How Long Does Angry Orchard Last? Storage Guide (2023)

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Ever stored or cracked open a refreshing Angry Orchard cider, only to wonder how long its crisp, apple-y goodness will last? Well, you’re not alone.

So, how long does Angry Orchard last? Stick around because I’ve got some insights to share from my own experience. Let’s start!

How Long is Angry Orchard Cider Good For?

Man Holding Bottle of Angry Orchard

How long Angry Orchard is good depends on its storage conditions. This cider typically remains good for about 7-10 days after opening it and 12 months unopened.

While the alcohol technically doesn’t spoil, the taste changes, affecting its quality.

Following the recommended shelf life of hard cider, Angry Orchard, drink the cider within this one-year window to savor its peak flavor profile and aromatic notes.

How Long Does Angry Orchard Stay Fresh?


Once you’ve popped the cap on the bottle, drink it 7-10 days after opening for the freshest experience.

Exposure to oxygen can gradually alter the alcohol, aromas, taste, and flavor of the apple cider. Sea it back tightly and refrigerate it to preserve the freshness.

Don’t leave the bottle at room temperature if you want to prolong its shelf life.


If you keep an unopened bottle in a cool, dark place, it can remain fresh for a considerable time. It’s best to check the “best by” or “expiration date on the packaging.

“Sip it fresh, savor the zest; Angry Orchard at its best.” – Liquor Laboratory

But generally, it should maintain its quality for up to 12 months (the recommended shelf life), or even longer if stored properly.

Can Angry Orchard Alcoholic Cider Go Bad?

Man Holding Glass of Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Angry Orchard’s alcoholic cider [1] can go bad over time if not stored in the right conditions. But, this apple cider has a shelf life (12 months), quite longer than other perishable goods.

This cider won’t spoil quickly due to its alcohol content. But, there might be changes in taste, flavor, and aroma over time, particularly if exposed to oxygen or sunlight and stored at room temperature.

To enjoy drinking the cider at its best, adhere to the suggested shelf life of up to 12 months and store it in a cool, dark place -away from direct sunlight.

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How Long Does It Last In The Fridge?

When stored in the fridge, Angry Orchard maintains its freshness for an extended period, perfectly safe for drinking.

In a refrigerator’s cool and consistent temperature, the shelf life of an unopened container can stay best for up to 12 months.

This controlled environment minimizes exposure to heat and light, preserving its crispness and delightful aroma.

However, once opened, consume it within a week to 10 days to prevent the gradual changes in taste when the cider is exposed to oxygen, even refrigerated.

Does Angry Orchard Cider Need To Be Refrigerated?

Bottle of Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard’s cider doesn’t necessarily need to be refrigerated, but I highly recommend it for preserving its quality and flavor profile.

“Something about drinking cider while you can see apples on the trees makes it that much more special.” – Joe Gaynor, Cider Maker

Like wine, storing it in a cool, dark place, such as a cellar or pantry, can keep it safe to drink, unopened, for up to 12 months or longer if conditions are stable.

Refrigeration offers additional benefits. Chilling the cider slows down chemical reactions and oxidation, maintaining its freshness and taste for an extended period.

Regarding an opened container, refrigeration becomes crucial to prevent rapid deterioration in taste (making it more sour like vinegar).

While not mandatory, refrigerating it is a smart choice for a consistently enjoyable cider experience.


How can you tell if the Angry Orchard cider has gone bad?

You can tell if Angry Orchard’s apple cider has gone bad by checking for off-putting signs like an unusual sour odor, visible mold, or a noticeably sour taste (like vinegar).

If these indicators are present, discard the expired cider, as it may have undergone spoilage.

Is Angry Orchard’s cider a beer?

No, Angry Orchard is not a beer, though they both undergo the fermentation process. It’s one of the commercially produced hard ciders made from fermented juice.

While beer [2] is typically brewed from malted grains, hops, and water, hard cider is produced by fermenting apple cider or juice, resulting in a different taste and alcohol level.

Key Takeaways

Angry Orchard can last fresh for up to 12 months when unopened and 7-10 days if opened. To savor this cider at its freshest, I suggest considering these timelines and storing it properly.

So, next time you grab a bottle of this cider, remember to enjoy it within the recommended timeframe and check for the expiration date for the best drink experience. Cheers!



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