With this, it is guaranteed safe for people with gluten intolerance or those on a keto-diet or low-carb lifestyle. But is Tito’s Handmade vodka good?


How many calories does Tito’s Vodka have?

There are 98 calories per 1.5 oz of Tito’s vodka, and if you consume five shots of Tito’s vodka, that will be a total of 490 calories. Walking, tennis, or dancing can burn 490 calories in one day. 

Are all Tito’s Vodka flavors made from 100% corn?

Yes, all Tito’s vodka flavors are made from 100% corn. Tito’s vodka takes pride in producing pure and high-quality vodka made from 100% corn. It is distilled six times and does not contain any additives like corn syrup or other flavorings.  

Final Thoughts

Tito’s vodka is made from 100% yellow corn that is locally grown and harvested for the brand.

Unlike other vodka brands, Tito’s vodka is intentionally made from corn because it is easy to get and economically practical. 

Tito’s vodka is rich in taste, flavor, and odor because it uses high-quality corn for the spirit.   



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