How to Store Tequila: Complete Guide (2023 Updated)

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If you want to have a stocked home bar for the occasional cocktail party, it is important to understand how to store your tequila to keep its flavor. Discover how you can properly store every bottle of tequila to extend its shelf life. 

Our team enthusiastically researched the best ways on how to store tequila.

7 Things To Consider When Storing Tequila 

7 Things To Consider When Storing Tequila 

1. Use Boxes From Your Liquor Store

Tequila Bottles with box

Use boxes from your liquor store to pack up your tequila collection. You’ll want something that stops bottles from moving around, like this box. Because the goal is to keep things snug, fill any gaps between bottles with newspaper or tissue paper.

2. Store Your Tequila In A Dark Place

Tequila prefers a relatively cool place and dark environment. If you don’t have access to a liquor cabinet, keep them at room temperature and in a dark place away from light and heat.

Wide temperature changes might degrade the flavor of your tequila. A cool place preserves your tequila longer.

3. Never Put Opened Bottles of Tequila In Direct Sunlight

Jose Cuervo Tequila

Keep tequila at room temperature, in a dry place, and away from direct heat or sunlight to extend its shelf life. Keep it firmly wrapped when not in use. Once a bottle is opened, the contents may slowly start to evaporate or eventually oxidize. It will change the taste, aroma, and alcohol content of tequila [1].

4. Use Rooms With Climate Control

Shelf for Alcohols

Choose a climate-controlled storage facility if you plan to keep tequila for a long time. Hot and humid environments may affect their taste. When drinking high-quality tequila, it should be kept at room temperature to preserve the aromas and components tequila has.

The general rule for hard liquors like whiskey, vodka, and tequila is to store them at room temperature. The ideal room temp is slightly lower, between 60 and 55 degrees. 

5. Don’t Stack Tequila Boxes

Don’t stack tequila boxes on top of one other or anything else, for that matter. They should always be positioned towards the rear of your storage container, on the floor.  

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6. Don’t Store It In The Freezer

Frozen Tequila Cocktail

It is not recommended to store your tequila in the freezer. You will be unable to smell the fragrances of the tequila if it’s too cold.

Dessert wines and vermouths, such as vin santo and ice wine, have longer refrigerator shelf life than regular wine counterparts. They won’t become sour in a span of a few days. 

With the notable exception of already-opened vermouth since it’s a fortified wine, almost every liquor mentioned in this post can and should be stored without refrigeration.

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7. If Possible, Don’t Store Opened Bottles Too Long

Tequila, in general, has an unlimited life. However, you’ve opened the bottle at least once. The tequila should be consumed within a year or a few months. 

Or else, oxidation will start to affect the taste of the liquor if it’s kept for too long. This is roughly how long the liquor remains at its peak quality. 


Can you store tequila in a plastic bottle?

No, you cannot store tequila in a plastic bottle. Alcohol is more prone to spoilage if you use plastic bottles. Storing alcohol for an extended time, certain chemical substances in plastic tend to leach to a significant extent [2].

How long is tequila good for after opening?

It would help if you drank tequila within a year after opening. Unlike the other common distilled spirits, tequila does not expire if kept unopened. However, tequilas can go bad if improperly stored.

Key Takeaways

Like vodka, tequila has an indefinite life span if stored properly. It is perfectly safe to keep them at room temperature. Keep them away from heat or sunlight. Also, secure them in a safe place. You can use boxes from your house or your store. 

Now, get your shot glass, enjoy a small sip of tequila straight away and drink it like a fine wine. And remember, drink tequila responsibly!



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