How Long Does Beer Last In The Fridge? Solved (2023)

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It’s quite disappointing when you’re ready to drink beer, but it turns out bad and undrinkable. Did you know that even the best beers can go bad when it gets too old? Additionally, keeping it at the wrong temperature can shorten its shelf life. 

So, how long does beer last in the fridge? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

How Long Beer Lasts In The Fridge 

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An opened bottle (or can) of beer can only stay fresh for a day. The oxidation process takes 24 hours, after which the flavor becomes dull, and the aroma disappears entirely. 

If you can’t consume it within a day, you can utilize it as a cooking ingredient. However, it wouldn’t taste good on its own.


Generally, an unopened bottle (or can) of beer can last in the fridge for two to three years past its “best-by date.” 

However, you must be aware that the beer’s aroma and taste will diminish little by little the longer you store it.

What’s good is – you can still consume it without any problems or health risks. But what’s the cheapest beer you can drink?

How Long Will It Stay Fresh In The Fridge? 

Canned Beer

As canned beers provide the best shield against light and oxygen, they can stay fresh for six months in your fridge and three months at room temperature. 

But once you’ve opened the can, it can stay fresh within the day. So, we suggest drinking it right away to experience its aroma and flavor fully.  

Beer Variety

There are different kinds of beers, including homemade beer, light beer (pale ale), dark beer, and craft beer. But what’s the difference between draft beer and craft beer

Refrigerated homemade beers can stay fresh for 12 months, and opened craft beers for six months to 2 years.  

On the other hand, light beers and dark beers can stay fresh for a shorter time than other beers. 

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Growlers & Crowlers

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Growlers and crowlers can only stay fresh in your fridge within 36 hours after filling. 

Growlers and crowlers can be filled from the tap at many bars, brewpubs, and breweries, allowing you to take home a fresh pint whenever you like. You should drink this beer immediately because it tastes best when it’s cold and fresh. 

Beer is highly susceptible to oxygen contamination during the filling process unless a specialized filling machine is used. The beer’s taste quickly declines as a result. 

But how long can Coors Light last?

Should You Put Beer In The Fridge? 

Yes, you should put beer in the fridge. It is the best way to store your favorite beers to keep them cool and fresh and to prevent light and oxygen exposure. 

The colder your fridge is (ideally, 34 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit), the longer your beer will stay fresh.  

Does Beer Go Bad Even When Refrigerated?

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Yes, beers can still go bad in the fridge, whether opened or unopened. An unopened beer can or bottle can be stored in the fridge for up to three years.

However, the flavor of an opened bottle or can is typically lost to oxidation after just one day. 

We suggest investing in a keg or a growler if you frequently store opened beer in the fridge.

But to avoid purchasing a giant aluminum doorstop, familiarize yourself with the various keg sizes. 

What Makes It Go Bad?

Light: Exposure to too much sunlight will make beer go bad as the UV light interferes with the beer’s essential oils, which also results in an off smell. 

Temperature: Exposure to a higher temperature triggers beer to spoil as heat speeds up the oxidation process quickly. 

Air: The rapid oxidation process causes the beer to go bad quickly.

How To Tell If It Has Gone Bad 

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  • There won’t be the familiar hiss when you crack open your beer. 
  • The lack of foam is another warning sign that the beer has gone bad and should not be consumed.
  • You’ll notice some seepage around the bottle’s cap and discoloration of the label.
  • The beer tastes weird, like sulfur, sewage, cabbage, or any unusual sour taste. 


How long does beer last in a keg fridge?

Beer can last in a keg fridge for three (3) to four (4) months (pasteurized). When properly refrigerated, a keg of unpasteurized beer will keep for six (6) to eight (8) weeks.

Can drinking an expired beer make you sick?

Drinking an expired beer cannot make you sick – but you can be prone to stomachache.

The only certain thing is – an expired beer will taste flat and unappealing [1]. But how much beer will get you drunk?

Final Thoughts

When stored properly in the fridge, beer can last and stay fresh for a long time. But remember, there’s always a limit to everything, and beer is no exception. 

Opened or unopened, canned or bottled, beer can go bad over time. Light, air, and temperature are factors that affect spoilage. 

While refrigerating your beer is the best option to retain its freshness, it’s still best to fully drink it right away to enjoy its natural essence.   



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