How Long Does Pinot Grigio Last? Freshness Guide (2023)

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As I casually looked through my extensive collection of alcoholic beverages, I suddenly came across a plain, dusty bottle of Pinot Grigio, just sitting there among the rest. 

And for a few moments, it had me contemplating its shelf-life. Just how long does Pinot Grigio last? 

Would it still hold its crisp, refreshing charm after opening it?

Pinot Grigio: How Long Does It Last?

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Pinot Grigio can last at least seven days after opening and storing it in the fridge. It is a light wine like Riesling and rose wines that will eventually lose its flavors after a week of storage. 

But if the bottle of wine is still unopened, it would be good for the next two years, even after the best-before date. 

“Wines marked Pinot Grigio are typically Italian or made in an Italian style—dry, crisp, and light-bodied with citrus aromas.” – Stacy Slinkard, Wine Expert, and Writer

Pinot Grigio, a famous white wine in the United States, offers a wide selection in various price ranges, with quality options typically starting at $15 [1].

Pinot Grigio’s Shelf Life


An opened bottle of light white wine like Pinot Grigio can stay in the fridge for three to five days with its cork on. You can still drink wine for up to seven days, but you will notice that the vibrancy of its flavors has already dwindled.

For comparison, full-bodied white wines like Viognier and Muscat can only stay good for about three to five days.


An unopened bottle of Pinot Grigio can last for about two years beyond the expiration date if properly stored. A wine cooler or cellar is ideal for storing your Pinot Grigio (not the fridge) if you’re not planning to consume it yet. 

Although it is tempting to stash a whole bottle of Pinot Grigio in the refrigerator so it’s ready for drink anytime, it’s not advisable. The temperature may be too cold for long-term storage.

Does Pinot Grigio Expire?

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Yes, Pinot Grigio expires at least two years after the indicated expiration or best-before date. However, not all wine bottles have an indicated expiration date, so you can only rely on your senses to know if the wine has expired or gone bad. 

Oxidation and bacterial growth can cause wine to lose its vibrancy and freshness over time. 

What Does Expired Pinot Grigio Taste Like?

An expired Pinot Grigio has a burnt applesauce taste or a sharp, sour flavor, like vinegar. Although I don’t recommend drinking expired wine, having a small taste and confirming its freshness is not harmful.

Newly bought and fresh Pinot Grigio is dry, light, and has fruity flavors like pear, lemon, and apple, with hints of citrus, honeysuckle, grapefruit, and honey. 

But after storing it for a really long time, the wine will start exhibiting dull, fruity flavors and muted acidity. 

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How To Tell If It Has Expired

You can tell if the Pinot Grigio has already expired by using your senses. My process is similar to how I always drink my wine: I check out the color, I smell it, then I have a taste.

An expired white wine may turn dark yellow and may lose its fruity aroma after it has passed its prime.

“For Pinot Grigio perfection, it must be chilled. Whether with roast chicken on a cool evening or by the pool in summer, cold temperatures bring out its fruity and floral charms.” – Liquor Laboratory

If the color and aroma are still fine, you may proceed to taste the wine as your last step. If it tastes funky, flat, and dull, throwing the open bottle of wine away is better. Or you may consider using it as vinegar.

Storage Tips To Make Pinot Grigio Last Longer 

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Storing your Pinot Grigio improperly can affect its aromas and flavors. Light white wines like Pinot Grigio are not meant to be stored for years, unlike red wines [2]

Store the unopened bottle of Pinot Grigio in a dark and cool place with the ideal temperature of 45° to 55°F. But if you plan to drink your Pinot Grigio, I suggest you put it in the fridge for at least two hours before consuming it for a better experience.

Once you have opened the bottle, you may need to keep the wine in the fridge. Use an airtight wine stopper instead of returning the cork to maintain its freshness. You can also decant the wine into smaller containers to minimize oxidation.


Can you drink 20-year-old Pinot Grigio?

No, you can not drink a 20-year-old Pinot Grigio. It is typically consumed one to two years beyond its best-before date. A 20-year-old Pinot Grigio has already lost its vibrant flavors. 

How long does Pinot Grigio last in the fridge?

Pinot Grigio can last five to seven days in the fridge if opened. However, we still recommend consuming Pinot Grigio in an opened wine bottle for as early as three days to enjoy its freshness. 

In Conclusion

Pinot Grigio is a famous wine, not just in the US but also worldwide. When opened, Pinot Grigio remains fresh and crisp within the next three days, but beyond that, the taste quality will start to deteriorate.

You can still have it for up to seven days, but don’t expect the same flavors. 

You should not store unopened Pinot Grigio in the fridge if you will not consume it soon.



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