Is Fireball Gluten-Free? Answered (2023 Updated)

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The controversial question about Fireball cinnamon whisky is still on fire. Is Fireball gluten-free?

Well, if you ask the brand—they would say it is naturally gluten-free.

However, some people in the gluten-free community oppose that claim because of some reactions they have experienced after consuming Fireball.

Read on to find out what’s in Fireball’s whisky formula and if it is safe to drink with people who are sensitive to gluten.

Does Fireball Contain Gluten? 

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No. According to the Fireball brand, this naturally flavored cinnamon Canadian whisky is gluten-free.

Fireball passes through distillation, which removes the gluten, the protein found in the grain used.

Most whiskeys go through a distillation process, eliminating gluten proteins such as wheat, rye, malt, and barley, making them safe for a gluten-free diet. 

However, the gluten-free community is intrigued with the additional flavoring and sweeteners added to the Fireball whisky.

If you have gluten health concerns, like celiac disease, consuming gluten ingredients from any alcohol might be a concern. 

What Its Manufacturer Says About Its Gluten Content 

Fireball cinnamon-flavored whisky is owned and manufactured by the Sazerac Company.

This American alcoholic beverage company holds hundreds of brands, including Fireball whisky.

The company claims that its cinnamon-flavored Canadian whisky, along with its other spirit products, is considered gluten-free.

According to the Sazerac website, their products are assumed to be naturally free from gluten after distilling it.

But is Fireball whisky really bad for you?

How Much Gluten Is In Fireball Whisky?

bottle of fireball cinnamon whisky

Fireball whisky brand affirms that its product doesn’t contain any additional gluten-containing ingredients in its formula after its distillation process.

So, is Fireball gluten-free? Yes, technically, Fireball is gluten-free.

Just like any other wheat-based spirits, when gone passed heating and distillation, it becomes gluten-free.

Also, it can be safe to drink if you’re following a gluten-free diet.

But some people highly sensitive to gluten have always wondered if they were safe to drink it. Those with celiac worry about having sensitive and negative reactions to wheat-based spirits.

“I still have a little whiskey left, and therefore a chance.”

– Charles Bukowski, Poet

What Distillation Does To Whiskey’s Gluten 

Distillation is vital in making liquor because it purifies the alcohol, leaving no solids behind.

Any gluten-containing grains that go through intense distillation will be gone.

According to the FDA, distillation can remove gluten and other proteins from the remaining mixtures, and distilled products from gluten-containing grains can be labeled gluten-free. [1]

Fireball Whisky’s Ingredients Breakdown 

bottle of fireball cinnamon whisky

Fireball is known to have a mix of Canadian whisky, cinnamon flavor, and sweeteners and is bottled with  33% alcohol content.

However, the exact recipe is still a secret. 

Fireball’s bottle displays a statement of “liqueur blended with cinnamon flavor and whisky.”

But in Oregon, Fireball production includes wine and malt-based.

The brand mentioned on its website that it uses real cinnamon for its strong cinnamon flavor.

Also, it has a sugar of 11g per 1.5oz of Fireball, making people doubt the sweeteners used.

However, Sazerac Company doesn’t declare all the exact ingredients they put in Fireball. Learn what to mix with Fireball here.

But Is It Safe For People With Celiac Disease? 

Most people with celiac disease would say no to wheat-based spirits, but Fireball (gluten-free) is safe for celiac.

It has gone through distillation, which removes gluten proteins.

Distilled whiskies are gluten-free and safe for celiacs if no gluten is added after distillation. 

However, since Sazerac doesn’t disclose all the ingredients they put in this liquor, most people on a gluten-free diet due to celiac disease choose to avoid this kind of liquor.

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Its Effect On Celiacs According To Some Drinkers 

woman holding whisky glass and decanter

Some people who drink Fireball claimed they had sensitive reactions to this whisky.

There are a lot of factors if the reactions after drinking Fireball have come from gluten, alcohol, or flavoring. 

But one thing is for sure—if you are celiac and have consumed gluten food or drinks, you might experience stomach pain or diarrhea.


Is Fireball whisky worth the risk?

Yes, Fireball whisky is worth the risk because it is a gluten-free distilled alcohol safe to drink for a gluten-free diet.

However, Fireball contains cinnamon flavoring and sweeteners, which might be sensitive for some people. [2]

It is best to know the level of your gluten sensitivity before taking any alcohol. 

What whiskey is certified gluten-free?

A pure, distilled whiskey is certified gluten-free, even if made from wheat.

Some gluten-free whiskey brands include Jack Daniel’s, Jameson, Crown Royal, and Knob Creek.

Final Thoughts

Fireball whisky, made with Canadian whisky and naturally flavored cinnamon, is considered gluten-free.

The Sazerac Company, which owns Fireball, claims it is naturally free from gluten because of its distillation process.

Distilling liquor eliminates any gluten making it safe to drink for those on a gluten-free diet due to health concerns like celiac. 

If you’re worrying because you’re too sensitive to gluten, you might consider trying trace amounts to know whether or not to include it in your diet. 

You can easily score a bottle of Fireball (gluten-free) whisky in various liquor stores/grocery stores near you.



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