Does Tequila Give You A Hangover? (2023 Updated)

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Drinking tequila during gatherings or celebrations has become a common practice worldwide. Every celebration entails staying up late, dancing, and indulging in alcohol for many of us. However, the night of celebrating also means a morning of hangovers. But does tequila give you a hangover? 

Keep reading as our team unveils the truth if tequila hangovers are real or not.

Getting Hungover With Tequila

Tequila Shot Glasses

While tequila tastes delicious, it may leave you feeling hungover, especially when combined with calories and sugar-laden pre-made mixes. There are also possible reasons why a person experiences a hangover after drinking tequila, like dehydration and inflammation.

The main culprit behind this hangover is the alcohol and the congeners or the chemicals produced during fermentation which adds flavor and aroma to the drink [1].

Tequila contains 40-50% alcohol or 80-100 proof. And based on some studies, drinks with a greater content of alcohol and congeners result in a worse hangover. 

Do Various Types Give Different Hangover Levels?

Espolon Tequila

Yes, different types of tequila or any liquor can give minimal to worst hangovers. However, there are some rumors and myths that certain types of tequila cause less severe hangovers, while others believe they could get none. 

The Blanco or Silver tequila gives the worst hangover among other types because it is matured for only two months or less after distillation and is bottled immediately. It is more likely to be blended with sugars since it isn’t matured.  

When a silver tequila is aged with flavorings and colorants like caramel, glycerin, and sugar syrup, it develops a mild woody taste and a golden color, earning it the name gold tequila. Depending on the chemicals, this might potentially make a headache worse. Here’s our list of the best tequilas for no hangover

Symptoms of Tequila Hangover

Symptoms of Tequila Hangover

The symptoms of a tequila hangover are similar to those of any other hangover. The symptoms may be more severe in certain circumstances [2]. The general undertones, though, remain the same, and they include:

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Anxiety
  • The inability to focus

Number of Tequila Shots That Give Hangover

Generally, women who consume more than 3-5 drinks per night are more likely to get a hangover. Consuming 5-7 drinks within 4-6 hours nearly invariably results in a hangover for most men.

However, because everyone reacts differently to alcohol, it’s difficult to say how much tequila it takes to get intoxicated. There are also various factors like age, gender, and body weight that make it harder to define the number of drinks that would induce an after effect.

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How To Avoid A Tequila Hangover

How To Avoid A Tequila Hangover

Choose 100% Agave Plant-Made

If you want to avoid a tequila hangover, choose a 100% agave-based tequila. The term “100% agave” refers to the lack of added flavors and additives in the production of tequila, whether it be Silver or Anejo tequila.

Due to the absence of additives, the spirit retains a rich, subtle, and refined flavor character that may be experienced in between drinks. This is what differentiates premium and ultra-premium tequilas from their counterparts.

 Choose Premium Tequila

Casa Noble Tequila

Buying pure agave plant-based and premium tequila can prevent you from getting a hard hangover. Take Reposado tequila, for instance. They are matured in oak barrels for two to twelve months. They have a more rich flavor than silver tequila. This premium tequila does not create an intense hangover because it is often made entirely of agave. 

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Make Sure To Rehydrate

You’re probably aware that excessive alcohol consumption causes dehydration. Dehydration happens because it prevents the pituitary gland in your brain from releasing a hormone called ADH (Antidiuretic Hormone). This hormone is in charge of causing your kidneys to retain water. 

As a result, blocking its release causes your kidneys to flush out extra fluid, resulting in dehydration. Drink lots of water to relieve the nauseous feeling.

Moreover, consuming tequila on a full stomach and drinking a glass of water in between shots can also help minimize the intensity of your tequila hangover. But how long does tequila stay in your body?


How long does a tequila hangover last?

Generally, tequila hangover symptoms can last 24 to 72 hours after drinking. However, it can last longer or shorter due to various parameters, including the amount of food consumed, dehydration, gender, dietary status, liver health, and drug use. 

Can you get a hangover with two tequila shots?

Yes, for an average person, two to three shots of tequila can make them drunk and get a hangover. But, it still depends. Several factors can affect the intensity of their hangover. 

Key Takeaways

Tequila hangovers are your body’s method of letting you know you’ve had too much alcohol. The best way to escape a tequila hangover is to avoid drinking it in the first place.

Aim for pure tequilas if you want to enjoy tequila while avoiding hangovers. And most importantly, drink responsibly and in moderation. Remember that binge drinking may lead to health problems far worse than hangovers.



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