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How Much Baileys To Get Drunk: Full Guide (2023 Updated)

How Much Baileys To Get Drunk

Last Updated on November 23, 2023 by Lydia Martin

If you want some buzz to end your exhausting work week, you may want to have a delicious alcoholic drink.

And if you’re thinking of Bailey’s, you might want to know its alcohol content first. 

Since its ABV is not as high as other alcoholic beverages, how much Baileys will get you drunk? How much you should consume to feel the buzz? Let’s find out. 

How Much Baileys Will Get You Drunk?

Bottles of Baileys and Homemade Irish Cream

Generally, it can take about three to four shots of Baileys to feel the effects of alcohol or get drunk. 

However, the amount of Bailey’s to get you drunk depends on your gender, weight, and alcohol tolerance. 

Furthermore, the effects of Baileys may vary from person to person, considering the abovementioned factors. 

For some with higher tolerance to alcohol, it can take around five to six shots to feel tipsy and seven to eight shots to get drunk. 

Women and individuals with a lighter body weight are prone to getting drunk easily. 

Bailey’s Irish Cream’s Alcohol Content 

The alcohol content of Bailey’s Irish Cream is around 17% ABV, which is lighter than your average liquor.

So, compared to other liquors, like whiskey with 40% ABV, Baileys is milder. You won’t get drunk quickly, but it still depends on your alcohol tolerance. 

FUN FACT: Since it’s made with cocoa, Irish whiskey, and cream, Bailey’s contains many calories. While too much consumption will get you drunk, it can also lead to weight gain.  

Will A Shot of Bailey’s Get You Drunk? 

3 Shots of Irish Cream Liqueur

Generally, one shot of Baileys is not enough to get you drunk. You need to drink from three to four shots to get drunk, and you can drink up to seven to eight if you want to. 

Baileys’s high amount of sugar (20g of sucrose in a 100ml serving) makes it a calorie-dense drink.

Therefore, Baileys is considered a moderate drinker, which means it’s less likely to result in intoxication than more potent liquors. Still, it’s always advisable to drink responsibly.

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Can It Give You A Hangover?

Bailey’s can still give you hangovers if you consume too much. But since it’s milder than other average liquors, the hangover cannot be as intense as you may think. 

However, since Baileys is a blend of whiskey, cream, and sugar, and with an alcohol content of 17%, this combo makes it incredibly easy to drink, which can result in hangovers the next day.

What Will Happen If You Drink Too Much Bailey’s? 

Baileys Iced Coffee

If you drink too much Bailey’s, you will get drunk, and there’s a possibility of weight gain because it is loaded with calories due to the presence of sugar and cream. 

Irish cream is the main component of Bailey’s Irish Cream [1], and this is why it has a half-cup serving that clocks in at over 300 calories. 

“Alcoholic drinks don’t have to taste punishing.”– David Gluckman, Bailey’s Co-Creator

So, consider this drink more of a dessert rather than a beverage. It contains around 20 grams of table sugar, which is not ideal for people who keep track of their blood sugar levels.

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Is It A Woman’s Drink?

Bailey’s is considered a woman’s drink or “girly drink,” as per its creators, Hugh and Gluckman [2]. 

In 2014, Baileys launched a campaign called “Here’s to Us,” created by a group of female employees from BBH London and Diageo. 

This campaign aimed to introduce a new generation of women to the brand. 


How much alcohol is in a shot of Bailey’s?

A shot of Bailey’s has 17% alcohol content, which is lower than other average liquors. 

Can you take straight shots of Bailey’s?

Yes, you can take straight shots of Bailey’s. It’s the perfect way to enjoy this drink, especially if you want some buzz. 

Is Baileys considered hard liquor?

Bailey’s isn’t considered a hard liquor due to its low ABV. Mainly, Bailey’s Irish Cream is not a liquor, as it’s regarded as a liqueur. 

What does “Bailey’s drunk” mean?

“Bailey’s drunk” means it’s not the same as being hammered by Pinot Grigio or vodka, which can get you drunk quickly. 

Will a glass of Bailey’s get me drunk?

A glass of Bailey’s won’t get you drunk. But you may feel tipsy if your alcohol tolerance is low. But generally, you can’t quickly get drunk with one glass of Bailey’s. 

Final Say

To get drunk with Baileys, it can take around two to three shots, or more, depending on your tolerance level.

Bailey’s is the ideal drink for those looking for a slow and refreshing infusion over the weekend.

But if you’re craving a buzz, we suggest better options with higher ABVs, like vodka, whiskey, etc. 

While drinking Bailey’s straight won’t make you feel intoxicated, it can give you a good buzz enough for a good night’s rest.


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