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Does Costco Sell Buffalo Trace Bourbon? Answered (2024)

Does Costco Sell Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Over the years, Costco has emerged as one of the world’s largest retailers of alcoholic beverages, and it has impressive inventories of distilled spirits. It carries about 50 spirits expressions, and some are hard-to-find bottles. 

Buffalo Trace is a popular bourbon brand that is difficult to get these days, so does Costco sell Buffalo Trace bourbon? Read on to find out. 

Does Costco Sell Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey? 

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Costco sells Buffalo Trace Bourbon in its membership warehouses. Like other popular distilled spirits like Four Roses, Eagle Rare, and Jack Daniel’s, you can score a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon in Costco. 

As of August 2022, there are 838 Costco membership warehouses in different parts of the world, and the wholesale giant sells it depending on the location. In addition, there are states wherein you are allowed to buy liquor without membership. 

How Much Does Buffalo Trace Cost At Costco?

Buffalo Trace bourbon at Costco varies depending on the location, but it is roughly around $26.99 per 1L bottle.

In Costco Los Angeles, you can score a bottle for around $26.99, while in Costco UK, a 750 ml is around $23. 

But what’s so great about Buffalo Trace?

Does The Wholesale Giant Sell It Cheaper?

Yes, the wholesale giant sells Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey cheaper than other liquor stores. In Drizly online, a 750ml bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon costs around $34.99, while in Caskers, it costs around $52.99. 

Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey in Wine Searcher is approximately $33 per bottle. In addition, the local liquor shops sell the Buffalo Trace bourbon at roughly $69.99 per 750ml bottle (Liquors Inc.)   

Which Costco Stores Sell Buffalo Trace Bourbon?

buffalo trace bourbon bottles on a shelves

Different Costco stores sell Buffalo Trace bourbon, and some of the stores where we managed to see some in the inventories include Costco Alberta and Los Angeles. 

In addition, you can score a bottle of Buffalo Trace in Costco UK and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Buffalo Trace is a fast-moving item, so it would be best to score one once given the opportunity. 

Do All Costco Stores Carry Buffalo Trace Bourbon?

No, not all Costco Stores carry Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey is a good value for money bourbon, and since it is hard to get hold of a bottle, it is not surprising that not all Costco stores sell it. 

In addition, not all Costco stores have similar alcoholic beverage inventory. Aside from the demand, each warehouse stocks liquor depending on the location and preference of the buyers.

Moreso, some states in the US do not allow alcohol sales. 

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Do You Have To Be A Member To Buy One?

You have to be a Costco member to buy Buffalo Trace bourbon in the warehouse; however, if you come from states that are illegal to require membership to buy alcohol, you don’t need a membership to buy one. 

Currently, there are 14 states where you can score any liquor, including Buffalo Trace, without membership. You can call or head to the nearest Costco shop to confirm if you need a membership before buying alcohol.

How Often Does Costco Sell Buffalo Trace Bourbon?

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Costco often sells Buffalo Trace bourbon. In a Reddit post previously, the warehouse usually stocks up its shelves with Buffalo Trace every once or twice a month, depending on the demand and availability of the product. 

Based on a Costco employee, the quantities each month vary, and shipment of the bourbon happens almost once a month. 

FAQs Related to Does Costco Sell Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Is Buffalo Trace bourbon hard to find?

Yes, Buffalo Trace bourbon is a hard-to-find bourbon. Because of its popularity, high demand, affordability, and supply issues, it can be hard to get hold of a bottle. If you manage to see a shelf stocked with BT, better get one for yourself. 

Where can you buy Buffalo Trace other than Costco?

You can buy Buffalo Trace in online stores like Drizly and Caskers. In addition, different local liquor shops sell Buffalo Trace. However, unlike other stores like Costco, local liquor shops sell Buffalo Trace at a higher price. But does Trader Joe’s sell Buffalo Trace?

Is it easy to buy Buffalo Trace bourbon at Costco?

No, it is not easy to buy Buffalo Trace bourbon at Costco. Since the bourbon brand is a fast-moving line, getting hold of a bottle can be challenging. Fortunately, some BT fans are lucky enough to get to the place at the right time and score a bottle. 

Does Costco carry Buffalo Trace bourbon?

Costco’s inventory varies by location, and while some locations may carry Buffalo Trace bourbon, it’s not guaranteed to be available at every store.

Why can’t I find Buffalo Trace bourbon at Costco?

Buffalo Trace bourbon availability at Costco depends on factors like regional preferences, supplier agreements, and inventory decisions made by individual stores.

Can I request Costco to stock Buffalo Trace bourbon? 

While Costco values customer feedback, individual store managers ultimately decide which products to carry. You can inquire at your local Costco or contact their customer service to express your interest.

Are there alternative bourbon options available at Costco?

Yes! Costco typically offers a selection of bourbon brands and varieties, so you may find alternatives to Buffalo Trace that suit your taste preferences.

Can I find limited edition or specialty releases of Buffalo Trace bourbon at Costco?

It’s unlikely that Costco carries limited edition or specialty releases of Buffalo Trace bourbon. These releases are typically available through specialty liquor stores or directly from the distillery.

Final Thoughts

Costco sells Buffalo Trace bourbon; unlike other liquor stores and online shops, you can score it at a lower price. You can score a bourbon bottle or two in different Costco warehouses in the UK, Los Angeles, and Alberta.

Moreso, there are states where you don’t need a membership to buy alcohol [1]. If you find Buffalo Trace stocks on your trip to Costco, don’t miss the opportunity to stock up some on your liquor shelves. 


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