How Many Margaritas To Get Drunk: Expert Guide (2023)

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Alcohol affects differently, and liquor consumption levels vary. If you love sipping yummy Margarita cocktails, knowing how many Margaritas will get you drunk is crucial if you want to avoid getting intoxicated.

Our team did some research to find out how many shots of Margarita are ideal for your body type and more.

How Many Margaritas Can Get You Drunk?

Making Margarita Drink

Two Margarita mix drinks can get you drunk. The presence of tequila and triple sec or lime juice adds alcohol content to the drink.

While it suits most taste buds, drinking many margaritas can make you drunk. So drink your body can handle.

How Much Alcohol Is In It? 

A classic Margarita contains around 30-35% ABV. Since Margarita contains tequila, the average amount of alcohol could be around 2.5 ounces – roughly equivalent to around 1.33 shots.

“We usually have Margaritas on Thursdays, but since it’s Tuesday, I’ll make an exception.”

— Chelsea Handler, American Comedian

But know that the alcohol content of a Margarita can be affected by its ingredients, serving size, and tequila type. You can use less tequila if you want lower its ABV.

How Hard Does A Margarita Hit?

Man Drinking Margarita

Margarita could hit hard, depending on the alcohol content it has. The more alcohol it contains, the stronger this drink can be.

What’s good about a Margarita cocktail is you can personalize content to control your blood alcohol concentration.

Instead of using 1oz of tequila, you can lower it to half an ounce to prevent alcohol abuse and too much intoxication.

Factors That May Affect Margarita Intake


Your gender can affect your alcohol consumption. Women tend to get intoxicated much faster than men, as both genders react differently to alcohol.

Women also have slower metabolism rates. While men can consume more than one shot of alcoholic beverages, like tequila, beer, or any strong drink, women might already feel tipsy after taking the exact amount of alcohol.


As you age, the metabolism starts to slow down, so alcohol stays in your system for a longer time.

So, drinking hard liquor, especially tequila, like in most Margaritas, can make you drunk faster.

Meal Consumption

Before and during consuming alcohol, the food you eat can delay the absorption of the alcohol into your bloodstream. So you shouldn’t drink more alcohol on an empty stomach.

How Long Does It Take To Kick In? 

Person Making Margarita Drink

Margarita will start to kick in 15-30 minutes after one drink. If you’re an average-weight person, you might feel some effects from a single shot after around 15 minutes.

However, this effect would gradually decrease over time.

For instance, two drinks might get you drunk on a mild to moderate level, four for moderately intoxicated, and eight for very intoxicated.

How Long Does A Glass Of Margarita Stay In Your System?

One Margarita glass can stay in your system for around one hour. Actually, our liver can process one Margarita mix per hour. So during this time, it’s in our bloodstream.

You tend to get drunk when you drink more than your liver can handle. An excessive amount of alcohol consumption can lead to a buildup of this substance in the body, which can continue to affect tissues and organs until it can be metabolized.


Can I drive after drinking two Margaritas?

You can still drive after drinking two Margarita drinks, but it’s not advisable. Two standard drinks might be enough to put you beyond the limit, especially if you’re weighing 120 lbs.

How long does it take to sober up from a Margarita?

It can take 12-24 hours to sober up from a Margarita. But it still depends on how many shots you consume, the alcohol content, alcohol tolerance, and other factors.

How much alcohol is in two Margaritas?

The amount of alcohol in two drinks of Margaritas is around 18-25% ABV. But, the alcohol percentage in Margaritas may also vary depending on the type of Margarita mix [1] and the tequila used.

How many Truly Margaritas does it take to get drunk?

It can take 4-5 Truly Margaritas to get drunk. While it may be less alcohol to some, those with lower tolerance can get tipsy or drunk after these cans.

In Conclusion

Two standard Margarita pours can make you incredibly intoxicated, though this depends on your gender, body weight, and tolerance to the alcohol content.

Since this cocktail contains tequila [2], sugar, triple sec (orange liqueur), and lime juice, you should order at most one and a quarter shots if you want to keep your mind straight.

Lucky you if you have a higher tolerance, as you drink any Margarita mix without getting drunk easily. But regardless, drink responsibly!



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