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Is Eagle Rare Hard To Find? Resolved (2024 Updated)

Is Eagle Rare Hard To Find

Eagle Rare was created in the 1970s when the bourbon industry was unstable and questionable. It has changed the spirit’s reputation and forged a path in the limelight. 

But now that Eagle Rare is part of Buffalo Trace, people are claiming it’s hard to get a bottle of this bourbon. 

Is Eagle Rare hard to find? Read on to find out. 

Is Eagle Rare Hard To Find?

Eagle Rare KY Straight Bourbon Whiskey on top of a table

Yes. Eagle Rare is extremely hard to find. Seagrams previously owned the brand, and when Sazerac sold the line in 1989, they produced Eagle Rare in Buffalo Trace Distillery. 

The rise in demand and allocation of Eagle Rare are some factors why Eagle Rare bottles are hard to find.

In addition, most of the Eagle Rare bottles are produced in limited quantities. 

While it is available in the secondary market for a higher price, you can try your luck in stores where the brand allocates the inventories. 

Why Is Eagle Rare Hard To Find? 

Eagle Rare is hard to find because of the different factors such as: (1) it is allocated, (2) limited release, (3) high demand, and (4) exceptional whiskey. 

Since Buffalo Trace allocates the distribution of Eagle Rare, there is no way to keep the inventory high or maintained, especially since it is a highly after-sought bourbon. 

Most of the Eagle Rare bottles are released in limited quantities, so due to high demand, it becomes limited and hard to find.

In addition, it is affordable, award-winning, and well-aged.

When Did It Become Difficult To Find?

pouring whisky on a glasses

Eagle Rare became more difficult to find around 2020. However, you may find some bottles online or in secondary markets with ridiculous markups. You can order a Whiskey and have it delivered to your home.

Based on some whiskey enthusiasts, Eagle Rare bottles on the liquor shelves have been sold out since the pandemic since most people are at home.

What Makes It So Special? 

The well-balanced flavor profile from the mash bill ratio and aging, as well as the affordability, makes Eagle Rare so special. 

Eagle Rare bottles are aged not less than ten years, and every barrel used is hand selected to ensure the consistent flavor of every batch. 

In addition, it is special because Eagle Rare uses the Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #1- the same mash bill used for Buffalo Trace bourbon and other BT expressions [1]. 

“Easily one of the most tactile yet assertive and expressive bourbons [Eagle Rare] I’ve tasted in the last two years, “

– Paul Pacult, Spirits Expert and Author

The rarity makes sense because even Buffalo Trace’s flagship bourbon inventory hardly keeps up with the demand.  

Is Eagle Rare Bourbon Allocated? 

man holding Bottle of Eagle Rare

Yes, Eagle Rare bourbon is allocated, which means the distributors cannot place orders on demand even if they are running low on stock. 

In addition, since the bottles are allocated, the distillery cannot produce a lot to meet the high demand of the consumer. 

Therefore, even though the stores that officially distribute the bottles have high sales of this expression, the stocks they will receive are specific to how many the distillery allotted. But how can you find allocated bourbons?

How Often Is Eagle Rare Released?

The Eagle Rare 10 is produced annually and released to the wholesale market when the supply becomes available. 

The Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old is released once every year in limited quantities.

The aging process is vital in bourbon production because it gives the spirit its color and distinctive tasting notes [2]. 

What Time Of Year Does It Come Out? 

Eagle Rare Whiskey Bottle and a Glass

Based on the Buffalo Trace official website, the Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old is available in small and limited quantities every fall. 

If you are patient enough to wait for a bottle and lucky enough to get hold of the bottle from the official distributor, the fall starts as early as September every year. 

Where Can You Buy Eagle Rare?

You can buy Eagle Rare in all 50 states.

Unfortunately, since it is an allocated spirit, the distillery distributes allotted cases to every partner store, disregarding the high demand. 

With the high demand and limited supply of Eagle Rare, the bourbon becomes hard to find and gets expensive in the secondary market. 

For instance, the MSRP of Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old is around $99, while in Caskers online, it is a whopping $2,083.99 per 750 ml. Imagine the hefty markup difference. 


Is Eagle Rare top shelf?

No, Eagle Rare is not a top-shelf whiskey. It is a well-priced mid-shelf bourbon, and its flavor profile is well-balanced and complex. 

Did Buffalo Trace stop making Eagle Rare?

No, Buffalo Trace did not stop making Eagle Rare. However, there had been changes in the age statement and alcohol proof on their previous release.

Based on Mashed, the brand removed the ten-year age statement on Eagle Rare and discontinued its 101-proof version in favor of its 90-proof. 

What is Eagle Rare bourbon, and why is it sought after?

Eagle Rare bourbon is a premium whiskey known for its exceptional quality, smoothness, and rich flavor profile, making it highly sought after by bourbon enthusiasts.

Is Eagle Rare bourbon difficult to find in stores?

Yes, Eagle Rare bourbon can be challenging to find in some locations due to its popularity and limited availability, often leading to high demand and occasional scarcity on shelves.

Why is Eagle Rare bourbon sometimes considered rare or elusive?

Eagle Rare bourbon is produced in small batches and aged for a longer period, contributing to its rarity and limited production quantities compared to more widely available bourbon brands.

Is Eagle Rare bourbon worth seeking out despite its rarity?

Many bourbon enthusiasts consider Eagle Rare bourbon to be worth the effort of seeking out due to its exceptional quality, distinct flavor profile, and overall enjoyment it provides.

Final Verdict

Eagle Rare is hard to find mainly because it is an allocated spirit.

With the rise in demand and stable and controlled supply, it will never reach equilibrium. 

Eagle Rare is released yearly, but in limited quantities, so you can consider yourself lucky if you snag a bottle unless you are willing to pay for the premium. 


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