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7 Best Whiskey for Bartesian: Curated Selections (2024)

Best Whiskey for Bartesian

Bartesian cocktail machine takes mixing drinks to a whole new level, offering an array of cocktail options at your fingertips for those who are fans of convenience and flavor precision. 

But whiskey is a crucial element that can make or break your Bartesian cocktails.

We sought the opinions and recommendations of those who have owned the device. Personally, we tried the best whiskey for Bartesian to see if it delivers the finest taste, aroma, and overall cocktail experience.

Here’s what we found out. Keep reading.

Top 7 Best Whiskey For Bartesian

1. Bulleit Bourbon

Bottle and a Glass of Bulleit Bourbon on a Wooden Table

Average Price: Roughly $32.99 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 45% ABV

Nose: Vanilla, caramel, oak, spices, citrus

Palate: Smooth, spicy, rye spice, charred oak 

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Why We Like It: Bulleit bourbon creates a harmonious palate profile that captivates the palate as I recreated different whiskey cocktails in my new Bartesian instead of using my trusted cocktail shaker

This whiskey shines through, enhancing classic mixed drinks like the Old Fashioned and Whiskey Sour. 

The enticing aroma of caramel, rye, and oak entices the senses, setting the stage for a delightful drink experience. 

“Whiskey, the silent partner in every great Bartesian cocktail, adding depth and character to each sip.” -Liquor Laboratory 

Bulleit is the best bourbon that effortlessly integrates with Bartesian pods, ensuring a consistently smooth and balanced drink. Also, it is an excellent alternative for your best rye whiskey because of its bold flavors.

2. Jameson Irish Whiskey

Bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey

Average Price: Roughly $31.29 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV

Nose: Light floral notes, citrus zest, orchard fruits

Palate: Smooth, malted barley, toasted oak 

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: Jameson Irish whiskey is one of the best whiskeys to try with the fruit juices of Bartesian. The triple-distilled Irish whiskey is smooth and flavorful, which makes it a great base liquor for any mixed drink. 

Unlike rye whiskey, the delicate floral notes and citrus zest of this Irish whiskey bring a refreshing twist to Bartesian Old Fashioned.

This Irish whiskey seamlessly enhances the pods; the rye and malted barley are evident in every sip.

3. Maker’s Mark

Bottle of Maker's Mark Straight Bourbon

Average Price: Roughly $17.97 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 45% ABV

Nose: Wheat, caramel, toasted oak, nutmeg 

Palate: Rich, creamy caramel, cinnamon, wheat, toasted almonds

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: Like the Jameson Irish whiskey, Maker’s Mark brings a distinct character to the Bartesian experience. The wheated bourbon boasts versatility that shines and enhances the classic cocktail Manhattan.

The palate is a revelation, with buttery toffee and a touch of leather, adding depth and complexity to the drink.

4. Jim Beam Bourbon

Bottle of Jim Beam Bourbon

Average Price: Roughly $24.87 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV

Nose: Sweet corn, caramel, oak

Palate: Butterscotch, toasted grains, pepper

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: Jim Beam bourbon makes its mark on Bartesian cocktails with its inviting nose of sweet corn, caramel, and oak.

The versatility of this good whiskey, also called bourbon [1], shines through, seamlessly complementing a wide range of drink profiles, especially when I tried it with the Jim Beam Kentucky Sour.

When sipping, this drink presents a palate of butterscotch, toasted grains, charred oak, rye, and pepper, enhancing the complexity and character of the drink.

Bartender Tip: Add a lime juice and bitters splash to elevate the drink. 

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5. Crown Royal Apple Canadian Whisky

Bottle of Crown Royal Apple Canadian Whisky

Average Price: Roughly $20.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 35% ABV

Nose: Crisp green apples, caramel, cinnamon

Palate: Sweet apple, butterscotch, toasted oak

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: Crown Royal Apple adds a delightful twist to Bartesian cocktails. Its nose is filled with the crisp scent of green apples, caramel, rye, cinnamon, and hints of apple pie. 

The liquor showcases butterscotch and bitters in the mixed drink. It elevates the Apple Pie pod with its sweet apple infusion.

6. Kirkland Canadian Whisky

Bottle of Kirkland Canadian Whisky and a Glass with Ice

Average Price: Roughly $24.99 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV

Nose: Light grains, citrus, floral note

Palate: Sweet caramel, butterscotch, toasted oak, cinnamon

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: This drink proves to be a versatile companion for Bartesian cocktails. Its nose presents light grains, honey, citrus, and a subtle floral note. 

It seamlessly integrates when paired with Bartesian Paper Plane pods, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable libation. It is a little bitter, boozy, and beautifully balanced. 

7. Wordford Reserve Whiskey

Wordford Reserve Whiskey Bottle of a Table

Average Price: Roughly $39.99 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 45.2% ABV

Nose: Rich caramel, toasted oak, dark chocolate

Palate: Buttery toffee, toasted almonds, dried cherry

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: Woodford Reserve whiskey is a standout choice for elevating Whiskey Smash cocktails. Its nose, boasting rich caramel, toasted oak, dark chocolate, and a hint of dried fruit, sets high expectations. 

Woodford Reserve Whiskey Smash delights with dried cherry, and a touch of leather, adding complexity to the whiskey cocktail. 

“We were in the top 1% of Kickstarter history, so we knew there was some interest from consumers.” -Ryan Close, CEO of Bartesian Inc. 

Note: The star rating was determined based on a blind test, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. We assessed the whiskeys based on flavor harmony, versatility, aroma, mixability, and enhancing the Bartesian experience.


How does a Bartesian machine work?

Bartesian machine works, when you fill the machine’s water reservoir, insert a cocktail pod, load the corresponding bottle of spirit into the reservoir, and then add the ice cubes to the glass.
Afterward, select your preferred setting (or other styles). The machine will release the whiskey or spirit, combine it with the pod contents, and dispense a well-mixed cocktail, ensuring consistent quality and convenience.

Has Bartesian been discontinued?

No, Bartesian has not been discontinued. It is available on the market and expands its offerings [2]. They introduced a more comprehensive range of pods, giving users even more flavors and variety.

Are Bartesian pods expensive?

No, Bartesian pods are not expensive. On average, a pack of whiskey cocktails with nine selections is priced at approximately $19.99, but the prices vary based on the pods. 
With these pods, you don’t need to buy other ingredients; purchase your favorite whiskey.

What alcohol to buy for Bartesian?

For a Bartesian machine, we recommend buying American whiskey, Blended Scotch whisky, Tennessee whiskey, Irish whiskey, vodka, rum, tequila, rye whiskey, Japanese whiskey, and gin. 
However, whiskeys are combined with Bartesian’s cocktail pods to create a wide range of delicious drinks. 
It’s essential to select spirits of good quality that you enjoy, as they will directly influence the taste of your cocktails.

What type of whiskey works best with the Bartesian?

The Bartesian is versatile and can work with various types of whiskey, including bourbon, rye, Scotch, and Irish whiskey. The choice depends on personal preference and the cocktail being made.

Does the quality of whiskey matter when using it with the Bartesian?

Yes, the quality of whiskey can significantly impact the taste of the cocktails. Opting for a higher-quality whiskey can enhance the overall flavor and experience.

Can I use flavored or infused whiskeys with the Bartesian?

While it’s possible to use flavored or infused whiskeys, it’s essential to ensure that the flavors complement the cocktail being made. Experimentation may be necessary to find the best combinations.

Should I use single malt or blended whiskey with the Bartesian?

Both single malt and blended whiskeys can be used with the Bartesian. The choice depends on personal preference and the desired flavor profile of the cocktail.

How much whiskey should I use in each cocktail pod for the Bartesian?

The amount of whiskey needed varies depending on the specific cocktail pod being used. Follow the instructions provided with each pod for the recommended amount.

Can I use non-alcoholic whiskey alternatives with the Bartesian?

While it’s possible to experiment with non-alcoholic whiskey alternatives, the results may vary. These alternatives may not provide the same depth of flavor as traditional whiskey.

Are there any specific brands of whiskey recommended for use with the Bartesian?

There are no specific brands recommended, as the choice of whiskey depends on personal preference and the cocktail being made. However, popular brands known for their quality and flavor may be a good starting point.

Can I mix different types of whiskey in the same cocktail pod for the Bartesian?

It’s not recommended to mix different types of whiskey in the same cocktail pod, as this can affect the flavor profile and consistency of the cocktail.

Do I need to dilute the whiskey before using it with the Bartesian?

No, there’s no need to dilute the whiskey before using it with the Bartesian. Simply pour the whiskey directly into the designated reservoir according to the instructions provided.

Final Thoughts

Each whiskey mentioned above brings its unique character, enhancing the drink experience differently.

Bulleit bourbon stands out as a remarkable choice. Its rich and harmonious notes seamlessly complement Bartesian cocktails, creating a captivating palate profile. 

Its harmonious blend of rich caramel and spicy notes creates a captivating and well-balanced profile that adds depth and sophistication to Bartesian creations.


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