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Is Rum Cake Alcoholic? (2024Updated)

Is Rum Cake Alcoholic

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Rum cakes are one of the most popular desserts during Christmas and special holidays. They are considered to be a traditional dessert and can be given as gifts.

Considering it is a rum, does this mean that this cake is alcoholic? Let’s find out everything you need to know in today’s article!

Rum Cake: Alcoholic or Not?

Rum Cake

Yes, it is. Rum contains alcohol, and Rum cakes typically contain 5% alcohol or more depending on the alcohol level. 

Levels of intoxication can depend on a person’s weight and age. 

In the United States, they legally identified a standard level of intoxication at a Blood Alcohol Concentration of .08%. (1) In some states, BAC was lowered to .04%.

With all that being said, Rum Cake is indeed alcoholic. Rum Cakes typically contain under 0.5% alcohol content, and some contain even more than 5% of certain grain alcohol. Eating a little too much of Rum Cake can indeed intoxicate you.

How it’s Made

Rum is a distilled sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice which is a perfect ingredient for Rum Cakes. Rum Cakes are made by mixing these recipes: flour, baking soda, eggs, caramel glaze sauce, butter, sugar, vanilla extract, and most importantly, Rum

Rum Cakes is made by a variety of home bakers, with some dating back to the 1970s.

Rum Cake Making Process

As per the home bakers, during the baking/heating process, the alcohol would usually burn off on sauce depending on the temperature’s heat. As alcohol burn-off, it carries flavors of other ingredients and helps it be more flavorful.

The higher and the hotter the temperature is, the more the alcohol will evaporate. However, after baking the cake for 30 minutes, a reasonable percentage of alcohol content of around 35% is still present. 

Rums You Can Use For Your Cake

Dark Rum

The quality of the cake depends on which Rum you are using.

Seagram's Imperial Red Rum

So, if you opt to bake a darker color and flavored rum cakes, we suggest you use the Dark Rums in making your recipe, as it usually has a stronger and more potent factor than White Rums.  It is a good rum for making your favorite rum cake as it contains a lot of ideal flavors and baking spices.

White Rum 

On the other hand, White Rums is certainly a good substitution for the Dark rums, but it may slightly differ in taste and color.

White Rum

If you opt to have a generally sweet, lighter feel, white rum is the best ingredient for your recipe. 

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Will Rum Cake Make You Drunk?

Yes. Rum Cakes will make you drunk depending on the alcohol level added.

Some well-known brands for Rum Cakes can contain up to 5% or even more alcohol grains, so if you consume an excessive amount of Rum Cake with more than 5%, chances are you will get drunk. 

But if you only had a slice of it, then there is no need for you to worry about getting intoxicated.

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Popular Rum Cake Brands

Popular Rum Cake Brands

Tortuga Rum Cakes

This popular brand is from the Caribbean. Their cakes’ liquor content is just less than 1% alcohol, making it appropriate for all ages.

Each of these delicious Rum Cakes is hand-glazed with special oak barrels. If refrigerated, their cakes’ shelf life can last up to 12 months. 

Bahamas Rum Cake Factory

This Factory has remained a crowd favorite for two decades already. Some of their top sellers include their delicious chocolate rum cake, pina colada rum cake, banana, and a lot more. 

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Does the alcohol cook out of rum cake?

Yes, it does, especially during the baking/heating process. 

Will alcohol preserve rum cake?

Yes, it will. Not only does it enhance the taste of the cake, but it also keeps it moist. But, does rum ever go bad?

Is it safe for kids to eat cake with alcohol?

Yes, as long as it contains a small amount of alcohol, it is safe to eat the cake because the alcohol would usually burn off.

Is Rum Cake Alcoholic in the USA?

Yes, traditional Rum Cake in the USA does contain alcohol. It is made with rum, and the alcohol is typically not entirely cooked out during the baking process, leaving the cake with a distinct rum flavor.

Can You Eat Rum Cake While Pregnant?

It is generally not recommended for pregnant individuals to consume food or desserts containing alcohol, including Rum Cake. The alcohol content may not be fully eliminated during baking, and it’s safer to avoid alcohol consumption during pregnancy to prevent potential harm to the developing fetus.

Is Rum Cake Halal?

The halal status of Rum Cake depends on the specific ingredients used and the method of production. If the cake is made with halal-certified ingredients and does not contain any haram (forbidden) substances, it can be considered halal. It’s essential to check the ingredient list and consult with a religious authority if there are any uncertainties.

What Is Tortuga Rum Cake Alcohol Content?

The alcohol content in Tortuga Rum Cake can vary, but it generally retains a noticeable rum flavor. The specific alcohol content may depend on the recipe and the amount of rum used during preparation.

Does Rum Cake Get You Drunk?

Consuming Rum Cake is unlikely to get you drunk since the alcohol content is typically significantly reduced during the baking process. However, it may still contain trace amounts of alcohol, and individuals with low alcohol tolerance or sensitivity should exercise caution.

Does Rum Cake Have Rum In It?

Yes, Rum Cake contains rum as a key ingredient. The rum adds flavor and moisture to the cake. While the alcohol content is reduced during baking, the cake retains the essence of rum.

Does Rum Cake Need To Be Refrigerated?

Rum Cake can be stored at room temperature for a short period due to its lower moisture content and the preserving nature of alcohol. However, for longer shelf life and to maintain freshness, it is advisable to refrigerate or freeze Rum Cake.


Does Alcohol Cook Out Of Cake?

Alcohol does evaporate to some extent during the baking process, but it may not completely cook out. The amount of remaining alcohol depends on factors such as baking time, temperature, and the specific recipe.

Does Cake Contain Alcohol?

Not all cakes contain alcohol, but certain recipes, like Rum Cake or fruitcakes, may include alcohol as an ingredient for flavor. It’s essential to check the recipe if alcohol content is a concern.

Can Rum Get You Drunk?

Yes, consuming rum, especially in larger quantities, can lead to intoxication. It contains alcohol, which has psychoactive effects on the central nervous system, impacting cognitive function and behavior.

Which Alcohol Is Used In Cake?

Various types of alcohol can be used in cakes, depending on the recipe. Common choices include rum, brandy, whiskey, or liqueurs. The alcohol adds flavor and moisture to the cake.

Can Rum Cake Get You Drunk?

Consuming Rum Cake is unlikely to get you drunk due to the reduced alcohol content after baking. However, individuals with alcohol sensitivities or low tolerance should be cautious.

Is It Halal To Eat Rum Cake?

The halal status of Rum Cake depends on the specific ingredients and the production process. If it adheres to halal dietary guidelines, it can be considered halal.

Why Is Rum Used In Cake?

Rum is used in cakes to impart a unique flavor, moisture, and depth. The alcohol content also contributes to the cake’s texture and helps preserve it, enhancing its overall quality.

Is Rum Always Alcohol?

Yes, rum is always an alcoholic beverage. It is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane byproducts, such as molasses or sugarcane juice.

Is Rum A Weak Alcohol?

Rum typically has an alcohol by volume (ABV) ranging from 40% to 50%, which is comparable to other spirits. It is not considered a weak alcohol, but its strength depends on the specific brand and production process.


Rum Cakes are desserts that are typically served during special occasions. Ideally, it is baked for 30 to 40 minutes, enough for the alcohol to evaporate and make the cake a little less alcoholic.

To be sure a great amount of alcohol cooks off when making the rum cake, it is better to use a pan with a large surface area.

Suppose you want a burst of flavor and color on your dessert. It would be best if you used Dark rum. You can use up to half a cup of dark rum for the rum cakes. A pudding mix can be added to have a bit of flavor and sweetness to the baked rum cake.

Using the full amount of syrup will make traditional rum-soaked rum cakes incredibly moist. 

If you dont have the time to bake but want to try Rum Cakes, you could try some baked-to-order cakes like the Tortuga rum cakes and the Bahamas Rum Cakes Factory store.

The best thing about these cakes is that you can serve them without being refrigerated.


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