How Long to Chill Wine in the Freezer: Quick Tips (2023)

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One of my simplest pleasures is a chilled glass of wine on a warm summer evening. However, there’s an art to chilling wine bottles – it’s more complex than popping one inside the freezer!

Believe me, I’ve tried, so I know that timing is crucial when it comes to getting your wine bottles perfectly cool.

So, if you want to know how long to chill wine in the freezer, keep reading because I’ve learned firsthand how best to do that.

How Long Can You Leave Wine In A Freezer To Chill?

Bottles of Wine on a Fridge

How long you can leave wines chilling in the freezer depends on a few factors.

If you pop a room-temperature bottle of red wine inside the freezer, it’ll reach its ideal temperature in 5 to 6 minutes.

Room-temperature white wine must freeze for around 20 to 25 minutes to reach its ideal temperature.

“Sipping cold wine is like sharing a secret with the frosty embrace of flavor.” – Liquor Laboratory 

However, setting a timer is important to ensure you don’t accidentally forget the bottle of wine inside the refrigerator because it might explode. [1]

You can also invest in a wine fridge to keep your collection at its ideal temperature. But can you mix white and red wines?

Average Time In Chilling Wines in Freezers

Chilling Times for Various Wines

Wine Bottle on a Rack

Red Wine

Red wine can reach its ideal temperature of 55 to 65°F after 5 to 6 minutes of chilling inside most freezers. If you plan to put the bottle of wine in the refrigerator, you must leave it chilling inside for around 20 minutes.

Lighter-bodied reds are better cold, while fuller-bodied red wine will be more delicious if warm.

White Wine

White wine shines when served between 45 and 50°F. To get this ideal temperature, you must pop the bottle in most freezers for at least 20 to 25 minutes.

White wine will reach its ideal temperature after a 2.5-hour stay inside the refrigerator.

Some people say that white wine isn’t as delicious if served cold, but it ultimately depends on your preference. But do you know how to choose a good wine?

How Do You Chill Wine In The Freezer Fast?

If you want to chill wine fast inside the freezer, the best way is to wrap the bottle in a damp towel before popping it in. This will help it cool faster.

There are other ways you can chill your wines fast without the help of a refrigerator. 

Many sommeliers swear by the “ice water bath” method, which is done by putting ice and water in a big ice bucket.

Make sure the entire bottle of wine is fully submerged in the ice bucket. This method works in just 3 minutes and is one of the best ways to chill wine faster. 

Frozen grapes, unlike ice, can help chill your wines fast to their ideal temperature without diluting them. 

Lastly, gadgets like the Corkcicle, which are kept in the refrigerator and put inside the bottle, can help chill wine fast to its ideal temperature. 

Does Freezing Wines Remove Alcohol?

Wine on a Refrigerator

No, freezing wines won’t remove the alcohol because alcohol has a lower freezing point than water. [2]

“Chilled wine enhances the moment’s essence.” – Ernest Hemingway, American Novelist and Short Story Writer

Wines that have been frozen and thawed will have a slightly different texture, but rest assured that their alcohol content remains intact. But how many calories are in a bottle of wine?


How long does it take to chill wine in the freezer with a wet towel?

It takes 10 minutes to chill wine with a wet towel wrapped around it inside most freezers.

How long should you chill wine before drinking?

It depends. For red wine, aim to put it for 5-6 minutes inside the freezer and white wine for 20 minutes. You can submerge the bottle of wine inside an ice bath to speed things up.

Is a wine cooler a fridge or freezer?

A wine cooler is a specialized wine fridge. This refrigerator keeps your wines at the ideal temperature.

Key Takeaways

The length of time it takes to chill wine fast inside the freezer depends on the type of wine.

For white wine, you’ll want to give it about 20 to 25 minutes, 10 minutes in an ice bucket, or a more patient 2.5-hour stay in the fridge to reach its ideal temperature.

Red wine should spend 5 to 6 minutes, 3 minutes in ice water, or 20 minutes in the fridge to get its ideal temperature.

However, we must reiterate that you shouldn’t forget your wine inside the freezer, as this could cause the glass to explode.

A wet towel can also speed things up – wrap it around the bottle before popping it inside the fridge. You can also chill wine fast by submerging it in an ice bucket or ice bath.



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