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How Much Whiskey Does It Take To Get Drunk? (2024 Updated)

How Much Whiskey Does It Take To Get Drunk

Last Updated on March 8, 2024 by Lydia Martin

How much whiskey to get drunk? Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic drink that most commonly contains 40% ABV. But, how much whiskey will get you drunk? Are 4 or 5 shots enough? What are the factors that affect your body’s alcohol level?

We’ll give you the complete details below.  

How Much Whiskey To Get Drunk?

Johnnie Walker Whisky

Many factors influence how much you will get drunk. Hard liquors like vodka and whiskey contain 40% ABV, already a high percentage. A human’s body reacts differently to being drunk.

Taking it on an empty stomach or swigging the drink won’t last you long at a party. People with small physiques can get drunk easily.

On the other hand, plenty of water and enough sleep can slow down intoxication. 

Although the amount of drink you will take is a huge factor in getting drunk, different variables are left to consider. 

10 Things To Consider

10 Things To Consider

1. Alcohol By Volume Levels

Alcoholic drinks use the Alcohol by Volume or simply ABV to measure how much alcohol a certain spirit has.

A 750 ml of whiskey bottle often has 40% ABV. It means that it contains a comparatively high amount of pure alcohol. 

One-shot glass equals 30-45ml of serving and is the standard intake of one person for a day.

So if an individual takes four shot glasses of whiskey, it can get them drunk for a few hours.

2. How You Drink It

Whiskey neat

Even people with high alcohol tolerance can be affected by huge servings of whiskey.

The bigger the glass and content, the higher the alcohol consumption. On the same note, the alcohol kicks in stronger, the faster you start drinking.

Make sure to drink on a full stomach and take shots in timely intervals. You can take a break and drink soda or water for the next few minutes to an hour.

Going outside for a breather can also help. Learn how many shots can get you drunk here

3. Age & Sex

The alcohol tolerance level of older people gets lower as they focus more on their careers and family.

On the other hand, young people at the peak of their health have a faster metabolism and get drunk more slowly.

As for gender, women are usually smaller than men, and they have higher Blood Alcohol Content or BAC levels.

Men’s fat is lower than women’s, letting their bodies dilute the drink faster.

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4. Medication/Drugs Intake

Alcoholic drinks like whiskey and medical drugs do not sit well with each other.

As a Central Nervous System depressant, taking alcohol with sleeping pills or anti-depression drugs can be fatal. It can also leave irreversible damage to a personʼs internal organs. 

Other medicines like aspirin can cause internal bleeding, while some pain killers result in liver damage [1].

If a person is under any medication, consult a doctor first before taking any alcoholic drink.

5. Body Weight

A human’s body can be tricky. The same bodyweight does not mean that two people have the same body fat and muscle mass percentage. 

These are important factors because the higher the body fat percentage, the faster a person can get drunk. A higher muscle mass percentage has the opposite effect.

People who weigh more have a higher volume of water that helps in reducing the BAC levels in the body, letting them get drunk slower.

But what alcohol gets you drunk fast but tastes good?

6. Sleep Regimen

Bed with lampshade: how much whiskey to get drunk

Sleep regimen has a significant role in how fast a person can get drunk.

Studies conducted worldwide tried to understand the link between sleep deprivation and tolerance to alcoholic drinks. 

An individual who has been sleep-deprived for a few days can get drunk in a little time.

On the other hand, enough sleep before drinking will give you a higher tolerance to any spirit. But which alcohol can help you last longer in bed?

7. Regular Drinker

Regular intake of alcohol can increase someone’s tolerance to the effect of ethanol.

The brain has learned to respond to a high volume of blood alcohol content in the body. It has memorized the instructions whenever we intake more alcohol.

People who have been heavy drinkers will show minimal signs of intoxication, such as getting out of balance and talking incomprehensibly.

And most of the time, they will continue drinking alcohol, thinking that they don’t get drunk easily.

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8. Posture

Among other factors, posture applies to every drinking individual. Distilled spirit drinks like whiskey should be drunk while sitting down.

Drinking while standing up adds more function to the brain and can make you drunk fast.

Consider taking shots while sitting comfortably, but be careful once you stand up while drinking.

Suddenly standing can cause the blood pressure to drop then the lightheadedness will follow. The brain will have to balance while standing, which is hard with alcohol.

9. Water Intake

A glass of Water

Water intake can only slow down the intoxication of a whiskey drink, but it does not minimize the effect. A human’s liver can process around 45ml of standard drink in one hour. 

If you drink water regularly in between shots, it can last you more than that because diluted alcohol gets absorbed slowly.

It is good to practice drinking plenty of water before and after getting drunk to help with the hangover and dehydration. But, how do you make whiskey taste better?

10. Health Condition

Drinks like whiskey can be dangerous for people with special health conditions, so you need to drink responsibly.

It is easier for insomniac people to get drunk because of the lack of sleep and improper sleeping routine. 

Research reveals the existence of drunk genes in a few people, making them more sensitive to the effect of alcohol.

There are people with a condition called alcohol intolerance. It is a lifelong genetic disease that prevents drinking beverages with alcohol content [2].

What Whiskey Gets You Drunk Quickest?

With its 92% ABV, Bruichladdich Whiskey will get anyone drunk the quickest. The high percentage of alcohol that it contains will need to be toned down by the water.

It is one of the most alcoholic beverages in the world today.

Aside from that product, an average whiskey bottle contains at least 40% to 60% ABV.

A “cask strength” or whiskey with around 60% ABV has a strong punch that can get you drunk fast. The higher the alcohol content of the whiskey, the more it needs to be toned down.

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How much whiskey is safe to get drunk per day?

It is safe to drink at least 2-3 standard whiskey drinks per day. Remember that you don’t have to get drunk for a whole week, and it is better to have alcohol-free days. 

Will a shot of whiskey get you drunk faster than a can of beer?

Yes, a shot of whiskey will get you drunk faster than a can of beer. Hard liquor drinks have a higher concentration of alcohol. 

So, How Much Whiskey Will Get You Drunk?

You can get drunk in three to four standard whiskey drinks with 40% ABV. A cask strength drink takes fewer glasses before you start feeling dizzy. The effect is faster in an empty stomach or improper sleeping schedule.  

The blood alcohol content is a factor that varies from age, gender, and medication. Women have a higher blood alcohol content leaving them more intoxicated than men despite the same whiskey intake. It is important to control how much alcohol consumption you will have in your body. 


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