Howler Head Whiskey Bottle Review & Price Guide (2023)

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The internet is going crazy over Howler Head, a whiskey that smells and tastes like bananas and whiskey. Wait, bananas and whiskey? Whiskey is globally known for its toffee flavor and deep sweetness, but whiskey with banana infusion? 

After passing around a few shots, here’s our Howler Head whiskey review-bold and honest!

All About Howler Head Whiskey 

Howler Head Whiskey

Howler Head whiskey is a distilled spirit produced in North Charleston, South Carolina, by Wooler Brands. Does it ring a bell? Yes, it’s the whiskey endorsed by the UFC. The distilled spirit is made from straight bourbon, and it is infused with natural banana flavor. 

Wooler Brands embraces the jungle bananarama goodness, and it only produces one product- the banana-flavored whiskey.

Also, they believe that after cinnamon, apple, and peanut butter, the banana will be the next most popular flavored whiskey. With all the reviews on YouTube, this can be true. 

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

How It’s Made

Howler Head whiskey is made from Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey matured in American oak barrels with #4 alligator char for two years. 

The level 4 char means the barrels are burned for 55 seconds to achieve the shiny crack and peel that looks like alligator skin [1]. It will give a spicy flavor profile and deep color to the bourbon

After maturation, it will be blended with banana flavor at 80 proof, and we tell you, the jungle bananarama flavor is not monkeying around. More about Howler Head’s owner here

Raw Ingredients 

Whiskey Still Pot

The base bourbon of Howler Head is made by Master Distiller Ron Call from Green River Distilling Co.

The distillery uses a 100-year-old Vendome Copper Column Still, and that’s quality and proper old-timey.

It is then blended with natural banana flavor before bottling at 40% ABV or 80 Proof.

Flavor Profile


Howler Head with Sprite

As you open the bottle of Howler Head, the Kentucky bourbon smell will hit you hard because of the 40% ABV. However, here’s the real deal, the banana aroma will also enamor you.

Overall, it has the smell of subtle sweet sugary vanilla and has a peak aroma of Laffy Taffy banana. The burnt toffee aroma makes way for the signature ingredient of Howler Head. 


Howler Head has a genuine classic flavor, and the full force infusion of banana flavor washes into the mouth along with the alcohol.

It has a surprisingly smooth taste and delicious hints of cinnamon that whiskeys are famous for and lingers on the palate/taste.

Sweet yet hot, you will understand why Howler Head believes that banana is the next real thing for flavor-based spirits.


Howler Head with glass

Howler Head prides itself on being a great flavor-based whiskey, and overall, the product is elegantly smooth- neat or on the rocks.

We agree with internet reviews that it has a great finish of apple, oak, whiskey, and candy taste.  It has a sweet finish and subtle bitterness.

Alcohol Content

Bourbon drinkers will be impressed with the alcohol content of the Howler Head whiskey because each bottle contains 40% ABV (80 Proof).

While it has a sweet flavor, you can still taste the alcohol because of its base whiskey. It must be one of the reasons why people love to drink it as a cocktail, too. 


Howler Head

You won’t miss the whiskey when you see it on the shelf because the screaming ape on the red and white label is remarkable. 

It is a whiskey housed in a traditional 750ml square bottle, and it has a golden amber hue just like any other whiskey. 

Is Howler Head Whiskey or Bourbon?

Howler Head is not a bourbon but a whiskey. The base alcohol is Kentucky bourbon, which is bourbon, obviously, but Howler Head is no longer considered a bourbon because of its added flavorings. 

By law, bourbons should not have additives, be flavored, or have colorings [2], so Howler Head is a whiskey and is not legally allowed to be called a bourbon

How about the so-called flavored bourbon? Peach, apple, and other “flavored bourbons” are technically whiskey liqueurs, sweetened, and have a lower ABV. 

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Howler Head Whiskey Price

Howler Head Whiskey Price

Type Size Alcohol By Volume Average Price
Howler Head Banana Infused Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750 mL 40% $17.99-$25.99

Compared to Other Whiskeys

Compared to Other Whiskeys

Knob Creek

Knob Creek is a mid-shelf fine bourbon, and it is one of the great selections for cocktails because of its robust flavor. However, unlike Howler Head, it is bourbon and does not offer flavored whiskeys. Knob Creek also offers multiple categories of bourbons, unlike Howler Head, and you can score a 750 ml for around $36. 

Evan Williams

Evan Williams Bottled in bond

Evan Williams is another Kentucky bourbon brand created by Heaven Hill Company. It is one of the best-selling whiskey brands worldwide, and like Howler Head, it offers flavor-infused whiskey. 

Some of its whiskey categories are straights, flavored, and seasonal, and a 1.75L is approximately $18, which is cheaper than Howler Head. 


Bulleit is a bourbon whiskey created by Bulleit Distillery in Kentucky, and compared to Howler Head, it has high rye content and is aged for at least six years. Aside from bourbons, the brand sells ready-to-drink cocktails, and you can score a 750 mL for roughly $20.

Popular Howler Head Whiskey Cocktails

Popular Howler Head Whiskey Cocktails  

Howler Head & Cola

Total Time: 5 mins


  • 2 oz Howler Head
  • 4 oz Cola


In a lowball glass with ice, pour the Howler Head and add the cola. 

Serving: 1

Howler Head Beer Bomb

Howler Head Beer Bomb on desk

Total Time: 5 mins


  • 2 oz Howler Head
  • 6 oz Beer


In your choice of glass, pour down the beer and drop the Howler Head. You can chill on the side if you prefer it cold. 

Serving: 1


Is Howler Head smooth?

Yes, Howler Head is smooth, thanks to its flavorings. However, the flavor will be more open if you pour it over ice, making the drinks smoother and more enjoyable. 

What mixes best with Howler Head whiskey?

Howler Head whiskey mixes well with cola, citrus flavors, and soda water. While it is perfect for drinking neat, people may enjoy it as cocktails, and you can try one at home. 

In Summary

We are going bananas over our Howler Head whiskey review (no pun intended), and it might sound odd, but like other reviews, we agree that banana and whiskey are a good combination too! The not-so-ordinary flavor infusion of Howler Head from North Charleston, South Carolina, made them the talk of the town, and it is worth a shot! 

If you enjoyed our Howler Head whiskey review, it’s a sign to drop by the liquor store and try it! 



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