Does Tequila Go Bad or Expire? A Complete Guide (2023)

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You’re itching for some drink and suddenly you remember that old bottle of tequila sitting in your kitchen cabinet. However, you’re unsure if it’s safe to drink since it has been there for a few years. You might wonder, does tequila go bad?

Our team did extensive research to uncover the truth about tequila’s shelf life and many more.

Tequila: Does It Go Bad?

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Tequila is a blue agave-based distilled spirit that seldom goes bad, and unlike wines, tequila does not mature after it is removed from its containers. It will only spoil if you do improper storage. 

A sealed bottle will keep outside factors from getting in and speeding up the spoiling process. Because of the high alcohol content of this liquor, the odds of it going bad are minimal.

Air, light, and temperature can affect the tequila’s quality. You should keep your tequila away from direct light like how others store hard liquor. Better to put it in a cool place to drink it while it’s of good quality.

But will frothing tequila make it better?

Warning Signs To Look Out For 

Warning Signs To Look Out For 

Odd Taste

If you drink tequila and it tastes awful, it’s an indication that your tequila has gone bad. This happens when the cap of the bottle is not securely closed.

If it has a sour flavor, use it in a cocktail or carbonated drinks. The added ingredients will help hide some of the tequila’s imperfections. But will aging tequila make it smoother?

Smell Is Off

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If the liquid still looks good, attempt to smell. If there is no foul scent in the alcohol, eventually taste a tiny amount. Humans, like other animals, have excellent intuition when it comes to detecting unsafe food. Throw it out if you’re not sure it’s safe.

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How Long Does Tequila Go Bad?

How Long Does Tequila Go Bad?


An opened bottle of tequila that has been opened can last for 6 to 8 months. It is consumed within this time frame when it’s still in peak quality.

It’s usually how long tequila lasts. Changes in taste and flavor profile occur in open bottles because more air enters the bottle same happens with other liquors.

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Manik Tequila

An unopened bottle may last for five years or more when stored properly and tightly sealed. Evaporation may occur in an unopened bottle without an expiration date, causing it to taste differently eventually. You’ll have to store tequila away from direct sunlight to extend tequila shelf life. 

What Does Oxidation Do To Tequila?

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Oxidation minimally alters the components in the alcohol resulting in a change in the taste of the liquor. This occurs when you open the bottle of tequila. Keep the bottle of tequila well-sealed while not in use to prevent oxidation and extend the tequila’s shelf life.

If you only drink a tiny quantity of tequila, pour the alcohol into a smaller bottle once it is half-empty. Because the oxidation process is sped up by adding more oxygen to the bottle, storing tequila in smaller food storage will slowly deteriorate.

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Can old tequila make you sick?

No, an old tequila doesn’t make you sick if you store tequila properly. The possibility of getting sick and drunk is minimal. Tequila is not just for getting drunk; it also has several health benefits since it’s made from the natural blue agave plant [1].

Is it safe to drink expired tequila?

Yes, it is still safe to drink expired tequila [2]. Liquor does not expire to the point where it can make you sick. It just loses flavor after a year has passed since it was opened. 

How long can I keep tequila?

You can keep tequila for as long as you want because tequila has an indefinite shelf life. However, if you want to experience your tequila at its best quality, drink it within a year after cracking the seal because the taste and aroma will deteriorate slowly after opening. 

Does tequila expire if unopened?

No, tequila doesn’t expire if left unopened, unlike other distilled spirits with a shorter shelf life. However, tequila can go bad. Tequila should be drunk within one year of the bottle being opened to avoid food spoilage and experience while it is in its prime quality.

So, When Does Tequila Go Bad?

Tequila goes bad when you don’t store your liquor properly, although this is extremely rare. The shelf life of tequila is indefinite, similar to most popular liquors like whiskey and vodka shelf life. 

You can tell if tequila should discarded changes in its scent and taste. Proper storage is crucial. This ensures that it is stored in a cool, dry location. It should be kept out of sunlight and heat. Additionally, you must ensure that the cap is securely closed to prevent air infiltration.



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