How To Clean Whiskey Stones: Full Guide (2023)

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Whiskey stones can be your handy solution if you want a full flavor profile plus chill whiskey minus the dilution. 

But how to clean whiskey stones and maintain them? Should you wash it, or does it even get dirty? 

Read on to find out. 

3 Easy Steps To Clean Whiskey Stones 

Whisky Stones in a Box

1. Wash The Whiskey Stones 

Whiskey stones are made from non-porous [1] natural soapstone, requiring little effort in general cleaning after use. 

Washing the whiskey stones will prevent bacteria growth and residue buildup. In addition, the flavors absorbed by the stones from the freezer can be removed by baking or soaking. 

Using your clean hands, roll the stones back and forth under warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Lather it up and rinse the soap with warm water. 

If you use whiskey stones for a few hours, it has absorbed flavors and needs a deep clean. Soaking stones for several hours can help in removing absorbed flavors and residue buildup. 

2. Dry Them Off

After cleaning your whiskey stones, dry them off to avoid excess moisture. You can use a soft cloth, clean dish towel, or dry paper towel to dry off the stones.

You can leave your whiskey stone for about an hour in a sunny and dry location to ensure that the stones are completely dry. 

You can also air dry the whiskey stones for a few hours to prevent residue from accumulating inside the freezer. 

3. Put Them Back In The Freezer

After you remove excess moisture, insert the whiskey stones into a sealable bag or airtight container before putting the stones in the freezer. 

The bag or container will help you avoid the absorbed flavor from the freezer and accumulating frost. 

Whether you use stainless steel whiskey stones or granite whiskey stones, the bag will keep the stones hygienic and clean for your next drink. 

Should You Wash Whiskey Stones? 

Yes, you should wash whiskey stones after every use. Washing the whiskey stones helps kill bacteria and remove absorbed flavors.

Most whiskey stones are made from soapstone, but you can wash them, as well as stainless steel whiskey stones and granite whiskey stones, using warm water or cold water and dish soap. 

If needed, you can use a soft brush for your beautiful whiskey stones if there are stains to be removed. 

Also, after washing the whiskey stones, we highly recommend that you dry them with a paper towel or cloth and then sun dry them for a few hours to remove the moisture. 

How To Take Care & Maintain Whiskey Stones 

Hand Hoplding Whiskey Stone

Use Mineral Oil To Clean Them

Mineral oil can be your best friend if you want to maintain whiskey stones. Mineral oils can degrease, shine, clean soapstone, stainless steel, and granite whiskey stones. 

If you use whiskey stones daily, we highly recommend using mineral oil every two weeks during the first year. If you use whiskey stones rarely, you can use mineral oil every month. 

The mineral oil [2] can improve the oxidation of the stones, but after a year or so, you can do it every three months, depending on the quality of your whiskey stones. 

Remove Scratches

Whiskey stones are not scratch-proof, regardless of the materials, so you should avoid scratching them. 

Even luxurious stones will look average if there are scratches, and they are not easy to fix. 

If you are using metallic whisky stones, it’s better to buy a new set, but if you use stones made from ceramic, granite, and non-porous soapstone, fine sandpaper can help. 

Gently scratch the stone using fine sandpaper in a smooth, circular motion, then use a wet sponge to remove the dust. Rub mineral oil until it shines like brand new. 

How Do You Store Them? 

Whisky stones are designed to be stored inside the freezer and then added to a glass of whiskey, bourbon, and scotch to chill the alcohol without dilution. 

The best whiskey stones are made from stainless steel, and you should store them inside an airtight bag or container before placing them inside the freezer. 

Can You Reuse Whiskey Stones? 

Glass of Whiskey with Stones

Yes, you can reuse whiskey stones. The whiskey rocks or stones are incredibly usable and can be a sophisticated alternative to ice cubes. 

Unlike ice cubes that will keep your drinks chilled but diluted, a whiskey stone can be reused to keep your alcohol cold without altering the taste of the drink. 

“Single malt Scotch is often perceived as a spirit drunk neat. That’s not entirely true, as in Scotland, they will often add water and, yes, even ice and whiskey stones.”

– Sean Josephs, Master Taster for Pinhook Bourbon

Can You Put Them In The Dishwasher? 

Yes, you can put whiskey stones in the dishwasher. However, we don’t recommend it because whisky stones are easy to clean and do not require much washing time. 

You can wash the stone in cold or warm water after every use, and you are good to go. 

How Long Do Whisky Stones Last? 

Close Up Shot of a Hand Holding Whisky Stone

Whisky stones are highly reusable and last even for a lifetime. However, it needs proper maintenance and storage to last longer. 

You can use whiskey stones to keep distilled spirits, and other alcoholic drinks cool without dilution. 


Can you wash whiskey stones with soap?

Yes, you can wash whiskey stones with soap. Just make sure that you rinse it well and dry it afterward. 

The soap will help remove residues and stop bacteria from building up on the stones. 

Do whiskey stones expire?

No, whiskey stones do not expire, so you can keep them in the freezer for a long time. You can freeze it for two hours and keep your drinks cool instead of using ice. 

Do you put whiskey stones in the freezer in the bag?

Yes, you should put whiskey stones inside the bag before you freeze it. It is to avoid contamination and accumulate frost. 

Final Say

We hope you find this article helpful in keeping your whiskey stones clean and well-maintained. 

Whiskey stones can cool your drink without diluting it. You can clean it with soap and water and dry it before putting it back in the freezer for your next drink. 



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