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Grey Goose Vodka Bottle Prices, Sizes, Types & Buying Guide

Grey Goose buying guide

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The idea behind Grey Goose Vodka was to create a luxury vodka brand for United States customers. 

Its creator wanted a vodka so exquisite that it could become a status symbol to the entire world. Grey Goose Vodka became exactly that — it became a choice emblem for the aspirationals and the economic elite, even more than Mercedes Benz or Rolex. See the Grey Goose price list here. 

What is Grey Goose?

Grey Goose

In the summer of 1997, an American businessman named Sidney Frank had a brilliant idea to fill the gap in the United States liquor industry — a high-end vodka. He spent a long time conceptualizing the brand idea, name, and audience — all that was left was the vodka itself. 

To develop the recipe, Frank got in touch with his friend François Thibault, a French cognac producer. He had chosen France due to the country’s rich culinary history and because he wanted to distinguish vodka from other vodkas made in Eastern Europe. But who owns Grey Goose now?

In 2004, Grey Goose was sold to the Bacardi company for a whopping $2.2 billion. 

How It’s Made

How It’s Made

As of September 2020, there are reportedly only 17 employees running the Grey Goose distillery in France. Thibault personally samples each batch of Grey Goose Vodka before the product leaves the distillery. 


Grey Goose Vodka is made from soft winter wheat from Le Grenier à Blé in the Picardy region in France, which takes ten months to grow. It’s softer, superior bread wheat, excellent for distillation. 

Aside from high-quality Picardy winter wheat, Grey Goose Vodka uses only calcium-rich spring water obtained from the Gensac-La-Pallue region. So, is Grey Goose vodka gluten-free then?

Their flavored vodkas are proudly French as well, such as the Grey Goose Cherry Noir (black cherries). They use only natural fruits that are homegrown and handpicked in France. Except for the L’Orange and La Vanille variants, which get their oranges from Florida and vanilla beans from Madagascar, respectively. 

They also released a limited edition variant called the Grey Goose Ducasse, a passion project between cognac producer Francois Thibault and Michelin-Star chef Alain Ducasse. The liquor is made from varying degrees of toasted wheat and filtered through limestone, with a 40 percent ABV. 

Unique Process

Grey Goose wanted to prove that the number of times the spirit is distilled does not equate to quality when it comes to vodka. 

Grey Goose spirits undergo a single distillation process using traditional column stills and are filtered through limestone. They believe this method ensures that the components are not stripped of all their essences. 

How Is Grey Goose Different?

Grey Goose is different because of its single distillation process. Other brands equate smoothness, purity, and quality to multiple distillations, but Grey Goose disagrees and says that what they’re doing is simply stripping the base of all their flavors.

They believe that if you’re using only premium quality items, there is no need for multiple distillations. 

This unique process ensures a smooth spirit with a slight sweetness from the soft winter wheat. It’s also gentle as it goes down, thanks to its limestone filtration method.  

Common Grey Goose Prices

Common Grey Goose Prices

Type Size Proof Average Price
Grey Goose Vodka 350ml 80 $18.98 – $23.99
750ml 80 $28.98 – $43.99
1L 80 $39.99 – $57.99
1.75L 80 $53.99 – $75.99
Grey Goose Cherry Noir 750ml 80 $26.99 – $36.98
Grey Goose Ducasse 750ml 80 $54.99 – $85.99
Grey Goose L’Orange 750ml 80 $26.99 – $36.98
Grey Goose La Poire 750ml 80 $26.99 – $36.98
Grey Goose La Vanille 750ml 80 Around $25
Grey Goose Le Citron 750ml 80 $9.47 – $11.99
Grey Goose Le Melon 750ml 80 $19.99 – $35.99
Grey Goose VX 750ml 80 $53.99 – $79.99

Compared To Other Vodka Brands

Compared To Other Vodka Brands

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka

Unlike Grey Goose, Absolut is distilled so many times that the brand has lost count during the production process. The Swedish vodka is made from winter wheat and well water and tastes absolutely clean; you almost can’t make out its flavors upon review. Absolut and Grey Goose products fall under the luxury vodka category. A 750ml bottle is roughly $27 in price. 

Tanqueray Sterling Vodka

Gin brand Tanqueray released its vodka, Tanqueray Sterling. The company uses premium Scottish rye and takes a page out of its London dry origin. It has a faint juniper taste with hints of black pepper, grapes, and liquorice. 750ml bottles of Tanqueray Sterling start at roughly $19 in prices. 

Belvedere Vodka 

Belvedere Vodka

The premium Belvedere is made using Polish wheat and rye, and purified water. It was the first vodka marketed as a “super-premium” vodka. No artificial additives are used in the production process, and it is distilled four times before bottling. Belvedere vodkas start at roughly $15 in prices. 

Oui Vodka

Oui and Grey Goose are both proudly French brands. The liquor is distilled five times and uses only premium French wheat. It is elegant and smooth with a creamy mouthfeel. A 750ml bottle of Oui Vodka is roughly $20 in price. 

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How To Drink Grey Goose

Grey Goose was designed to be drunk straight, neat, or on the rocks. It is best served chilled, so make sure you chill the entire bottle in the freezer before pouring yourself a drink. 

Just like with other spirits, the pacing is important. Take a whiff of its aroma first before you taste. Let the alcohol rest on your tongue, and the flavors dance on your palate. As soon as you swallow, notice its aftertaste. 

Of course, you are also free to mix Grey Goose in your favorite cocktails if that’s what you’re more inclined to. The Cherry Noir variant is especially delicious in cocktails.

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Grey Goose Vodka Calories

The calories present in any alcohol are dependent on its alcohol content. Meaning, the higher the ABV, the more calories it has. Of course, vodka is one of the lower-calorie options if you want to drink booze, but you’re trying to cut back on calories (as opposed to beer or whiskey).

Grey Goose Vodka with lemon and glass

  • A one-ounce shot of 80 proof alcohol has 69 calories, which is equivalent to one apple. 
  • A 1.5 ounce shot (standard shot glass) of 80 proof alcohol has 97 calories, equivalent to 1.5 apples. 
  • And 100 grams of 80 proof alcohol has 237 calories or about four apples. 

Popular Cocktail Recipes

Grey Goose adds a luxurious touch to your favorite cocktail drinks. Try some of these recipes out: 


Take Brazil’s national cocktail [1] out for a spin with this unique alternative. 


  • 1.5 ounces Grey Goose Vodka 
  • ¾ ounce lime juice 
  • ¾ ounce simple syrup 
  • 1 whole lime, sliced 
  • Sugar 
  • Fresh ice 


Muddle the lime slices and a bit of sugar at the bottom of a cocktail shaker in order to release all its natural oils. Add in the vodka and lime juice, top off with ice cubes, and shake thoroughly. Pour the contents into a rocks glass. 

Butterfly Martini Cocktail

Butterfly Martini Cocktail

This fragrant cocktail owes its fragrance to elderflowers and fresh basil. 


  • 1 ounce Grey Goose Le Citron Vodka 
  • 1 ¼ white grape juice 
  • 3 basil leaves 
  • 3 mint leaves 
  • Dash of elderflower cordial 
  • Dash of lemon juice 
  • Lemon rind 
  • Fresh ice 


Combine all of the liquids along with the fresh leaves to a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. Strain and pour into a chilled cocktail glass, and squeeze in the oils from a lemon rind. Garnish with an edible flower. 

Moscow Mule

This famous Russian drink has been featured in countless Hollywood movies. Here’s how to make it in your kitchen. 


  • 1 ½ ounces Grey Goose Vodka 
  • 3 ounces ginger beer 
  • ⅓ lime juice 
  • Lime wedge 
  • Ginger slice 
  • Fresh ice 


Fill a copper mug with ice cubes and pour in the lime juice. Add the vodka and top off the remaining with ginger beer. Mix gently with a bar spoon. Garnish with a lime wedge and a slice of ginger. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is Grey Goose so expensive?

Grey Goose’s expensive price point comes from its homegrown premium French ingredients and top distillation method. They only have a handful of members that quality-check each batch before bottling, ensuring that you get what you pay for every single time. 

Is Grey Goose top shelf?

Yes, Grey Goose is top-shelf vodka due to its premium, quality ingredients. Grey Goose vodkas are considered a drink to the elite, and most people would proudly display a bottle on their top shelves as status symbols. 

Is Grey Goose a good vodka?

Yes, Grey Goose is generally considered a high-quality vodka. It’s known for its smooth and clean taste.

Why is GREY Goose vodka so expensive?

The higher price of Grey Goose is often attributed to its premium positioning, quality ingredients, and the meticulous distillation process it undergoes.

Is Grey Goose vodka luxury?

Grey Goose is often perceived as a luxury vodka due to its premium image, high-quality ingredients, and sleek branding.

What is special about GREY Goose Vodka?

Grey Goose stands out for its use of high-quality French ingredients, such as soft winter wheat from the Picardy region and pure spring water from the Cognac region. It undergoes a continuous distillation process that helps create a smooth and refined taste.

Which one is better Absolut or Grey Goose?

The preference between Absolut and Grey Goose is subjective and depends on personal taste. Both are reputable brands, with Grey Goose often considered a premium option.

Is Grey Goose easy to drink straight?

Yes, Grey Goose is known for its smoothness, making it a popular choice for sipping straight or on the rocks.

Is Grey Goose a cheap vodka?

No, Grey Goose is not typically considered a cheap vodka. It is positioned as a premium brand, and its pricing reflects the use of high-quality ingredients and the brand’s image.

Does Grey Goose give you a hangover?

The likelihood of a hangover is influenced by various factors, including individual tolerance, hydration, and alcohol consumption. Drinking any alcoholic beverage, including Grey Goose, in moderation can help reduce the risk of a hangover.

Which vodka is better Smirnoff or Grey Goose?

The choice between Smirnoff and Grey Goose depends on personal preferences. Smirnoff is a well-known and widely available brand, while Grey Goose is often considered a premium option.

How do you serve Grey Goose vodka?

Grey Goose can be served in various ways, including neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails such as martinis. The serving method depends on personal preference and the desired drinking experience.

Why is it called Grey Goose?

The name Grey Goose is a nod to the French heritage of the vodka. It combines the grey geese that migrate from the Arctic to France and the notion of French craftsmanship in the production of the vodka.


In Summary

This luxury brand may be young, but it’s made its way to the top tier, even outranking many other more established vodka brands in the world. 

If you need any more convincing about its quality, picture this — Chicago Beverage Testing Institute gave the title “Best Tasting Vodka in the World” to Grey Goose Vodka during its first year


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