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How Many Coronas To Get Drunk: Full Guide (2024 Updated)

How Many Coronas To Get Drunk

Picture this: you’re at a lively gathering with friends, the laughter echoing around you, and someone suggests cracking open a few Coronas.

If you don’t want to miss out on the fun and want to stay in control, you may wonder, “How many Coronas to get drunk?”.

As an experienced mixologist and fan of Corona beers, I’ve got you covered. Stay with me as we uncover the magic number and the factors that make it uniquely different for each of us.

How Many Coronas Will Get You Drunk?

Corona Beer on a Bucket

An average adult male can get drunk after four Corona beers with 5% ABV for over 1-2 hours. But here’s the intriguing part: individual factors can significantly alter this number.

“Count the Coronas, savor the moments; enjoy, but stay mindful.” -Liquor Laboratory

Elements like gender with different body compositions and body weight affect alcohol distribution. Also, metabolism influences alcohol breakdown speed, and alcohol tolerance developed through habitual consumption plays a crucial role.

Moreover, other factors, such as drinking pace, food consumption which slows alcohol absorption, and overall health, including interactions with medications, also contribute to the equation.

But what kind of beer is Corona?

How Many Beers Can Intoxicate You?

Corona Extra

Average Price: Roughly $20.09 (12-pack) Drizly

Alcohol Content: 4.6% ABV

Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [1], an average adult needs four standard beers to get drunk. For Corona Extra, boasting a 4.5% alcohol by volume, it might require around 4 to 5 beers in an hour to affect intoxication levels and get drunk.

Corona Extra boasts a light and crisp flavor profile with balanced hop bitterness, making it easy to drink and perfect for warm weather.

Corona Light

Bottle of Corona Light

Average Price: Roughly $24.99 (24-pack) Drizly

Alcohol Content: 4% ABV

For Corona Light, with its 4% alcohol by volume, it might take around 5 to 6 beers in an hour to experience intoxication.

Corona Light is designed for those seeking a lighter drinking experience without compromising taste. It offers a mild and refreshing flavor, making it a popular choice for those who prefer a lighter, low-calorie option.

However, aside from factors like how much alcohol is consumed and its alcohol content, the person’s body weight and drinking pace may affect the capacity to consume alcohol like Corona Light beer.

Corona Premier

Average Price: Roughly $19.79 (12-pack) Drizly

Alcohol Content: 4% ABV

For Corona Premier beer, boasting a 4% alcohol by volume, around 5 to 6 beers in an hour, might do the trick.

Generally speaking, higher-ABV beers can get you drunk easily. And since Corona Premier beer contains 4% ABV, you must consume at least 5 Coronas to get drunk.

This smooth and crisp imported beer delivers a more elevated drinking experience while maintaining the signature taste that Corona beer is known for.

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Corona Familiar

Bottle of Corona Familiar

Average Price: Roughly $20.24 (4-pack) Drizly

Alcohol Content: 4.8% ABV

Corona Familiar’s 4.8% alcohol by volume may take 4 to 5 standard drinks in an hour to feel intoxicated.

Corona beer is an easy-drinking beer; excessive alcohol consumption may lead to impaired judgment, and a can reach the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) [2].

Corona Familiar’s delightful taste and larger size make it an excellent choice for special occasions or to elevate your beer-drinking experience to a more refined level.

Corona Hard Seltzer

Average Price: Roughly $20.19 (12-pack) Drizly

Alcohol Content: 4.5% ABV

With its 4.5% alcohol by volume, Corona Hard Seltzer might take around 4 to 5 cans to feel the buzz. This delightful seltzer offers a refreshing taste and is gluten-free, which means an average person may consume more alcohol.

Corona Hard Seltzer comes in various flavors, such as zesty citrus, luscious berry, or tangy tropical fruit, catering to different tastes. It has fewer calories than other beers, but too many Corona may lead to intoxication, so drink responsibly.

Factors That Influence Intoxication Levels


Man and Woman Standing

Gender plays a role in how our bodies process alcohol. Generally, women tend to have a higher percentage of body fat and lower levels of alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme, leading to slower alcohol metabolism.

As a result, women might feel the effects of consuming alcohol faster and more intensely than men when drinking Corona Extra beer.

But do you know which country is famous for the Corona beer?

Body Weight & Composition

Body weight affects intoxication levels as alcohol becomes more diluted in larger bodies.

Additionally, individuals with higher muscle mass may metabolize alcohol more efficiently than those with higher body fat, impacting how they respond to Corona Extra.

To avoid excessive drinking and high blood alcohol concentration, drink responsibly.


Group of People

Certain ethnicities have variations in alcohol-metabolizing enzymes, influencing how their bodies process alcoholic beverages like Corona Extra.

For example, some Asian populations may have lower levels of alcohol dehydrogenase, causing slower alcohol breakdown and potentially higher intoxication levels when drinking Coronas or any lighter beer.

Energy Levels & Mood

Our energy levels and mood can impact our experience with alcohol. Whether you consume craft beers, Pale Lager, or any popular beers like Corona Extra, you can’t get drunk quickly if you have high energy levels.

Fatigue or low mood might enhance the effects of alcohol, leading to quicker intoxication when consuming light beers like Corona Light and Corona Extra.


Hormonal fluctuations, particularly in women during menstrual cycles, can affect alcohol sensitivity when consuming an alcoholic beverage.

With your hormones, you can get drunk quickly, so if you want to control your alcohol consumption, you can try non-alcoholic drinks or non-alcoholic beverages instead.

Higher hormone levels might lead to a more pronounced response to alcohol, influencing intoxication levels with Corona beers.


Woman Eating Salad

Individual differences in metabolism influence how quickly our bodies break down alcohol.

People with faster metabolism might process alcohol more efficiently and have lower intoxication levels when drinking Coronas.

Alcohol Tolerance

Regular alcohol consumption can build up tolerance over time, reducing sensitivity to alcohol’s effects.

Individuals with higher alcohol tolerance may require more Corona beers to reach the same level of intoxication as those with lower tolerance.

Drinking Pace

Aside from the amount of alcohol consumed by a person, the speed at which someone consumes alcohol impacts intoxication levels. Rapid drinking might lead to quicker intoxication than a slower drinking pace when consuming Corona beers.

If you are watching your calorie intake, try the Corona Hard Seltzer instead of Corona Extra because standard beers contain high calories and carbohydrates.

It’s always important to know how many calories Coronas have or how many Corona beers you are allowed to drink.

Food Consumption

Man Eating Burger

Eating food before or during alcohol consumption can slow alcohol absorption, lowering intoxication levels, no matter how many Coronas you intend to drink. Having a meal while drinking Corona beers can help moderate the effects of alcohol.

Do not drink beer on an empty stomach because it may lead to an increased risk of getting drunk. Also, stop drinking beer if you feel too full because you may vomit.

Medication & Overall Health

Certain medications and health conditions can interact with alcohol, intensifying its effects.

People taking medications or having mental health issues should be cautious when drinking Corona beers to avoid potential adverse reactions [3].

We highly encourage responsible drinking, especially in people with high blood pressure and other health issues, because it may harm your health. It’s always best to know how many Coronas your body can take.

How Should You Drink Corona Beers?

Man Holding Bottle of Corona Beer

Moderation is vital to a safe and delightful experience when enjoying Corona beers. Every Corona bottle contains alcohol, so sip slowly, savor the flavors, and be mindful of the alcohol content.

Drinking in a comfortable setting, with good company, can enhance enjoyment.

“Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.” –Henry Lawson, Writer

Remember to stay hydrated and avoid excessive alcohol intake. Eating a meal or snacks while drinking can help slow alcohol absorption. Be responsible and know your limits, ensuring a pleasant time with Corona beers.

FAQs Related to How Many Coronas To Get Drunk

Can three (3) Coronas lead to intoxication?

Yes, depending on individual factors, three (3) Coronas may lead to intoxication, but it varies. Factors like body weight, metabolism, and alcohol tolerance play a role.
These standard drinks can raise your BAC quickly, especially in fast-paced consumption.

Does Corona beer cause hangovers?

Yes, like any alcoholic beverage, excessive consumption of Corona beer can lead to hangovers. Drinking responsibly helps avoid this discomfort.

Does Corona get you drunk?

Yes, Corona’s alcohol content can lead to intoxication. One Corona Mexican beer contains 4%-5% alcohol by volume ABV, and like popular beers, it can get you drunk, especially if you consume too much in an hour.
Responsible drinking is important because too many Coronas can lead to alcohol-use disorder and alcohol poisoning.

How many shots are equivalent to a Corona beer?

One beer (Corona) with 5% pure alcohol equals one shot of 40% ABV of other alcoholic beverages.
Two beers can lead to moderate intoxication, so you should not consume too many Coronas in an hour if you don’t want to get drunk.

Is Corona easy to drink?

Yes, Corona’s crisp and light taste makes it easy to drink. Its popularity stems from its refreshing flavor and smoothness. However, be reminded that consuming many Coronas may lead to intoxication.

What Is the alcohol content of Corona Beer?

Corona Extra, the flagship beer of the Corona brand, typically has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of around 4.6%.

What are some factors that influence alcohol intoxication?

Alcohol intoxication depends on various factors, including the rate of consumption, individual tolerance, food consumption, hydration levels, and overall health. It’s crucial to pace oneself and know personal limits when consuming alcohol.

Is it safe to drink Corona Beer in moderation?

Drinking Corona beer in moderation can be safe for most adults, provided they are of legal drinking age and do not have underlying health conditions that contraindicate alcohol consumption. Moderation is key to responsible drinking.

How can I monitor my alcohol consumption?

To monitor alcohol consumption, individuals can keep track of the number of drinks consumed over time, alternate alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic ones, and be mindful of the size and strength of the drinks they consume.

Key Takeaways

On average, consuming around 4 to 5 cans of Corona [4] in an hour might lead to intoxication due to its alcohol content. However, the number of Coronas it takes to get drunk can vary depending on individual factors.

It is crucial to consider factors like gender, weight, metabolism, tolerance, drinking pace, and food consumption.

Drink responsibly, understand your limits, and be aware of these influences to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


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