Does Trader Joe’s Sell Buffalo Trace Bourbon? Solved (2023)

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Trader Joe’s is an American chain of grocery stores with over 530 stores across the US, and like other chain stores, they have their private label brand. The store contains interesting products, everyday basics, foods, and alcoholic beverages on the Trader Joe’s label. 

But does Trader Joe’s sell Buffalo Trace? Read on to find out.

Can You Buy Buffalo Trace At Trader Joe’s?

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Technically, you will not find Buffalo Trace at Trader Joe’s. However, you can buy Kentucky bourbon, rumored to be bottled by Buffalo Trace, for Trader Joe’s. 

The Trader Joe’s Barrel Entry Proof Straight Kentucky Bourbon whiskey is rumored to be an obtained bourbon whiskey from Buffalo Trace Distillery. It features 125 proof (62.5%).

Based on the TTB Label Application, the plant registry and brewer’s notice of Trader Joe’s bourbon is Buffalo Trace Distillery. 

However, many readers and bourbon drinkers might still question the validity of this claim as the Buffalo Trace brand itself can’t keep its products on liquor shelves.

What’s TJ’s Bourbon Barrel Entry Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon? 

Average Price: Roughly $30

Alcohol Content: 62.5%

Tasting Notes

Palate: Rye and fruit spice notes with orange peel, black cherries, lemon peel, peppermint, vanilla, licorice, and oak

Nose: Fruity with the aroma of peaches, cherries, lemons, lime, banana, rye, brown sugar, and butterscotch pudding 

Color: Golden amber

Finish: Fruity, sweet, tannin, and spice forward with lingering flavors of cloves, leather, anise, and tobacco 

Quick Description:

The Trader Joe’s Kentucky straight bourbon is one of the best budget barrel entry proof whiskeys you can check out. Based on Seattle Times, Trader Joe’s is an easy-to-drink and pleasant bourbon [1] that you drink on the rocks or as a cocktail. 

The mash bill and age statement are undisclosed but based on its palate profile; it is aged for at least five years in new charred oak barrels. 

How Much Is It? 

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Trader Joe’s sells the Kentucky Straight bourbon whiskey bottled at Barrel Entry Proof at around $30 per 750ml.

Compared to other Barrel Entry Proof bottles like Michter’s, it is significantly cheaper for its kind. After aging and rising in proof of the bourbon, the distillery added water to bring it to the original entry proof. 

When Did TJ’s Start Selling It?

Trader Joe’s started to sell the bourbon in 2021. The limited release of Trader Joe’s Kentucky Straight bourbon Barrel Entry Proof is bottled at 62.5% ABV (125 proof), which we rarely see on the labels.

TTB released the approved Application Certificate for Trader Joe’s bourbon on April 29, 2021. It is up for limited release, and in case you don’t have the chance to score a bottle, you can check out their Kentucky bourbon. But what’s so great about Buffalo Trace?

Do All Trader Joe’s Stores Sell The Bourbon?

Not all Trader Joe’s stores sell the bourbon that is possibly bottled by Buffalo Trace. While it is available in California and Washington, it is different in control states. 

Trader Joe’s operates in different states in the US, but unfortunately, due to state restrictions, they cannot sell liquor in their stores like Maryland and Alabama.

You can check the internet with the states with alcohol sale restrictions or head to your local Trader Joe’s to check the inventory. But does Costco sell Buffalo Trace bourbon?

What Possible Buffalo Trace Products Can You Buy At TJ’s?

buffalo trace products

There are two types of bourbon that are possibly bottled by Buffalo Trace for Trader Joe’s. Aside from the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Barrel Entry Proof, they also sell Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

The Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is available in Trader Joe’s stores in the US for roughly $14.99 per 750 ml. 

Based on the label of the Kentucky bourbon, it is distilled in a similar distilling company as their Barrel Proof Entry bourbon.


What kind of bourbon does Trader Joe’s sell?

Trader Joe’s sells Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Their two bourbon expressions bear the “Kentucky Straight bourbon whiskey” label on its bottle.

It is made primarily from corn and is aged for above two years in a new charred oak barrel.

Is Trader Joe’s bourbon bottled by Buffalo Trace?

It is possible that Trader Joe’s bourbon is made by Buffalo Trace. Based on their TTB Certificate, the Buffalo Trace is the plant registry of the distilled spirit, and on its back label, it is stated as Bourbon Square Distilling Company.  

Does Trader Joe’s sell all types of liquor? 

No, Trader Joe’s does not sell all types of liquor; however, they have impressive selections of beers, wines, and spirits. Their official website sells 74 kinds of alcoholic beverages, mostly wines. 

Final Verdict 

Trader Joe’s sells bourbon that is possibly bottled by Buffalo Trace. The American grocery store obtains the distilled spirit from one of the best brands of bourbons today.

Given the significantly low price of the bourbon, the barrel entry proof is a solid deal. 

While it sparked a rumor that it does not come from Buffalo Trace distillery, the TTB certificate released stated that it came from Buffalo Trace. One of the duties of TTB is to regulate liquor labeling, and new and redesigned labels must earn approval before their release.



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