How Long Does Coors Light Beer Last? Freshness Guide (2023)

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If you’re a fan of a crisp, refreshing bitterness on a hot day, you’ve probably reached for a Coors Light at some point. But what happens when you’ve stocked up beer bottles and wondered, “How long does Coors Light last?”

As someone who enjoys a cold Coors Light myself, I did thorough research to answer the golden question.

Thus, I’m here to clarify this matter and share some insights on its shelf life, factors that affect it, and useful storage tips.

How Long Does Coors Light Beer Stay Good?

2 Cans of Coors Light Beer

Coors Light beer can stay good unopened for six to 12 months past its “born on” date. When opened, it can stay good for one to 2 days only (if you still want to enjoy its crisp taste and freshness).

If the beer sits for an extended period of time, its quality might decline, especially when you leave it open.

Like most beers, it doesn’t last forever, but it can maintain its quality for a decent amount of time if the beer is properly stored. Additionally, check for the expiration date to be sure.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Coors Light?


When Coors Light is sealed, whether it’s in aluminum cans or glass bottles, it may have a longer shelf life. Expect it to remain at its best for about 6-12 months.

It can stay good for more than a year if you store the beer properly. But if the beer is stored at room temperature, the shelf life can be around four to six months.

During this period of time, the beer should retain its characteristic light flavor and crispness.


Once you crack open a Coors Light, it’s not going to spoil overnight, but the beer will begin to lose some of its freshness and carbonation.

“Coors Light is best enjoyed fresh, like life’s most refreshing moments.” – Liquor Laboratory

For the best experience, try to drink Coors Light within one to two days, though it won’t be as enjoyable as when freshly opened.

Factors That Affect Coors Light’s Shelf Life

Glass of Coors Light Beer

Several factors can impact how long your Coors Light will stay good, and the shelf life of beer may vary depending on the following:

  1. Temperature is an important factor. If you store your Coors Light in a cool, dark place, it may have a longer shelf life than if you leave it sitting at room temperature.Heat can accelerate the aging process of beer, leading to off-flavors, which won’t taste good the longer it is exposed – decreasing the shelf life of beer.
  2. Packaging. I prefer canned beers since the material is better at protecting the beer from light and oxygen exposure.If you could, opt for Coors Light beers in cans over bottles if you plan to store them for an extended period.
  3. Proper storage of beer. Like any alcoholic beverage, if the beer is stored correctly in a cool, dark environment and away from direct sunlight, it can stay good for a longer period.It’s advisable to store the beer (be it a canned or bottled beer) in the fridge to keep it fresh and crisp.

Understanding Coors Light’s “Born On” Date

Coors Light, like many beers, features a “born on” date stamped on the packaging. This date indicates when the brewing process starts until it’s packaged or when the beer stales.

It’s an essential information for understanding the beer’s freshness. The fresher the beer, the better it will taste.

I suggest checking this date when buying Coors Light and choosing the freshest option available.

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Does Coors Light Expire?

Coors Light doesn’t expire like other perishable goods. However, it does age, and its flavor profile can change over time.

As beer ages, it may develop off-flavors, including a cardboard-like taste, a stale aroma, or a loss of carbonation.

Beer drinkers must always check the expiration dates to know the shelf life of their drink or when the drinks will go bad.

How Do You Know Coors Light Has Expired?

Man Holding Cans of Coors Light Beer

Determining if your Coors Light has expired is straightforward.

First, check the “born on” date to see how old the beer bottle is. If it’s well past the recommended 6-to-12-month shelf life, it’s likely past its prime.

Secondly, if the beer smells off or has an unusual taste, it’s a sign that it may have deteriorated.

Trust your taste buds; if it doesn’t taste right, the organic compounds (i.e., malted barley) may have deteriorated.

“Coors Light will be there to keep your fanxiety chill.” – Marcelo Pascoa, Marketing VP for Coors Brewing Company

Thirdly, check the expiration date (or expiry date). If it’s past the expiration date, it’s considered an expired alcohol or stale. They aren’t recommended for drinking since we want to avoid adverse effects.

Storage Tips To Make It Last Longer

To keep the flavor intact and maximize the shelf life, beer lovers should follow these storage tips:

  1. Keep It Cool: Store your Coors Light in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and heat, like a cellar or a refrigerator.
  2. Stand It Up: Stand bottles upright, like you do with wine. This helps minimize contact between the beer and the bottle cap, reducing the risk of contamination.
  3. Avoid Temperature Fluctuations: Keep the temperature consistent. Storing it in direct light and fluctuations can cause the beer to expand and contract, potentially leading to leaks and compromised flavor.
  4. Drink Fresh Beer: Try to consume your Coors Light [1] as close to the “born on” date as possible to enjoy its freshness and flavor.


Are 2-year-old beers still good?

A 2-year-old beer is still good if stored properly. While it’s unlikely to be dangerous, it’s likely to have lost much of its fresh notes and flavor.

It’s best to enjoy beer while it’s still relatively young.

Is it safe to drink expired beer?

No, it’s not advisable to drink expired beer. It won’t be the same beer as when you bought it. It’s a perishable product, and the taste and quality may have deteriorated significantly.

Does beer last longer in bottles or cans?

Beer typically lasts longer in cans because they provide better protection from light and oxygen. If you plan to store beer [2] for an extended period, cans are the better choice, especially if they have a higher alcohol content.

Final Thoughts

While Coors Light doesn’t expire in the same way that perishable food does, it’s still a beverage best enjoyed when it’s at its peak (tastes good, really). It can be kept fresh for 6-12 months unopened but 1-2 days only once opened.

Keep an eye on the “born on” and expiration date, store it properly, and trust your taste buds to ensure that every Coors Light you crack open is as refreshing and enjoyable as the first one you ever tried.



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