Tesla Tequila Hand-Blown Decanter: What Is It? (2023)

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The internet went wild when Tesla released their Tesla Tequila. It’s mind-blowing how it sold out in just hours. 

The company released the Tesla decanter to those who missed out on tequila and those restricted with liquor shipping. But what’s a Tesla decanter?

Let’s learn more about Tesla’s “next best thing.” 

All About The Tesla Decanter 

Opened Tesla Decanter on table

On the evening of November 5, 2020, Tesla Tequila was released and sold out, and on the next day, listings on eBay of empty bottles and stands for hundreds of dollars showed up.

With this, Tesla decided to release decanters in 2021, and once again, the internet went wild for it. 

In a Twitter post by Tesla’s Director of Product Design-Javier Verdura, he called the empty bottle the next best thing. The Tesla decanter can hold 750 ml of your favorite spirit and will be a great addition to your home bar. 

Fun Facts 

Fun Facts 

Price & Value

On the official website of Tesla, the Tesla decanter is priced at around $210 for an unfilled vessel and a polished metal stand.

It was first released for $150 in the US in 2021, and it is not surprising that after a year, the value continuously increased as people went crazy over Tesla. 

Did you know? 

In 2020, those buyers who were lucky enough to score a bottle of Tesla tequila resold empty bottles on eBay with huge markups- some are willing to pay more than $700. 

Release Date

Unboxing new Tesla Decanter

Since some areas in the United States do not allow alcohol shipping, knowing Tesla, who doesn’t take no for an answer, they released their very own decanter. 

The Tesla decanter was first released in Europe and China last March 2021. It was one of the hottest items in the Tesla shop since their tequila [1] sells out quickly.

In May 2021, the decanter was released in the US and Canada. 

Design & Style

The Tesla decanter features a lightning bolt-shaped bottle and a polished metal stand with the T logo in gold.

Every Tesla decanter is hand-blown, so no two bottles are identical, and every bottle will come out unique. 

You can check out the glass quality, glassblowing, and the little tilt for the stopper support. Also, it has a plastic cork to reuse the bottles for your favorite spirits. 

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Tesla Decanter on Box

The Tesla decanter can store a 750 ml bottle of your favorite spirit.

Since 750 ml is the standard size of spirits in most brands and distilleries, it is the same bottle capacity ideal for people. It comes in a 14.7 x 12.5 x 4.5″ box and weighs 4.16 pounds. 

What Makes The Tesla Decanter Special? 

What makes Tesla decanter special is the lightning bolt silhouette and the T logo on both the bottle and metal stand.

It is unusual to see a bottle in a different shape, plus it is hand-blown, so you can expect that no bottles are identical. 

Is The Tesla Decanter Limited Edition?

Tesla Decanter on Stand

Yes, the Tesla decanter is a limited edition and was officially sold in their Tesla shops in Europe, China, the US, and Canada.

It is a rare bottle and is currently sold out on the Tesla website, with no news on when it is next available. 


Can you still buy the Tesla decanter?

Yes, you can still buy the Tesla decanter but not in a Tesla shop as it is currently sold out. However, as expected, you can score the decanter in shops like Amazon or resellers with markup prices. 

Is the Tesla decanter worth it?

Yes, the Tesla decanter is worth it. Each bottle’s lightning bolt design and uniqueness are worth its price and can be a great addition to your home bar. 

Final Thoughts

Tesla did not take a no for an answer, so due to limited shipping of liquors, they released the Tesla decanter in 2021. 

The Tesla decanter features a lightning bolt shape and is hand-blown, guaranteeing uniqueness on every bottle.

With the Tesla decanter, you can show off your love for Tesla and liquor. 



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