How Much Alcohol Is In A Margarita? Answered (2023)

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As with many popular things, Margarita is on the list. This cocktail drink is ever-present at parties and is a top option for the best drink at a bar. But have you ever thought of how much alcohol is in a Margarita? 

Check out this article to know if this “girly drink” is that strong to get drunk.

The Amount of Alcohol In A Margarita 

Thomas Margarita

The amount of alcohol in a Margarita will vary on the added mixers and the melted ice. A 3oz classic Margarita cocktail usually has about 1.5oz of alcohol that contain acid and sugar that can dull your taste buds for flavors. 

The cocktail has an easy-to-remember ratio of 3-2-1, but many versions revolve around the world, and it continues to vary, especially the content of alcohol.

Sizes & Alcohol Content 

Its Sizes & Alcohol Content 

Standard Size

A typical drink size of a Margarita glass or a Coupette glass is 12oz. The U.S. standard drink for a distilled spirit like tequila has about 40% alcohol for a 1.5oz. [1] So, a 12oz has roughly 5oz of alcohol.

However, it is usually served around 3 to 4oz in a cocktail glass and has an average of 1.6oz of alcohol.

16 oz

Strawberry Margarita

A 16oz Margarita cocktail could fill in a 5oz to 6oz of alcohol in the glass.

You can choose the size that will fit your mood, especially when you want an upgrade to a frozen Margarita from a regular one. But of course, the alcohol could also vary.

32 oz

If you want a massive amount of a Margarita cocktail, a 32oz selection, like the refreshing Pina Colada, is perfect for you and your friends to share. A 32oz has around 10.5oz to 13oz of alcohol to share with.

But if you and your friends want the fun and not the alcohol, a Margarita mix is perfect for you because this mix has no alcohol content and zero calories. 

Will A Glass Of Margarita Get You Drunk? 

Classic Margarita

Yes, drinking a glass of Margarita will get you drunk. The average of two 4oz pre-made Margarita in the market could make you drunk in about an hour because it contains more alcohol. 

It depends on how many drinks you’ve consumed, alcohol volume, alcohol tolerance, or if you drank it on an empty stomach.

It’s a fact for all alcoholic beverages, and usually, a person reduces blood alcohol content by 0.015 per hour. The less alcohol, the faster it will go.

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Is Margarita Stronger Than Beer?

Yes, Margarita is stronger than beer because of the alcohol it contains. A traditional Margarita recipe contains 80-proof tequila. This recipe includes Blanco tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. The original recipe is an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage combination.

A 1.5oz of tequila can shake up about 54-proof or 27% ABV, just half of the strength of the tequila shot. Meanwhile, a standard 12oz beer is lower with about 5% ABV. [2]

How Much Alcohol In Margarita Will Intoxicate You? 

El Jimador Tequila

A 4oz classic Margarita with 80-proof tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and agave syrup has an average of 1.6oz to 2oz of alcohol and drinking more than that can make you intoxicated. 

Women can get drunk after three or more shots, while men can have eight to nine shots; you need to stop drinking at ten shots because it could make you extremely drunk.

However, getting drunk depends on how many shots you can tolerate because one shot of Margarita might also intoxicate you and increase your blood alcohol level.

How To Compute Its Alcohol Content

One way to compute the alcohol in a classic Margarita is by multiplying the ABV of the alcohol used by the sum of all the liquor volume in the Margarita.

Divide it by the total drink volume, then multiply by 100; the product will be the alcohol percentage.

You cannot know the amount of alcohol in mixed drinks, but with this formula, you can estimate the percentage of alcohol as per the number of Margarita shots you consumed.


Is Margarita a strong cocktail?

Yes, Margarita is one of the strongest cocktails with around 33% ABV because of tequila. It is not a low-proof cocktail; the alcohol will still vary depending on the mixers and melted ice.

How much alcohol is in a Strawberry Margarita?

A Strawberry Margarita recipe will have around 8% alcohol if you drink it with 1.5oz tequila, triple sec, strawberry, and lime juice.

However, there’s also a ready-to-drink Strawberry Margarita with 12.7% ABV that’s likely to get you drunk if you have three or more shots.

In Summary 

Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails that is considered a strong drink. A 4oz serving has about 2oz to 2.5oz of alcohol, but other variants could have less alcohol because alcohol varies with the added mixers and melting ice. 

While a Margarita cocktail will always be a great option for “girly” drinks, we encourage you to drink responsibly. 



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